Arab League Visits Pope

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An Arab League official met with the Pope:

Arab League Official Visits Pontiff

New Agreement Reached With Holy See

VATICAN CITY, APRIL 24, 2009 ( The secretary-general of the League of Arab States visited Benedict XVI today after signing a new agreement with the Holy See.

Amre Moussa signed Thursday a Memorandum of Understanding with the Holy See on behalf of the League.

A Vatican announcement shortly thereafter described the document as further consolidating “the existing ties of collaboration between the Holy See and the League of Arab States, especially at a political and cultural level, in favor of peace, security and stability, both regionally and internationally. Furthermore, it proposes instruments for consultation between the two sides, with particular emphasis on initiatives of interreligious dialogue.”

Regarding Moussa’s visit today with the Pontiff and with Archbishop Dominique Mamberti, secretary for relations with states, the Vatican reported that the discussions highlighted the “importance of [this] agreement, which seeks to favor an ever greater collaboration between the two parties in favor of peace and justice in the world.”

As well, the Vatican confirmed, there was an “interchange of ideas on the international situation, in particular in the Middle East, and on the need to find a just solution to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, and to the other conflicts that grieve the region.”…

“I believe that the Arab League very much appreciates the declarations of the Holy Father,” Archbishop Fitzgerald added. And, he affirmed, “it also takes into account the situation of Christians in the Arab nations for the furthering of peace and development in the region.”

The Vatican has several reasons to meet with the Arab League.

  1. The Vatican does not want Catholics in Muslim nations to be persecuted.
  2. The Vatican wants Palestinian Catholics in Jerusalem to remain there (so much so that it has been taking up a special offering on “Good Friday” that past couple of years to provide those Palestinians to do so).
  3. The Vatican wants more influence in the Middle East and especially Jerusalem.

And there is another reason that I am not sure that the Vatican is fully aware of.

The Bible shows a time when Arabs make major deals with with Europeans (Psalm 83; Daniel 9:27) which will ultimately result in the destruction of Israel as well as the United States and its Anglo-allies.  Increased cooperation between the Vatican and the Arab League would seem to help set the stage for these deals.

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