China and 21 other Asian nations take another step to break USA dollar dominance

Chinese Renminbi Yuan


Many in Asia have agreed to form a development bank:

China Launches New Asia Development Bank

October 24, 2014

BEIJING—China and 21 other countries have agreed to start an international development bank to fund infrastructure projects throughout all of Asia.  However, the proposal has drawn criticism from the United States, and three invited countries skipped Friday’s bank launch.China and the other countries have launched what is called the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.  The member nations include Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Among South Asian nations, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal are signed up.

In Beijing, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Hua Chunying, said finance ministers of the membership are looking forward to how the AIIB can improve their countries.

President Xi Jinping met with members of the 21 other countries and said they all expressed a desire to pursue common development.  Xi said the AIIB would promote regional development and be inclusive and open.

However, three countries skipped the bank’s launch.  Indonesia – Southeast Asia’s biggest economy – was a no show.  So were Australia and South Korea, although South Korea said there would be no reason to not join the bank if certain conditions were met.

The proposal for the development bank has met with strong criticism from the U.S. State Department.

Spokeswoman Jen Psaki has said Secretary of State John Kerry has made clear directly to the Chinese that Washington welcomes the idea of an infrastructure bank for Asia, but strongly urges that it meet international standards of governance and transparency.  She said the U.S. has concerns about the ambiguous nature of the AIIB proposal as it currently stands.

Washington has also expressed worries the bank will undercut the World Bank and Asian Development Bank.

On Friday, China’s Foreign Ministry responded to that criticism, saying that the bank is intended to satisfy the infrastructure needs in the region.

Spokesperson Hua said China is doing this to promote solidarity, and that the bank will be supplementary and complementary to other banks.

On transparency, Hua said China and the 21 other members will cooperate to make the AIIB’s financing structure open and inclusive.

China proposed the formation of the bank one year ago, and it is expected to begin operations next year.  The bank is also fueling concerns that it will allow China to have undue influence in Asia; China will be the largest shareholder with a 50 percent stake, and it will contribute up to $50 billion in capital.

This is another step that China is taking to increase its regional and international influence.  Last Summer, it agreed to an arrangement with Russia, India, Brazil, and South Africa to have a development bank which basically is an alternative to the IMF/World Bank (see BRICS take another step to reduce USA dollar dominance).

Several years ago former President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, went to China to work to replace the USA dollar with something that included the Chinese yuan and the EU’s euro (see France and China Working Hard to Replace Dollar).

China and some of its allies want to topple the dominance of the USA dollar.  Some have claimed that it will succeed by the end of this year (watch Market Collapse then New World Order in 2015?  and/or see a somewhat related written item New World Order and Market Collapse by December 2014?).

The USA has taken steps to devalue its own currency by increasing its debt and through programs like ‘quantitative easing’ –biblically the USA is adding ‘dross’ to its currency, which is not good (Isaiah 1:22,25; Proverbs 25:4a). At some point in time in the future, this will result in disaster for the USA according to biblical prophecy.

The USA has been playing a dangerous game with its own currency.

That being said, while China and others in Asia will help contribute to the fall of the USA dollar, the Bible shows that it will be a European power that will dominate the world economically for several years until the return of Jesus Christ.

Today’s bank report is just a step taken to get to the objective of eliminating the USA dollar’s dominance.  And have no doubt about it, the USA dollar will one day fall and be worth probably no more than the cotton-paper it is often printed on.

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