Russia Distancing Itself from Iran

Russian s-300 Anti-Aircraft Missile System


Russia seems to be distancing itself from Iran:

Analysts Say Iran-Russia Relations Worsening

25 June 2010  Andre de Nesnera

Russia has voted for tougher U.N. sanctions on Iran and has frozen a deal to send anti-aircraft missiles to that country.

The conventional wisdom is that Russia’s economic interests in Iran have led Moscow to be a strong supporter of that country, opposing any tough United Nations sanctions against Tehran over its alleged nuclear weapons program.

But many experts, including John Parker with the National Defense University [expressing his personal views] say relations between Russia and Iran have been worsening…–97172974.html

By not providing Iran the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system, Israel has a little less pressure to hurry up and attack Iranian nuclear facilities (which are probably do spread out that all would not be destroyed).  But because of Iran’s nuclear program, it may decide to hurry anyway.

Although Russia’s move should send a signal to Iran, since Iran’s leadership is focused on getting an Islamic leader known as the final Mahdi or thirteenth Imam to rise up, it may not change anything because of Russia’s decisions.

While Bible prophecy suggests that Russia and Iran will eventually cooperate (Ezekiel 38:1-6), that is for a time well past the Great Tribulation.  Right now with Iran determined to get the final Mahdi to rise up (see also Forbes: Iran Preparing for War and the Mahdi), it seems determined to proceed with its plans no matter what any other country, including Russia, wants.

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