Animal Sacrifices, But Not at Jerusalem Temple Mount

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Though I have looked, I have not seen any reports that the Jews were able to have animal sacrifices on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem this week.  But, I did find that animal sacrifices were performed in at least two areas this week:

BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan — Lawmakers in Kyrgyzstan’s raucous parliament have sacrificed seven sheep in what they call a bid to drive evil spirits out of the chamber.

AKOLA: Many goats got a new lease of life when villagers and devotees prevented an age-old ritual of sacrificing goats at the Mari Mai temple in Saundala village in Telhara taluka in Akola district…However, sources said that over 300 goats were sacrificed away from the temple premises due to the tight vigil maintained by the cops and the villagers.

So, in Kyrgyzstan sheep were sacrificed and in India goats were sacrificed.

Thus, the idea that in Jerusalem, the Jews may ultimately sacrifice sheep, etc. on a regular basis does not seem to be particularly far-fetched.  And since the Bible teaches about them in the future, obviously this will come to pass.

Historically, the courts in Israel have tended to confirm that Jews have the right to sacrifice in the Temple Mount area, but because of political tensions, Jews must wait until a later time (and this happens pretty much every time permission is asked for).  The Bible is clear that sacrifices will start in the area of Jerusalem as well as be stopped (Daniel 9:27; 11:31). Jesus indicated that the actions associated with stopping them (by putting up the abomination) would signal that it is time for His most faithful to flee (Matthew 24:15-20).

So, there is the sequence that sometime after the sacrifices in Jerusalem begin (cf. Daniel 9:27), the gospel will have been preached enough to the world as a witness for the end to come (Matthew 24:14), Jewish sacrifices will be stopped (Daniel 9:27), the abomination will then be set up (Daniel 9:27; 11:31), a decree is issued (Zephaniah 2:1), then the most faithful (Philadelphians) will flee per Jesus’ statements in Matthew 24:15-19 and the Great Tribulation will begin (Matthew 24:21).

As the Europeans and Americans are now working on a peace plan for the Middle East it may be possible that a peace plan could allow for some type of temple activities (cf. Daniel 9:26-27). But even that would seem to be highly questionable at this stage until at least the Fall of 2011 (and probably later than that).

It should perhaps be pointed out that a temple in Jerusalem is NOT required for Jews perform sacrifices according to the Bible (Ezra 3:6) and certain Jewish sources (like the current Sanhedrin). Bible prophecies related to sacrifices can be fulfilled even if no third temple is built during this age.

The fact is, that even in the 21st century, Jews are still interested in sacrificing.  Thousands of years ago, Daniel wrote that there would be daily sacrifices happening in the area of Jerusalem at the time of the end. If no one cared what about sacrificing that could get some to discount the Bible. But the fact in this age there still are many Jews who are serious about sacrificing (and it is even happening in other cultures) is additional proof that Bible prophecy will come to pass.

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