Muslim Brotherhood Rising Up, Pan-Islamic State Will Too

Muslim Brotherhood
الإخوان المسلمون
Al-Ikhwān Al-Muslimūn


The situations in Egypt and the Middle East continue to be of prophetic interest:

Masoud Talks Islam in Egypt

Harvard Crimson – Joseph E. Glynias – ‎22 April 2011

Harvard Kennedy School Assistant Professor Tarek Masoud allayed fears that the powerful Muslim Brotherhood will turn Egypt into a Islamist nation

America has no business in Libya’s civil war – 22 April 2011‎
The Libyan “rebels” are made up of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah and al-Qaida, all recognized terrorist groups. Should they be victorious, they will slaughter all supporters of the current government. Libya will become an Islamic state,

Lebanese Muslim movement to hold rally opposing Syria’s al-Assad

Monsters and – ‎22 April 2011‎

Tripoli, Lebanon – A Lebanese Sunni Muslim movement with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood was set in northern Lebanon Friday to stage its first rally against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

King Politicizes “Unindicted Co-Conspirator” Muslim Brotherhood Conspiracy Theory

Religion Dispatches – Sarah Posner – ‎Apr 18, 2011‎

As I have discussed previously, the “unindicted co-conspirators” theory is the foundation for conspiratorial assertions from the right that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated America with the intention of installing an Islamic theocracy.

Notice also the following:

Obama Justice Department Saves Brotherhood Fronts

AINA (press release) – Ryan Mauro – ‎21 April 2011

The government has expressed certainty that these groups and individuals are part of a Muslim Brotherhood network with the objective of assisting Hamas. In December 2007, a federal court filing flatly stated, “From its founding by Muslim Brotherhood leaders, CAIR conspired with other affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood to support terrorists” and “the conspirators agreed to use deception to conceal from the American public their connections to terrorists.”

Muslim Brotherhood Demands Appearance Before US Congress…

Weasel Zippers – Keith Ellison – ‎Apr 20, 2011‎

Dr. Mohamed Morsy, media spokesman and member of the Executive Bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood(MB) demanded that US Congress hold a special session to hear directly from the MB about their programs as Congress held a session recently with the MB.

US to begin drone strikes in Libya

Christian Science Monitor – Ariel Zirulnick – ‎22 April 2011
Secretary of Defense Robert Gates rejected concerns of mission creep, saying the US mission in Libya always left room for actions such as drone strikes.

US government has no strategy to deal with Muslim Brotherhood

Washington Times – Eli Lake – ‎Apr 13, 2011‎

The federal government has no strategy to counter the Muslim Brotherhood at home or abroad, according to the chairwoman of the House panel that oversees counterintelligence and terrorism.

“The federal government does not have a comprehensive or consistent strategy for dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliated groups in America,” Rep. Sue Wilkins Myrick said during a hearing Wednesday. “Nor does it have a strategy for dealing with the Brotherhood in Egypt or the greater Middle East.”

So, the USA government considers that the Muslim Brotherhood seems to be supporting terrorism, is somewhat supporting them in places like Egypt (through the pressure on Hosni Mubarak to resign) and Libya (through supporting the opposition).  And the Muslim Brotherhood expects to speak before the Congress of the USA–I presume to try to act like their Islamic goals are not a threat.

Yet, notice what Wikipedia reports that the Muslim Brotherhood wants to accomplish:

In the group’s belief, the Quran and Sunnah constitute a perfect way of life and social and political organization that God has set out for man. Islamic governments must be based on this system and eventually unified in a Caliphate. The Muslim Brotherhood’s goal, as stated by Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna was to reclaim Islam’s manifest destiny, an empire, stretching from Spain to Indonesia.

To bring enough Arab nations together, I have felt that some type of “strongman” needed to rise up.  One who Arabs would tend to respect–who might use of not use the title Imam Mahdi.  The time may be now for him to rise up and the Muslim Brotherhood may play an important role.  The Muslim Brotherhood is is the world’s oldest and largest Islamic political group and has been called the “world’s most influential Islamist movement” (–though some new group could also form.

The Bible tells of a rise of an apparently Pan-Arabic leader known as the King of the South.  This leader will soon rise up and the events in the Middle East suggest that many Muslim are tiring of the economic and other conditions in their supposedly secular states.  And while many nations will have what I consider to be transitional governments for a while, the reality is that when that does not work and other events occur (such as perhaps conflict involving Iran and/or Israel), the Arabs will be ready to accept a Pan-Arabic leader.

We in the Living Church of God (LCG), of course, expect such a pan-Arabic leader. Here is a writing from minister Wyatt Ciesielka that demonstrate this:

The fact is that food prices, the Muslim Brotherhood or any number of other political or religious factors are only contributing reasons for the current Arab-world turmoil. The underlying reason is that the Almighty Creator God is allowing geopolitics to align according to His will, and according to His time! Scripture is clear that God supremely reigns over all nations and all empires (2 Chronicles 20:6, Daniel 4:25), and He sometimes allows demonic principalities to influence people, nations, and rulers (Daniel 10:20, Ephesians 6:12).

Is the current Arab crisis setting the stage for a future king of the South? While the timing is entirely up to God, the simple answer is that yes, Arab geopolitics are moving ahead exactly as Bible prophecy has long foretold! Read more

The timing seems to be right for such a leader to start rising up. The events in primarily Sunni Egypt, Lebanon, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Jordan, and Yemen seem to be setting the stage of the Arabic peoples to be willing to consider some type of confederation with a strong leader to represent them–even Syria is having significant problems.

As protests and rebellions expand in the Middle East, this apparently will trigger other events which will likely contribute to both the King of the South and the King of the North rising up and/or gaining power.  Watch.

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