GCI’s John Halford died

The old Worldwide Church of God used to own the above buildings, which since have been demolished.


I received two reports that John Halford, a minister in Grace Communion International (GCI), as well as formerly of the old Worldwide Church of God (WCG), died.

Here is one report someone sent me this morning:

Victor Kubik
Sobered by the death of John Halford last night.

John Halford reportedly had tumors all over him as his cancer has spread to his lymph system. He also had a large mass in his gall bladder as well as cancer also in his lungs.

I never knew John Halford well, though I did speak with him a couple of times. He was friendly, but disappointed me on something related to Matthew 24:14; 28:19-20 decades ago.

John Halford had been editor of Christian Odyssey, a GCI publication.

Of course, I disagree with those who accepted the basically Protestant changes that the Tkach Administrations imposed on the old WCG and then GCI. But some, like John Halford, accepted them and promoted them.

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