BRICS Out? What About the Time of the Gentiles?

Brasilia, Brazil


The UK’s Telegraph has the following:

US Conference Board fears Brics miracle over as world faces decade-long slump
The US Conference Board’s global economic outlook calls into question the “BRICs” miracle (Brazil, Russia, India, China), arguing that the low-hanging fruit from cheap labour and imported technology has already been picked.

The BRICS include the nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and sometimes South Africa (depending upon what list you look at).  The biblical reality is that they are NOT prophesied to be the main economic power of the world after the Anglo-nations lose dominance.

And, I have long expected the BRICS to have problems.  China is likely to have civil uprisings, to cite one example.  The BRICS also have concerns about each other.

Yet, the BRICS are starting to try to form a stronger alliance and that is consistent with the rise of the times of the Gentiles that the Bible refers to (cf. Luke 21:24).   The Gentile powers will rise up.  But the primary dominant economic power several years from now will be European (Revelation 13:1-4; 16-17)–the Beasts that Daniel saw (Daniel 7:2-7; 19-25) and what the Apostle John described (Revelation 13,17,18) were compromised mainly of people of which now are considered to have European, not BRICS, heritage.

As far as the BRICS go, they will be impacted by global economic conditions, but they are doing better than they were 10 years ago.  The fact that they will have ups and downs is to be expected.

Many of the BRICS have suggested that they will try to maneuver take steps to replace the US dollar as well as US influence. And while they have not yet succeeded, the time will come when Europe, and not the USA, is the major economic player in the world (cf. Revelation 13:16-17).

And while all the BRICS will apparently cooperate with Europe for a time, it is likely that Russia, China, and probably India and perhaps South Africa will turn against Europe per Daniel 11:44 and other scriptures (Brazil is possible, but seems prophetically to be the least likely because of its cultural and connections to Europe).

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