China, the Dalai Lama, and the Silk Road project

Tenzin Gyatso  also known as the Dalai Lama (photo by Christopher)


China has a new public concern about the Dalai Lama:

April 15, 2015

BEIJING— China accused the Dalai Lama on Wednesday of inciting a wave of self-immolations among Tibetans that are widely seen as desperate protests against Chinese rule in the Himalayan region.

Similar accusations have been denied in the past, and the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader has called the deaths sad and ineffective in changing Chinese policy.

A report issued Wednesday by the Cabinet’s State Council Information Office said Chinese police investigations showed such incidents are being “manipulated and instigated” by the Dalai Lama and his supporters.

The report said a strategy to encourage Tibetans to burn themselves to death emerged after the self-declared Tibetan government-in-exile based in India recommitted itself to non-violence in 2011.

It cited statements from exile groups that it said encouraged such acts as worthy Buddhist sacrifices and commemorated the victims as martyrs. It also said a monastic arm of the exile government coordinated with monasteries inside China to “remotely plan self-immolations.”

“To commit an act of self-violence in a public place is inherently violent behavior whose aim is to create an atmosphere of terror and transmit psychological horror,” the report said.

It gave no figures for the number of self-immolations. Independent groups say 113 men and 24 women have set themselves on fire since March 2011 and most have died of their burns.

I do not know if the Dalai Lama has directly or indirectly encouraged this form of suicide protest.  If he has, that is wrong.  All forms of suicide are wrong (see also Robin Williams and the suicide ‘epidemic’).

All, including the Dalai Lama, should pray for peace and the establishment of the Kingdom of God.  While I have empathy for some of the concerns of the Tibetans, suicide is not a proper form of political protest.

China itself was also in the news for a project it wants to do:

April 15, 2015


China is trying to connect more than 20 countries along the ancient Silk Road under a grandiose program christened “One Belt, One Road.” But the more than $140 billion program is facing challenges in many places over wars, territorial disputes and domestic unrest.

The plan involves expanding China’s economic influence by establishing two big foreign trade routes. One stretches overland from China through Central Asia and on to Europe, traversing many countries that are desperate for more trade options to grow their economies. The other route is a maritime trade link connecting Chinese ports with coastal trading hubs in Africa and the Middle East.

For many countries along the route, China’s ambitions could bring a welcome economic boost.

“China’s efforts to implement this initiative will likely have an important effect on the region’s economic architecture-patterns of regional trade, investment, infrastructure development-and in turn have strategic implications for China, the United States, and other major powers,” said an article published by the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Chinese Non-Interference Challenged By Ambitious Development Plan

But such an ambitious and far-reaching project also is vulnerable to becoming entangled in foreign disputes that Beijing has traditionally worked to avoid.

Those include the Ukraine crisis, island disputes involving six countries along the South China Sea, China’s border dispute with India, anti-China sentiment in Sri Lanka, instability in Myanmar’s border areas with China, terrorism in Pakistan and unrest in the western Chinese region of Xinjiang.

“If the territorial dispute cannot be solved, it is bad for the One Belt One Road program. If two neighbors are in conflict, there is no progress,” said Yao Peisheng, who earlier served as Chinese Ambassador to the Kyrgyz Republic, Latvia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine besides the foreign ministry’s Department of European-Central Asian Affairs in Beijing. …

Some Countries Skeptical of Greater Chinese Political Influence

Countries that are extremely reluctant to join include Vietnam and the Philippines, according to Li Mingjiang, associate professor and coordinator of China programs at Singapore’s Institute of Defense Studies. Vietnam experienced anti-China riots last year after a Chinese oil rig parked in waters claimed by Vietnam. The Philippines has sought international arbitration in contesting Beijing’s claims to remote reefs that Manila claims as its own.

“There is also a feeling among ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries that China’s influence will rise much higher through the Silk Road program. Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia are concerned about this issue,” he said.

There are worries China would be able to overshadow the influence of ASEAN as member countries become connected by roads and sea routes financed and constructed by Chinese companies. Although it is a member of ASEAN+1, China has twice tried and failed to keep the sea dispute outside the agenda of ASEAN meetings in recent years. The Silk Road program could change that.

The territorial disputes in the South China Sea remain hotly contested, but Maritime Silk Road maps released by Chinese media have shown the route running through disputed areas. That could harden attitudes of regional countries such as Vietnam and the Philippines against the initiative.

Some Russian media also have been highlighting the dangers of the Belt and Road program conflicting with Moscow’s Eurasia initiative and helping China overtake Russia for influence among Central Asian countries.

The program may also face resistance in Sri Lanka, which recently went through an election that featured heated discussion about alleged corruption in Chinese backed projects. The new government in Colombo has suspended work on one such project for building a port city.

For now, analysts say Chinese president Xi Jinping appears to be using the One Belt One Road program as a litmus test to determine different countries’ level of cooperation.

Beijing also is expected to use its new Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) to build the transportation links and infrastructure improvements aimed at boosting the new trade routes. That initiative has gained the support of some 57 countries, including Britain, France and Germany to become members of the China-backed AIIB. …

Central Asian countries are excited about the prospects of Chinese funding because their economics have been hit due to sliding oil prices and lowered remittances from local people working in Russia.

China has allocated $40 billion to a newly created Silk Road Fund, while the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is being created with an equity capital of $100 billion. But the actual fund made available for the program might be three or four times this amount, analysts said. Additional resources will include issuance of special bonds and low-cost financing by the Beijing based China Development Bank.

Even countries who have doubts are slowly being drawn towards the program for this reason. And despite U.S. criticism of the development bank and skepticism over the Silk Road Project, many countries are finding the promise of cheap loans and new infrastructure to be a power draw.

Because the USA is highly in debt, and many countries have needs, China’s program, especially when the AIIB is considered, has potential to greatly increase China’s influence (see also China, Gold, and the AIIB and China and 21 other Asian nations take another step to break USA dollar dominance and Europe is pivoting towards China and away from the USA and Former Treasury Secretary: USA Lost its Global Economic Leadership Last Month).

The Bible shows that China will have influence, but it will not rule over the world as some there hope.  But it likely will be very influential throughout the next decade or so.

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