BRICS want shared currency, but seem to have China concerns

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The BRICS nations are looking more into a common currency, essentially as an alternative to the US dollar:

30 March 2012 (in India)

NEW DELHI: BRICS nations on Thursday decided to examine the viability of a development bank for developing countries, besides agreeing to make it a little simpler for those trading within the group by settling transactions in local currency.

But in both cases, the outcome fell short of expectations as four members – India, Russia, Brazil and South Africa – seemed to fear the clout that China would enjoy if the proposal to set up a bank and move to a single currency went through…

Although the summit may have ended a little short of expectations on the overall substance, the five countries were not short of words. They blamed the US and Europe for generating excessive liquidity in the global financial system as part of their strategy to boost local economic activity.

The idea of such a proposed bank is somewhat of a shared currency system.  Others have proposed various options to get away from the US dollar in settling international trade–and some of the trade between some of the currently BRICS does bypass the US dollar.

The nations of the world are getting concerned about the US dollar and to a lessor extent, the Euro.  But notice that although the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) could probably have a shared currency together, that China is not trusted enough.  And actually, that is one of the reasons that China’s currency has problems becoming a major world reserve currency, China is not trusted, even by its close friend and allies.

Last century, the late Chinese leader, Deng Xiaoping once expressed,

China must hide brightness and nourish obscurity . . . to bide our time and build up our capabilities (Source: Times Online).

The rest of the BRICS seem to at least somewhat realize this.  And although the non-Chinese BRICS nations do not want to support the US dollar and are not thrilled with how the USA has handled its currency (deficits, quantitative easing, etc.) they currently trust China less.

And while they are objecting to Europe, the reality is that the BRICS tend to somewhat trust the Europeans.  As I have indicated before, Europe does not have to be perfect (and it never will be in this age, cf.  Daniel 2:41-43), it only needs to be perceived as a much better option than the US dollar for the nations of the world to back a European currency (or highly European-influenced basket of currencies) to knock the US dollar from being the world’s reserve currency.

The Bible warns that at some point, creditor will rise up (Habakkuk 2) and this will not bode well for the US dollar.

As far as the BRICS go, they will try to maneuver take steps to replace the US dollar.  And while they have not yet succeeded, the time will come when Europe, and not the USA, is the major economic player in the world (cf. Revelation 13).

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