BRICS have a political agenda? China to soon be less relevant?

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A reader send the following about the group of nations known as the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa):

The BRICS block is gaining stature in the international arena despite doubts about its viability. Once united by similar economic trends, the BRICS countries are now moving from an economic to a political agenda…Georgy Toloraya, the executive director of Russia’s BRICS National Research Committee…believes:

BRICS is widely perceived as being a sort of economic union which it is not, and it’s been especially clear when the BRICS economies are slowing down and in fact it is bringing them together, and the range of problems which BRICS addresses – political security and global governance issues – are high and high on the agenda. For example in St Petersburg they discussed many political issues – Syria and others, and I this is a tendency which will develop in the future. I think the BRICS will widen its scope of activities and address more and more issues. And I don’t even exclude that the number of BRICS countries might be enlarged.

The most likely candidate is Indonesia, which, as many experts say, will be a Muslim addition to the BRICS. At the same time Egypt last year expressed its desire to join the block transforming it into E-BRICS.

Russia may wish the BRICS, expanded or otherwise, to also cooperate with its proposed Eurasian Union, which also has economic and certain political objectives.

The Bible itself tells of a confederation of nations in the end, apparently led by Russia, and including China and most likely India, that will be a major military force at the end (Jeremiah 50:41-43; Revelation 9:13-18; 16:9)–Indonesia, which is a possible addition to the BRICS club, likely would also be involved with them in the end.  One could state that their objectives in the end, being military, are political and not simply economic, and what is happening now may be setting the stage for this.

Now the Bible shows that Europe (Revelation 13 & 18), and not Asia, will be the major economic leader in the future prior to Jesus’ return (watch Can You Prove that the Beast to Come is European?).  But what about China?

Some believe that it is surpassing the USA and the rest of the world, and hence, China will be the leader of the 21st century.  The Bible does not teach that it can hold that position for much time, if at all.  Also, notice something else the same reader sent:

Economist Magazine: China loses its allure … Life is getting tougher for foreign companies. Those that want to stay will have to adjust … For the past three decades, multinationals have poured in. After the financial crisis, many companies looked to China for salvation. Now it looks as though the gold rush may be over.

Dominant Social Theme: China is finished. Goodbye. Better look to the West

Free-Market Analysis: Why on Earth would The Economist, among China’s biggest cheerleaders, become a boo-bird? We’ll answer, but first let us point out that this Economist article – “leader” – is predated by numerous articles that we have written over the past years. 

These articles of ours stated most clearly what is wrong with China: China’s monetary policies resemble insanity and will likely at some point implode along with the Communist Party. We’ve noticed a rash of recent articles in the mainstream about a potentially collapsing China. Something is going on. Even this Economist article is decidedly negative about China, though not for reasons we consider the most important. We can think of several reasons why. We can think of several reasons why. First, it would seem that the widening cracks in the base of China’s financial system cannot be papered over anymore.

While China will not be the leader of the world for any length of time, if at all.  Also China although will have problems, it still has a lot of influence.  And it is one of the BRICS nations–and the one with the largest economy and most people.

As far as the BRICS go, they have indicated in the past that they will try to maneuver take steps to replace the US dollar. That is part of their political and economic objectives based upon what has come out of some of the BRICS meetings.

And while they have not yet succeeded, they are trying to set up the elimination of the current world order with the USA on top.

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