China seems to have taken steps to further dethrone the USA dollar

Chinese Renminbi Yuan


The Chinese keep taking steps to eliminate the US dollar as the primary reserve currency in the world and to get others to accept more of its currency:

China Steps Up Pace To Convertibility

Daily Pfennig® | Economic happenings around the world | SEPTEMBER 27, 2013…
Why am I telling you this? Because two things happened in China yesterday, that make me believe they are stepping toward that replace of the dollar standard, with a quicker pace.  First,  yesterday we had China announcing that they will launch Certificates of Deposit (CDs) which can be traded in the interbank market in the near-term. This is HUGE folks. I know, I know, it looks to be a really dumb thing to hang one’s hat on. But think about this from a bank’s point of view. having CD’s that are traded, and can be traded before maturity date in the international market, provides a ton of liquidity. The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) said that they are also going to push for forward rate liberalization. (remember I’ve explained the forward rates in China before, but for those of you who missed class the 100 times I’ve explained this before. forward rates in freely traded/ convertible currencies is usually equal to the interest rate differential and the number of days between the two currencies being traded. But with China, India, Brazil and others, they are non-deliverable forwards, of which traders also speculate where they think the currency will be at the forward date in the future. China would have to get more trading desks around the world to take positions and deal in the renminbi/ yuan before this could be achieved, but it’s nice to think they are thinking of this).
The second piece of news from China is an even bigger pink elephant in the room. China has announced that they are going to test convertibility of the renminbi / yuan in a free-trading zone being established in Shanghai.

After the USA dollar, it should be noted that the Euro is the second most traded currency in the world–China’s currency currently amounts is not that important (, but it now seems to have made the top ten (

It is the biblically-based view of the Continuing Church of God that Europe, and not China, will dominate the world’s financial scene in the end time.  The time of Jacob’s (which includes the USA’s) trouble (Jeremiah 30:7) is coming, which will be a time dominated by the Gentile powers (Luke 21:24).  And while China will have its own issues, it will help make certain steps happen.

A few years ago former President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, went to China to work to replace the USA dollar with something that included the Chinese yuan and the EU’s euro (see France and China Working Hard to Replace Dollar). The fact that China has been actively working on something to cause this should show every one that they are serious, and that at some point in time, Europe will take further steps to eliminate the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

And, let us not forget that the USA keeps increasing its debt and inflating its currency through programs like ‘quantitative easing’ that financial experts should realize is diminishing its value–biblically it is adding ‘dross’ to its currency, which is not good (Isaiah 1:22,25; Proverbs 25:4a). At some point in time in the future, this will result in disaster for the USA according to biblical prophecy.

Now the point of this post is what is happening to the US dollar. What is happening in Asia, and elsewhere, shows that the world is moving away from the US dollar. All the arrangements that the Chinese, Russians, and others are doing are making it easier for the ultimate break from the dollar.

I would also add that WHEN the USA has to increase interest rates to keep foreigners (and others) lending to it, this will lead to a downward spiral, that while it likely will have some “ups,” while result in the USA being taken over and destroyed. The Bible warns about the indebted one getting taken over by its creditors at the appointed time of the end (cf. Habakkuk 2), and the USA is currently the greatest debtor nation in the history of the world. And after interest rates rise for the USA dollar, it will be worse in the USA than almost any economist will publicly admit.

The USA dollar will be replaced.   And while the Chinese currency will not of itself be that replacement, nations around the world are taking steps to replace it, and the USA itself continues to increase debt, which will help make the replacement of the US dollar biblically required.

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