Think Tank Says Iran Could Fire Nuclear Missile in 2012

Hiroshima After the Atomic Bomb Was Detonated


While the West seems to hope that it won’t a “think tank” believes that Iran could launch a long-range nuclear missile in 2012:

Iran could fire nuclear missile within two years, says think tank
Iran will be able to deploy a missile capable of carrying a one-tonne nuclear warhead within two years, according to a report from a leading security think tank.

Israel may not put up with this and Iran knows it.

Iran’s seems determined to attempt to ignite a battle to lead the emergence of an Islamic leader known as the Mahdi, who bears a strong resemblance to the final King of the South in Daniel 11.  Iran’s current president once said that the purpose of the Iranian revolution was to bring about the rise of that Islamic leader.

This leader could arrive on the world scene by 2012, and it may not take a nuclear launch for this to happen.  A battle between Israel and Iran or others could be enough.  Even the threat of this may be enough.  But either way, this King of the South will arise.

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