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Here is LCG 2010 Feast of Tabernacles' Information. Here is an article There are Many COGs: Why Support the Living Church of God?

04/08/10 a.m.Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Adam West:

Commentary: "The key to profit" 
My Dad worked in the coal mines of Novinger for seven years. Seven years is considered 14 years as the coal mine calculated it. Coal mining is notoriously arduous work, but Dad didn't mind. That's what kept food on his family's table. Read more

04/06/10 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Ken Frank:

Commentary: "Recess" 
When I was in elementary school, one of my favorite parts of the school day was recess. In good weather, teachers would take us outdoors for sunshine, fresh air and exercise - once in the morning and once in the afternoon. One game I especially enjoyed was kickball - a cross between dodge ball and baseball. We couldn't wait for those fun breaks from reciting math tables, correcting spelling errors on essays and memorizing names and dates for history class. Read more

04/03/10 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Wyatt Ciesielka:

Commentary: "How loyal are you in marriage?" 
You may know the famous story of Lewis & Clark's expedition across the American continent to the Pacific Ocean and back.  But many have not heard the story of a lesser known member of the party, a brave black Newfoundland dog named Seaman.  He was just a dog, but his story is a lesson of faithfulness and loyalty.  His story is a lesson that husbands and wives should consider. Read more

04/01/10 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Rod Reynolds:

Commentary: Passover or Easter? 
Most Churches that claim to be Christian keep as holy days, festivals that Jesus never kept. At the same time, they don't keep the Holy Days He did keep. One of those festivals kept by Jesus that long ago ceased to be observed within popular Christianity is the Passover. Read more

Some articles of related interest may include:

Passover and the Early Church Did the early Christians observe Passover? What did Jesus and Paul teach? Why did Jesus die for our sins?
What Happened in the Crucifixion Week? How long are three days and three nights? Did Jesus die on "Good Friday"? Was the resurrection on Sunday? Do you really know? Who determined the date of Easter?
Did Early Christians Celebrate Easter? If not, when did this happen? What do scholars and the Bible reveal?

3/30/10 p.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Wyatt Ciesielka:

Commentary: Solar maximum, CME's and Scripture 
The sun is the most powerful force in our solar system.  And, it is also potentially the most deadly.  Recently, there has been growing excitement that the next "solar maximum" could render power grids, the Internet and telecommunications networks inoperable, and could even destroy modern civilization as we know it.  What do science and Scripture reveal about our massive, nuclear neighbor? Read more

03/28/10 a.m. Here is the latest weekly update from Dr. Winnail which starts with something from Dr. Meredith. The update also mentions the Holy Day season, lecture updates, Haiti/Spanish/Australian/Philippine/Sri Lanka/Malaysia/Southeast Asia updates, FOT updates,world news items, and eliminating spiritual leaven.

The update starts with the following from Dr. Meredith:

From the Presiding Evangelist
Dear Fellow Servants of Christ,
As we approach God’s Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread, it may be helpful for all of us to review a number of chapters near the end of Gospel of John. Certainly, that is one of the most profound sections of the entire Bible. In this teaching—just before He died—Jesus said in His final complete prayer, “Now I am no longer in the world, but these are in the world, and I come to You. Holy Father, keep through Your name those whom You have given Me, that they may be one as We are” (John 17:11). Brethren, I am extremely thankful to God that He has given us in the Living Church of God a great sense of “oneness”—of peace and unity. It is certainly not perfect, and there may be certain problems or agitations with which I am not familiar. However, overall, every report coming to me—and every careful observation I make—helps me realize how thankful I should be for the wonderful sense of brotherhood and unity in our ministry and in the Church as a whole. Thank God!
As Jesus prayed that we all become “one,” I hope all of you will join me in praying that God would continue to give us this sense of love, togetherness and unity we now enjoy—even adding to it as we draw closer to God. So let us certainly try to do that at this Passover season! For God has certainly blessed us with the sacrifice of our Savior Jesus Christ—enabling us to become completely reconciled to Him through Christ’s blood, and having the Holy Spirit to help us overcome and grow as we should. We have much to be thankful for.
Also, in doing the Work, Christ has opened additional doors even recently for the Work to go out in ever greater power than ever. But we all need to be praying about this and asking God to help us make right decisions and also to be able to go through these wonderful “doors” of television, the Internet and other doors. Most of you who have been to Headquarters—or who know us personally—know that our ministry and our Headquarters team is working very hard. Many of our ministers are truly “stretched”—pastoring four to six or even seven congregations. We can only do so much. But we do appreciate your prayers and even the financial help that so many of you have given. Every widow’s mite is very helpful! All of us have our part. So I do ask all of you to join us in crying out to God that He will greatly bless the upcoming offerings this Spring—and later—so that we have the resources to go through the doors which Christ is opening at this time. Truly, this confused world deeply needs the message of their Creator. So we must tell them about our Savior, Jesus Christ, but also His message of the coming wonderful Government of God which is the only way that genuine peace and joy will come to this earth.
May God guide and inspire all of you at this Passover season. Please pray for us here in Charlotte—and we will be praying for and giving God thanks for all of you and the wonderful help that you have been and are continuing to be to God’s Work and God’s people.
Your brother in Christ,
Roderick C. Meredith

03/27/10 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Jonhn Wheeler:

Commentary: Why the world needs the Lamb of God 
As I write, millions of Hindus in India are celebrating Kumbh Mela, the largest single religious gathering in the world. The Purna (Complete) Kumbh Mela is celebrated every twelve years in one of four cities, depending on the relative positions of the sun, moon and the planet Jupiter in Indian astrology. Between January 14 and April 28, 2010, at least 50 million pilgrims will have visited the ancient and (to them) holy city of Haridwar on the Ganges River. Read more

03/25/10 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Jonathan McNair:

"Patience...mercy...longsuffering... forgiveness" 
These are hard words.  They're easy to say, and easy to ask for, but much harder to give - at least sometimes. I'm convinced that, much of the time, I'm just about the most easy-going person in the world.  At least, I feel like the most easy-going person I know.  But other times... Read more

03/23/10 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Davy Crockett:

Commentary: The functional family 
What happened to the "functional" family?  You know, the one with a Dad and a Mom and children centered around the home, doing the things families do, working together, playing together, laughing and sometimes crying together. Read more

03/21/10 a.m. Here is the latest weekly update from Dr. Winnail where he mentions telecast and lecture updates, FOT updates, a new French language website, a Spanish update, world news items, and the value of taking time to think.

Here is one of the world news items:

More Claims for Mary! Mary, Jesus’ mother, has long been glorified by the Catholic Church and even many Protestant denominations. Although dead for nearly 2,000 years, Mary is growing in popularity. Currently, the Catholic Church holds four dogmas regarding the mother of Jesus: (1) her maternal role in the birth of Christ, the Son of God, making her truly mother of God, (Theotokos, Council of Ephesus, 431); (2) her perpetual virginity (First Lateran Council, 649); (3) her immaculate conception (Pius IX, ex cathedra proclamation, 1854); and (4) her assumption into heaven (Pius XII, ex cathedra proclamation, 1950). Now, the Catholic Church is poised to add a fifth dogma, her role as the spiritual mother of all humanity (, March 1, 2010)! Long ago, the Eternal outlined the Ten Commandments from Mt. Sinai. The first of these is “You shall have no other gods before Me” (Exodus 20:3). Writing years after the death of Christ, John was inspired to write “No one has ascended to heaven but He who came down from heaven…” (John 3:13). Christ and the Father make up the Godhead. Christ also clearly stated that God is the Only One we are to serve (Matthew 4:10). It is very interesting to watch the Catholic Church attempts to enhance the role of Mary as they seek to take a more expansive role in world religion. Historically, the Roman Church has taken upon itself the prerogative to elevate human beings to the divine level—and in the case of Mary, to a level equal to the Father (the true Spiritual Father!).

I reported about this at COGwriter recently (Vatican to Meet About Adding Another Dogma About Mary). An article of possibly related interest may also include Mary, the Mother of Jesus and the Apparitions.

03/20/10 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Wyatt Ciesielka:

Commentary: Easter's five fatal flaws 
Millions of sincere Christians will soon attend Easter sunrise services supposedly celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.  However, one of Satan’s greatest deceptions (Revelation 12:9) is in deceiving sincere people into worshiping a false Jesus on Easter Sunday!  Easter Sunday does not honor Jesus.  In fact, celebrating Easter greatly displeases Him, as do all idolatrous and heathen practices (Isaiah 1:14)! Read more

Some articles of possibly related interest may include:

What Happened in the Crucifixion Week? How long are three days and three nights? Did Jesus die on "Good Friday"? Was the resurrection on Sunday? Do you really know? Who determined the date of Easter?
Did Early Christians Celebrate Easter? If not, when did this happen? What do scholars and the Bible reveal?

Passover and the Early Church Did the early Christians observe Passover? What did Jesus and Paul teach? Why did Jesus die for our sins?

Here is last week's update from Dr. Winnail where he mentions telecast and lecture updates, FOT updates, world news items, and the value of wisdom. Here is what he wrote on that last item:

The Value of Wisdom: Solomon said that as we live our lives, gaining “Wisdom is the principal thing” (Proverbs 4:7). The Bible states that as Jesus grew, He “increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men” (Luke 2:52). The Scriptures emphasize that wisdom “is more precious than rubies” and that acquiring wisdom leads to happiness and a long and honorable life (Proverbs 3:13-16). The Apostle Paul urged Christians to use wisdom in dealing with people (Colossians 4:5-6). According to the Bible, the key to wisdom is learning to fear God and live by every word of God (Proverbs 1:7; 9:10). If we ask God for wisdom (James 1:5-7), if we seek wisdom by studying God’s word (Deuteronomy 4:1-10; 2 Timothy 3:15), and if we listen to older and wiser people (Proverbs 10:1; 15:7; 18:15; 22:17), we will become more like the wise God whom we worship (Romans 16:27).

03/19/10 p.m. Here is info from the latest co-worker letter from LCG's Dr. Meredith:

Greetings from Charlotte, NC! The Eternal God is indeed beginning to intervene and “shake” the nations. Just in the last several weeks, we have had a virtual wave of magnitude 6.0-plus earthquakes. Have you noticed? These powerful quakes have struck in Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Chile, Turkey and—just this weekend—another strong earthquake measuring 6.6 on the Richter Scale struck Japan.

What is going on?

Most news commentators scoff at the idea that the Creator may be starting to intervene in a special way to “shake” people to their senses. But the inspired Word of God tells us that the Creator—whose voice and actions shook His people at Mount Sinai—has promised, “Yet once more I shake not only the earth, but also heaven” (Hebrews 12:26). And Jesus Christ Himself directly predicted that at this time of the end, “There will be great earthquakes in various places, and famines and pestilences; and there will be fearful sights and great signs from heaven” (Luke 21:11).

So, along with many “fearful sights”—which may be translated “terrors,” or terrorism!—and with increasing “famine” leading to mass starvation, and with a huge upsurge of “pestilence” or disease epidemics—we in these prophesied last days will experience Almighty God intervening to shake, to humble and to chasten the rebellious peoples of this deceived world. He will begin to let them know by these actions that He is God!

Dear friends and brethren, after describing many of the coming events, Christ instructed His servants, “Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man” (Luke 21:36). We, who truly wish to honor and obey our Creator, should not be upset or dismayed. For Jesus also told His disciples, “Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near” (v. 28).

As many of you know, I have been directly involved in this Work of God for more than 60  years and I have never before seen “all the pieces of the prophetic puzzle” begin to come together in the way that is now occurring! It is truly exciting. And yet it is also sobering as we see our beloved nations going downand down and realize more than ever how real these things are!  

As Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong would say from time to time: “This Work moves forward on its knees!” Our personal relationship with Jesus Christ is critical to the overall effectiveness of this Work! As all of us strive to grow closer to our Lord and Master, as we grow in grace and knowledge, God pours His blessings on all of us and His Work.

Just in the past two weeks, two of our TV programs generated more than 7,400 responses each from our TV coverage in countries around the world. These were the highest weekly responses we have seen since we launched the Tomorrow’s World television program 11 years ago. In just the past two months alone, more than 56,000 TV responses poured into our call centers and international offices. The TV response is presently up 16 percent over a year ago. And on top of this, 28,000 (49 percent) of the responses came from brand-new, first-time callers. Our brand-new-caller counts are up 27 percent over a year ago! For a telecast that has been airing for more than 11 years, this is amazing, and a great blessing. God has made it possible for us to spend less but accomplish so much more! We thank Him for these great blessings. 

Christ’s Gospel is going out powerfully, by the Internet, television, radio, the Tomorrow’s World magazine, booklets, CDs, DVDs and Bible lessons.

03/11/10 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Wyatt Ciesielka:

Commentary: The Ides of March: from Julius Caesar to the modern Caesars 
"The Ides of March" has become an ominous date.  March 15 is the anniversary of the murder of Julius Caesar ... but the empire he once ruled lives on!  As March 15 approaches, it is timely to remind ourselves that the once-mighty Roman Empire not only remains very much alive, but it will soon clutch the world once again in its iron grip! Read more

An article of possibly related interest would include:

Europa, the Beast, and Revelation Where did Europe get its name? What might Europe have to do with the Book of Revelation? What about "the Beast"? Is an emerging European power "the daughter of Babylon"? What is ahead for Europe?

03/09/10 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Wyatt Ciesielka:

Commentary: "Relax. Enjoy yourself." 
Every day brought new rumors. Soldiers had become more active, and the night before bricks had mysteriously disappeared from many abandoned buildings. And now, people were saying a wall would soon be built. Fearing the worst, Hasso pleaded with his friend that they should escape the city. His friend, skeptical of the rumors, encouraged Hasso to "Relax. Enjoy yourself." Hasso had recently won a state swim tournament. Why should he not "enjoy himself?" Read more

03/07/10 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions successul TW lectures in various areas, Dr. Meredith's pre-fast letter, ministerial transfers, Chile update, Carolina Singles Weekend update, South Carolina Spring Holy Day Weekend, FOT registration reminder, detailed FOT info about two French/English locations, LYC, world news items, and asks, "Are You in Satan’s Crosshairs? ".

Here is the FOT reminder:

Feast of Tabernacles 2010
Early (International) Registration—March 14
International Registration begins Sunday, March 14 at 12:00 noon (EDT).  If you are planning to transfer to an International site for the Feast, you may begin registering at that time.  Check the MyLCG section of for complete write-ups on International sites open for transfer.  Please note: registration for United States and Canadian sites will not begin until Sunday, April 18 at 12:00 noon (EDT).  Registration for U.S./Canada sites will not be open until that date. 

Here are two items related to the earthquakes:

Chile Earthquake
As reported earlier this week through a special e-mail notification sent to the ministry, God protected all our members in Chile from harm during last Saturday’s 8.8-magnitude earthquake, and we have heard of the safety of all the members of the United Church of God, for which we are very grateful to Him. At the time of the quake, one of our Church families was south of Santiago, closer to the epicenter. The quake was a frightening experience, but they witnessed God’s mighty intervention for their protection. 
Our elder in Santiago, Mr. Sergio Carvajal, has personally visited all our brethren there and has assessed their situations. Only one widow suffered material damage, as the wall separating her house from her neighbor’s succumbed to the tremor.  The roof to our meeting hall also suffered damaged. Please continue to remember the brethren and people of Chile in your prayers... 

More Earthquakes! Just weeks after the devastating quake in Haiti, another huge quake 500 times stronger than the Haitian tremor struck Chile’s city of Concepcion. The quake claimed more than 700 lives and spawned tsunamis that headed across the Pacific Ocean and moved back on the Chilean coast. Tidal surges were felt as far away as Hawaii and Japan (AP, March 1, 2010). The quake generated nearly 100 aftershocks, and some experts note that this 8.8 quake was the 5th strongest quake ever recorded. Because of the Chilean earthquake, a 6.9 magnitude quake south of Japan, which also struck Saturday, went mostly unreported. The quake near Japan impacted homes in both Japan and Okinawa, but caused very little damage (AP, February 26, 2010). Jesus Christ warned that one of the signs of the end of the age would be “earthquakes in diverse places” and that these quakes would be just the “beginning of sorrows” (Matthew 24:7-8). As these events occur and become more frequent, true Christians must cry out to God for His mercy and protection. We must not be discouraged by the destruction that will accompany these terrible events, but pray more earnestly to God that His kingdom will come soon (Matthew 6:10)

03/06/10 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Wyatt Ciesielka:

Commentary: Earthquakes, lessons and hope! 
Haiti and Chile are reeling from terrible earthquakes.  As we see the pitiful images of smashed homes, broken bodies, looting and chaos, it is normal to ask questions.  Why did God allow these earthquakes?  Will similar earthquakes strike our nations?  And, if God did allow these earthquakes, then what does He want us to learn from them? Read more

03/04/10 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Adam West:

Commentary: Blasphemers and naysayers 
The world continues its toboggan slide into depravity, and, frankly, into the Great Tribulation. This is a stark reality, but one that we must realize and understand fully. We are living in the end times and the signs of this are becoming more evident and poignant with each passing day. Read more

An article for additional information would include:

Can the Great Tribulation Begin in 2010, 2011, or 2012? Can the Great Tribulation begin today? What happens before the Great Tribulation in the "beginning of sorrows"? What happens in the Great Tribulation and the Day of the Lord? When is the earliest that the Great Tribulation can begin? What is the Day of the Lord?

03/02/10 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Davy Crockett:

Commentary: "A snapshot" 
It was just a faded snapshot, a long-forgotten picture of my grandfather and his three sons, leaning on their vintage car in front of the family's farmhouse in the Arkansas Delta. It must have been about 1933 or 1934. Read more

03/01/10 p.m. Here is an email just received from Dr. Meredith on the fast called for this coming Sabbath:

Dear Fellow Ministers and Brethren,

Greetings from Charlotte! Dr. Winnail suggested that I write all of you a special memo regarding the purpose for our fast this coming Sabbath! As most of you know, Satan nearly always strikes at God’s people just before Passover—individually and collectively. He will try to confuse and hurt God’s people and God’s Work any way he can.

Right now—as far as I know—we have a wonderful sense of unity and loyalty throughout the Living Church of God. Yet, in spite of this, our income has suffered the early part of this year because of the unusual storms and upset weather and because of our severe national economic downturn. Yet, we truly need to be able to do more—not less—in reaching out to this world on television, on the Internet, and in hiring more ministers and servants to help do the Work. All this takes a great deal of money and many of God’s people are “hurting” at this time. So we certainly need to pray for God’s intervention and mercy. We truly need God’s intervention in this matter in order to effectively reach this confused world and to serve our dear brethren around the world!

Also, individually, many of our own brethren are having trials of serious illnesses, and spiritual trials and tests as well. As a Church, we need God’s Holy Spirit to be poured out upon us for healing, guidance and deliverance from all kinds of trials and from the assaults of Satan.

In addition, as many of you know, many of our “separated brethren” in other Church of God fellowships are being severely tried and tested as never before. In the splits and divisions that are already beginning to occur, many may simply fall away and leave the Church of God altogether! We do not want this. So we should pray and fast for these dear people as well! We should fervently ask God to guide them and lead them, to help them see the Big Picture and realize that He, their Creator, is very much alive and that He wants His people not only to serve Him individually, but to do His Work! For as Jesus said, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you.” But, please remember, Jesus Christ did not stop right here! The Son of God continued with these words, “and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age” (Matthew 28:19-20). Brethren, Christ never said that the Work would stop when Mr. Armstrong died. Mr. Armstrong would be horrified to hear people to say such silly things! We are commanded to go into “all the nations” and preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God (Matthew 24:14). More and more of God’s people need to learn to work together to actually accomplish this powerful mission!

So let us pray for these scattered people and for their spiritual salvation. But we may rightly ask that God may—as He knows is best—bring many of these hurt and confused people with us in the Living Church of God  in order to help us “finish” the Work with power. And when they come, let us warmly welcome them, encourage them and continue to pray for those who remain elsewhere that they may also be led into more Truth and may be in the first resurrection as God works with each one individually.

As these massive earthquakes and other “natural catastrophes” increase, we desperately need God’s divine protection, His guidance, His healing and His inspiration. As we come before God this coming Sabbath in earnest prayer and fasting, let us pour out our hearts for each other and for our separated brethren as well.

With Christian love,

Roderick C. Meredith

03/01/10 a.m. Here is some great news:

After some difficulty, Mr. Hernandez was able to contact some of the brethren in Chile and learned that all our members there are safe. Although, some have might have sustained material damage. We are very grateful to God for His protection. Thank you for your prayers. More details will follow later on.

Dibar Apartian

02/28/10 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions successul TW lectures, ministerial transfers, Haiti update, detailed FOT info about three locations, jury duty scams, world news items, and the importance of love for being a Philadelphian.

Here are the Philadelphian comments:

Real Philadelphia Christians: The book of Revelation indicates that remnants of the Philadelphia era of God’s Church will continue to function right up to the return of Jesus Christ. The Scriptures describe Philadelphia Christians as faithful and dedicated to carrying out Jesus’ instructions to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the coming Kingdom of God (Mark 16:15), to warn the world of the coming tribulation (Matthew 24) and to prepare a people to reign with Jesus Christ in the Kingdom of God (Luke 1:17; Revelation 5:10). However, as the name “Philadelphia” means “brotherly love,” true Philadelphians will also strive to follow Jesus’ admonition to “love one another” (John 15:12-17). They understand that showing unselfish, outgoing concern for others (versus sitting in judgment of others) is one of the distinguishing marks of a real Philadelphia Christian (John 13:34-35). Let’s all look for ways to show brotherly love to others!

02/27/10 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Paul Kendall:

Commentary: Violence is not the answer 
Many people have the idea that God loves war and is a bloodthirsty, violent God. What these critics fail to understand is that the true God of the Bible is actually a God of peace. Read more

To learn what the New Testament teachers and early professors of Christ taught about violence, please check out the article Military Service and the Churches of God: Do Real Christians Participate in Carnal Warfare?

02/25/10 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Adam West:

Commentary: A Game of Chance 
Millions of men and women spend untold hours in glitzy main halls of casinos, while many others play "friendly" games of "nickel" poker, gathered around octagon tables. Still others indulge in office sports pools, all the while hoping to cash in on the losses of others. Read more

02/23/10 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Wyatt Ciesielka:

Commentary: "What is God's form of government?" 
United States citizens, and those in many Western nations, are used to exercising their democratic right to elect their leaders. But a true Christian should pause and ask a fundamental question: is there a better way? Read more

An article of possibly related interest may include: Polycarp, Herbert W. Armstrong, and Roderick C. Meredith on Church Government.

02/21/10 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions a TW lecture, LU, New Zealand, a deadline for the Carolina Singles Weekend, LYC, FOT in three South American countries, world news items, and the importance of studying the word.

Here was one of the world news items:

Ezekiel 37 Fulfilled?  “Speaking on the 65th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz in Poland” two weeks ago, the Israeli Prime Minister, Benyamin Netanyahu, stated that the Ezekiel 37 prophecy about dry bones living had been fulfilled. He stated, “The Jewish people rose from ashes and destruction, from a terrible pain that can never be healed… Armed with the Jewish spirit, the justice of man, and the vision of the prophets, we sprouted new branches and grew deep roots. Dry bones became covered with flesh, a spirit filled them, and they lived and stood on their own feet, as Ezekiel prophesized…” (, February 3, 2010). Although Mr. Netanyahu is convinced of the fulfillment of Ezekiel 37, he has ignored passages in Revelation 20, 1 Corinthians 15 and 1 Thessalonians 4 that prove that Ezekiel 37 is a prophecy about the second and “great” resurrection that will take place at the beginning of the White Throne Judgment period—1,000 years after the return of Christ. This awesome resurrection will include all those who never had the opportunity to understand the Truth and will fulfill another prophecy of Jesus Christ, “On the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out saying, ‘If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink” (John 7:37). It will also fulfill the prophet Joel’s prophecy about God pouring out His spirit on all flesh (Joel 2:28).  Ezekiel 37 will be fulfilled in the future! 

Two articles of possibly related interest may include:

Universal Offer of Salvation: There Are Hundreds of Verses in the Bible Supporting the Doctrine of True Apocatastasis Do you believe what the Bible actually teaches on this? Will all good things be restored? Will God call everyone? Will everyone have an opportunity for salvation? Does God's plan of salvation take rebellion and spiritual blindness into account?

Hope of Salvation: How the Living Church of God differ from most Protestants How the Living Church of God differs from mainstream/traditional Protestants, is perhaps the question I am asked most by those without a Church of God background.

02/20/10 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Davy Crockett:

Commentary: The tablet of your heart 
Recently, the digital world of cyber space was rocked by the latest offering from Apple, as Steven Jobs, the legendary founder of this iconic company, unveiled the new tablet computer called the iPad. Read more

02/18/10 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Rod Reynolds:

Commentary: Mardi Gras 
Early in the year according to the commonly accepted civil calendar (the Gregorian calendar), a strange custom called "Mardi Gras" or "Carnival" is observed widely in allegedly "Christian" nations. What is the origin of this weird festival, and is it truly Christian in nature? Read more

02/17/10 p.m. In his latest co-worker letter LCG's R.C. Meredith wrote:

America’s days as the“leading world power” are numbered! As the latest Kiplinger Letter reports, “If the federal deficit is a runaway train racing, with no brakes, toward the steep precipice… most states have already gone over the cliff” (January 29, 2010). If America is “heading” toward a steep precipice, financially, it is also heading for a similar precipice morally. For increasing numbers of television programs, Internet offerings and other media are definitely going right down into the drain—morally speaking! Sorry, but I can’t put it any better. Many of you recognize this—as even God’s people occasionally have images of vile sex practices, hedonistic violence and the gratuitous taking of God’s name in vain pushed at them as they are “surfing the channels” on television. Frankly, our American and British-descended peoples are morally “sick.” And the Eternal God is not pleased!
Dear friends and brethren, we really are approaching the end of an age. We in this Work really are called to proclaim the Good News of a coming World Government—the “Kingdom of God” under Jesus Christ as King of kings (Revelation 11:15). We all need to catch this vision!
Truly—if we really understand where we are headed—our hearts and our minds, our time and our financial resources ought to be heavily involved in supporting and facilitating the very Work which Christ is doing through His servants at this time! There has never been a time when it is more important to get involved in the Work of Christ than right now! For time truly is short—as I know many of you fully realize.

02/16/10 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Charles Ogwyn:

Commentary: "What's wrong with marriage?" 
Judging by what is shown on prime time television, "happily ever after" is just another myth. From sitcoms that portray the marriage bed like a game of musical chairs, to shows that depict monogamy in loveless marriages - the outlook is gloomy indeed. But is that reality? Read more

02/14/10 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions snow, "Wayne Pyle reports that responses to the telecast for the last four weeks have averaged over 5,400 per program", time for Passover services, TW lecture, Vanuatu LYC, FOT in New Zealand, LU, world news items, and the importance of doctrine.

Here is one of the world news items:

Italian-Iranian Relations Growing. Although the Italian Prime Minister recently made a visit to Israel with multiple government ministers, Italian trade relations with Iran continue to grow. Italy has repeatedly pushed for looser trade sanctions between the EU and Iran. More than 1,000 Italian firms are actively involved in trade with Iran and operate within its borders. Italian firms provide the Iranian military with products: heavy trucks and earth-moving equipment, swift boats, and satellite technology that could be used to develop spy satellites. Italy also purchases oil and gas from Iran (DEBKA, February 1, 2010). Multiple EU nations (including Italy and Germany) are supporting trade, infrastructure development and even military development within Iran. Could it be that the EU is biding its time until it has the political, financial, and military ability to take a bolder step forward to broker a peace deal that will include Europe, the Middle East and perhaps other nations? Bible prophecy indicates that such a deal will exist for a time, before the Beast Power takes total control of the Holy Land for 3.5 years before Christ returns (Psalm 83:5-8, Daniel 9:27, Luke 21:24, Revelation 11:2).

02/13/10 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Davy Crockett:

Commentary: In pastures green 
In this time when we are all being urged to "go green" in every part of our daily lives, we may lose sight of the word picture painted in the 23rd Psalm, which is probably the most oft quoted Psalm in the Bible. I like the way it is expressed in the old English hymn by William Havergal, a well-known writer of hymns (1793-1870). Read more

02/11/10 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Michael Heycoop:

Commentary: Lessons from an Olympian 
On February 28, 2010, Canadian, Brian McKeever will line up next to the best cross country skiers in the world for the 50k event at the 21st Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, British Columbia.  He will do so with a distinct disadvantage - Brian is legally blind.  Stargardt's disease has claimed most of Brian's eyesight, leaving him with less than 10 percent vision, all of it peripheral. Read more

02/07/10 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions America's increasing debt, TW lecture, Haiti, Spanish update, Carolina Singles Weekend, LYC, world news items, and keys to working together.

Here is the update from Haiti:

Latest Haiti Update
We heard this week from Mr. Jove Jean-Pierre, our long-time deacon in Port-au-Prince. In his e-mail, he shared details about his experience during the devastating earthquake… He was in his home, reading an article in the November-December 2009 Living Church News. He was about to finish the article’s paragraph about not worrying, when the earth began to tremble. Actually, contrary to what we had previously understood, two of his children were also in the house during the quake, and they were all able to escape from under the rubble, the doors having been blocked by collapsed walls. His wife was in the city’s center and was unable to come back home until the evening. Similarly, another son returned late that night, while a daughter was able to make her way back home the following day, having to spend the night in the street. He wrote, “Thus, by the grace of the living God, we are all alive and the Church is doing well.” Last Sabbath, sixteen members were present for the two-hour service. Without electricity, they utilized the time to sing and pray, and listen to a sermonette delivered by Mr. Jean-Pierre. Please continue to pray for God’s little flock in Haiti. They are looking for a suitable place to hold services, but are having difficulty since all the hotels are closed.

02/06/10 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Adam West:

Commentary: Prayer or pain? 
A recent article concerning Pope John Paul II stated that the pontiff used to flagellate himself with a belt to share in the suffering of Christ. He says he did this to get closer to Jesus. It seems from the article that even Mother Teresa self-flagellated and that it is a commonly accepted and approved practice of the Catholic Church. What does the Bible have to say in this regard? Read more

02/04/10 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Davy Crockett:

Commentary: Labels 
You'll never meet an "average" person. Oh sure, someone might be referred to as "average", but no one every sees himself as average. Every person is unique.  Certainly, there are some commonalities, but each human being is made up of the genetic hand he or she has been dealt, along with life's experiences, environment, culture, religion. etc. Some individuals excel in life and stand out, others live their lives in "quiet desperation" as spoken of by the poet Thoreau. Read more

02/02/10 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Wyatt Ciesielka:

Commentary: Adultery, deceit and duplicity 
The accusations against former senator John Edwards have hit a new depth of scintillation and depravity.  In full public view, the once presidential candidate has fallen from power amidst scandalous accusations of adultery and deceit. Read more

01/31/10 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions ministeral transfers, 2010 Feast of Tabernacles' sites, Haiti, divine intervention, UK & Africa, LU , LYC, Littlerock family weekend, world news items, and Christian growth.

Here is the information about Haiti:

Haiti Update
All of our members are safe. The homes of two Church families were completely destroyed by Haiti’s January 12 earthquake. The homes of additional families were damaged and are unfit to inhabit. We are making arrangements for a new place for our members to meet for services, as well as assisting the families.  
Today, we received a report from one of our leading members in Haiti, Mr. Boniface Louijamé, recounting his experience on the day of the disaster:  “On Tuesday, January 12, at around 4:50 p.m. I was returning from the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development, located some 8 km from Port-au-Prince’s centre city. Three of us, friends and engineers, were traveling together… [The driver] was taking me home. He was descending to the street rue de Casernes, where he was to meet another person. In a span of maybe two or three minutes, I heard a noise and felt the shaking. The vehicle began to sway. I could not believe what I was hearing and seeing. What was happening? It was an unusual earthquake. A magnitude 7.3, it razed the city of Port-au-Prince, including the National Palace, which had been known for its resistance to bad weather and its exceptional beauty (… a contrast in Haiti).
“I was at the heart of the worst; I couldn’t flee forward or backward. I was only a few tens of meters from the National Palace, the Treasury and the Parliament buildings, which were completely destroyed. Almost all the buildings on that bloc—to the right and to the left, to the front and to the back of the vehicle—succumbed. It was a picture I had never seen—not even in the movies. Only the two buildings closest to my vehicle not only remained standing but, apparently, also intact. If any windows fell… they must have fallen after my departure. The losses are incalculable…. The earthquake affected an area of 90km in diameter. It was until the following Sabbath that I was able to see Mr. Jove Jean-Pierre [our deacon]. The house where Church services used to be held was crushed by a building next to it that succumbed to the shaking. It was left totally unusable. The Jean-Pierre family, which used to live in that house, was spared. Most of the family members were outside when the earthquake occurred. Mr. Jean-Pierre [our deacon] was inside and barely escaped.”

God protected the lives of His people in Haiti. For this, we all should give thanks.

01/30/10 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Wyatt Ciesielka:

Commentary: Has the Red Horse been released? 
More human beings have been killed in war and genocide from World War I to now than ever before in the same span of time.  Warfare, natural disasters, religious confusion and religious strife, economic calamity, immorality and famine all seem to be increasing.  Prophecy is clearly marching forward.  Has the second seal been opened?  Has the Red Horse been released? Read more

01/29/10 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Davy Crockett:

Commentary: The beginning of sorrows 
The torrent of sickening images of death and destruction in Haiti just keep on coming. Search and rescue operations have become grisly recovery operations, as the dead are removed from the rubble of collapsed buildings. Read more

Readers may also be interested in the following:

Can the Great Tribulation Begin in 2010, 2011, or 2012? Can the Great Tribulation begin today? What happens before the Great Tribulation in the "beginning of sorrows"? What happens in the Great Tribulation and the Day of the Lord? When is the earliest that the Great Tribulation can begin? What is the Day of the Lord?

01/27/10 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Wyatt Ciesielka:

Commentary: A morsel before I die 
Before the Haiti earthquake killed more than 150,000 and left thousands more orphaned and injured, it was already a very desperate place.  Unemployment was well above 50%.  Corruption and brutality were common.  And many people in Port au Prince survived on only $200 a year.  That was before the earthquake.  But, as terrible as it is in Haiti, even now - much worse is coming. Read more

01/24/10 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions 2010 Feast of Tabernacles' sites, the Caribbean, Haiti, LU on campus opportunity, LYC, SC Holy Day weekend, finances, world news items, and perseverance. Additionally, a letter from Dr. Meredith calls for a church-wide fast on March 6, 2010 for God's assistance and blessings to do His work.

Here are the announcements related to Haiti:

From the Presiding Evangelist...

And with Satan the Devil attacking many of us, attacking and even dividing many of our separated brethren and with the traumatic prophetic events now under way around the world—especially in Haiti—we as a Church need to “seek God” in prayer and fasting more than ever! As the end of this age truly draws close, God’s Word tells us in many ways to draw closer to Him.

             So please announce to all the brethren that we as a unified body will be conducting a Church-wide fast on the Sabbath of March 6!—Roderick C. Meredith

Church Administration 

Greetings from Charlotte, 

We have made contact with our brethren in Haiti.  All are alive, but some will have rebuilding to do, and we are exploring ways to assist them (see Mr. Apartian’s report below).—D Winnail

Haiti Update 

The tragic aftermath of Haiti’s January 12 earthquake is unfathomable. We are, however, comforted to know and deeply grateful that God protected the lives of all our Church members, and their families, in Port-au-Prince. Last Sabbath, all the brethren except one prospective member met at the place where services used to be held, our deacon’s home, which was completely destroyed by the earthquake. From there, a member with a working cell phone was able to communicate with Dr. Wilner Pierre, our elder in Charlotte, to give him the good news of the brethren’s well being! When Dr. Pierre shared the news with the Charlotte congregation during his sermonette, the moved headquarters brethren erupted in applause.    

Our brethren in Haiti didn’t have much, physically speaking, before the earthquake. Now they have less.  We are thankful, though, that they are all alive! We are in the process of finding ways to send them all the material help that they need, and we thank God for continuing to protect them. Please keep them in your prayers, since strong aftershocks are still occurring on the fault line that runs through the Caribbean.—Dibar Apartian 

Finance Department...

 Many have inquired about what can be done for Haiti. The Church has made a donation to a relief organization for the general populace in Haiti. We also have a relief plan in place for our brethren in Haiti to be administered by Dr. Wilner Pierre, our elder who serves the Haitian brethren from Charlotte. Needs are being determined and methods of delivery are being explored. Please continue to pray for their protection and that their needs will be met. Note: At this time, we have adequate funds in our Disaster Relief Fund to meet their needs.  If there is a need for additional funds, we will let it be known...—Davy Crockett

I, like many others, am greatful that considering that perhaps 200,000 or so were killed in the earthquake in Haiti, that none of the LCG brethren there were killed. We all need to pray regularly for God's protection as we do not know when certain calamities may take place. We all should thank God for His protections and blessings.

01/23/10 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Davy Crockett:

Commentary: "Feckless, fickle or faithful?" 
Have you noticed that some words fairly drip with meaning? Even the sounds of these words help convey their meaning. You know the kind I mean. Words like: snap, boom, sizzle, (or fizzle) - words like expunge, lunge, whack and whirl. Interesting, you might say, but not very significant. Yet words do have an impact. Read more

01/19/10 a.m. In his latest co-worker letter, LCG's Dr. Meredith wrote:

Before I close, dear brethren and co-workers, I want to be sure all of you know that I have appointed our other leading minister, Mr. Richard Ames, the First Vice President of the Living Church of God parent organization in the U.S., as my successor over the whole Work. In fact he has been in this position of First Vice President working right here with me for some time now and has proved himself to be one of the most dedicated, balanced and loyal servants of God on earth. With that in mind, and with my increased age, I will be asking him to write these co-worker messages and other letters from time to time in the future. So I hope you will welcome his participation, and that you will pray for him that God will guide him, protect him and use him increasingly.

In his latest commentary, LCG's Glen Gilchrist wrote:

Commentary: Western Civilization in moral decay? 
Recent news articles have speculated about the "end of Western civilization." Interestingly enough, as you read through those articles, the reasons put forth for the end of our way of life have stemmed from our lack of energy conservation awareness to our addiction to oil for our energy needs. Political issues, environmental issues, educational issues are all put forth as arenas for the salvation of mankind. Read more

01/18/10 a.m. I left the USA for Europe on 12/30/09 and have been unable to add updates to this page until today.

Here are the last three weekly updates from Dr. Winnail:

Update 01/14/2010
Update 01/07/2010
Update 12/31/2009

Here is a commentary from him on prayer--an important topic always, but especially in light of the situation in Haiti:

Importance of Earnest Prayer: Jesus urged His disciples to “Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation” (Matthew 26:41). David and Daniel prayed three times a day (Psalm 55:17; Daniel 6:10). Jesus prayed all night before making a major decision (Luke 6:12-13), and when He prayed, He prayed earnestly (Luke 22:44). When Jesus’ disciples asked, “Lord, teach us to pray,” Jesus gave an outline of a model prayer (Luke 11:1-4). In this model prayer, the focus at the beginning and at the end of the prayer is on God and His coming Kingdom—personal requests are sandwiched in-between. This helps us keep our personal issues in a proper perspective. As we see prophesied earth-shaking events beginning to occur and the suffering that comes with these events, we need to develop the compassion expressed by Jesus as He looked over Jerusalem (Matthew 23:37), and pray more earnestly “Thy Kingdom come” (Matthew 6:9-13, KJV). We see in the New Testament that when the early Church members prayed earnestly, God answered those prayers in dramatic and powerful ways (Acts 4:24-31).

12/30/09 a.m. In the latest co-worker letter from Dr. Meredith, he wrote:

We are receiving the highest responses ever this year from our combined worldwide TV coverage. In fact, we are averaging over 4,100 responses every week from the Tomorrow’s World telecast! By year’s end we are projecting nearly a quarter million TV responses from our TV stations in countries around the world. Since the beginning of this year, our data show that more than 2.6 million households saw our telecast for the first time. Since the telecast began 10 years ago, the telecast has now been watched by an estimated 20 million households, touching the lives of about 50 million people around the world! 

      This past month we reached a new milestone with the Tomorrow’s World magazine when we added the tiny nation of Andorra (between Spain and France), to our worldwide subscription list. This leaves only 29 countries in the world which have not received a Tomorrow’s World subscription. The magazine has now gone into 86 percent of all 192 UN-recognized countries.  This year, we mailed 1.9 million magazine copies, plus 640,000 booklets, lessons, CDs, DVDs and other publications. In addition, more than 500,000 booklets were read on-line on our website. This year, our website has had upwards of 2 million visits!...

          As this Roman calendar year comes to a close, may God inspire each of us to “go all out” in giving of ourselves and our resources to the special Work which Christ is using at this time! Jesus Himself said, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work” (John 4:34). Many Scriptures tell us that if we are generous with God, He will be generous with us! So please give generously at this time, dear brethren and friends, for the Work is in great need of your assistance and your prayers.

12/29/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Adam West:

Commentary: The parental tool of lying? 
An ongoing study provides shocking insights into dangerous deceptions from the most trusted individuals in the life of a child - his parents. Is telling children that Santa is real harmful? Is it simply encouraging them to use their God-given imagination, thereby broadening their future mental potential? What effect does parental lying have on the minds of impressionable youth? Read more

12/27/09 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions world events, the Caribbean, LU, LYC, finances world news items, and gentleness.

Here is the one on LYC--notice that it is in a different location:

Living Youth Camp 2010
Plans for activities for our young people are in full gear.  Next year, we will again be hosting pre-teen camps in Texas and in Missouri.  For our teen camp this summer, we will be at a new location in western Pennsylvania.  Living Youth Teen Camp will be conducted at Raccoon Creek State Park, just west of Pittsburgh.  The lovely 101-acre Raccoon Creek Lake is the centerpiece of the park, one of the most beautiful parks in the Pennsylvania state park system. Located off of State Route 18 in Western Pennsylvania, Raccoon Creek has a swimming beach, a boat launch, a large Wildflower Preserve, mineral springs, hiking trails, camping and interpretive programs. And yes, there are raccoons!  Our camp program will run from August 3 through August 13.  For more details and a registration link, visit our new Living Youth website at  Registration will begin on February 1.—Jonathan McNair

12/26/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's William Bowmer:

Commentary: Why Kwanzaa? Man-made holidays and God's Holy Days 
From December 26-January 1, several million Americans will be celebrating Kwanzaa, a "harvest festival" first proclaimed in 1966 to celebrate blessings of African heritage. How should we view this recently-devised holiday? Read more

An article of possibly related interest may include: Is There "An Annual Worship Calendar" In the Bible?

12/24/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Davy Crockett:

Commentary: Bah! Humbug! 
The sounds, the smells, the colorful lights and decorations; folks being thoughtful and remembering the poor, good feelings all around; what could possibly be wrong with any of this? Short days, cold, long nights can use some brightening up and some cheerful activities, so "Just leave me alone" the devotees to Christmas might say to those who decry the celebrations of the season. Read more

12/22/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Lehman B. Lyons, Jr.:

Commentary: "If it doesn't kill you" 
When I was ten, we had a bully named Billy in our neighborhood who threatened to do physical damage to anybody who would cross his path the wrong way. Read more

12/19/09 p.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Wyatt Cieselka:

Commentary: Why Satan loves Christmas
Most people dismiss the commercialism, the pagan influence, or the impossibility of a December 25 birth, and take comfort in slogans such as "Put Christ back in Christmas." But, would true Christians feel comfortable celebrating Christmas if they understood that you cannot "Put Christ back in Christmas" because Christmas is founded upon Satan worship? Read more

12/18/09 p.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Wyatt Cieselka:

Should you sign the Manhattan Declaration? 
The Manhattan Declaration will soon surpass 300,000 signatures.  Considered "a call of Christian conscience," and endorsed by more than 140 religious leaders, the declaration boldly endorses: 1) the sanctity of human life, including of the unborn, 2) the sanctity of heterosexual marriage, and 3) religious liberty.  Have you considered signing the declaration?  And more importantly, would Jesus? Read more

12/15/09 p.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Marc Arseneault:

Commentary: So close - and yet so far! 
The 25th of November 2009 was the 150th anniversary of the publishing of Darwin's "Origin of the species." In that context, an article in the Toronto Star by journalist Stephen Marche brought forward arguments that for a couple of minutes kept me in suspense. Could we really have a journalist saying that the Bible was true? Read more

Two articles of related further interest may include:

Is God's Existence Logical? Some say it is not logical to believe in God. Is that true?
Is Evolution Probable or Impossible or Is God's Existence Logical? Part II This short article clearly answers what 'pseudo-scientists' refuse to acknowledge.

12/13/09 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions meetings, tapings, the Caribbean, LU, world news items, and the Church of God (and LCG stats).

Here is one of the world news items:

Human Reason Trumps the Bible? In a recent interview, the presiding bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America commented on the church’s lifting of a ban on homosexual clergy—an action that has drawn much criticism from within the church. When asked about the Bible’s complete condemnation of homosexuality, Bishop Mark Hanson commented, “the understanding we have of homosexuality today does not seem to be reflected at all in the context of the biblical writers.” He went on to suggest that the church should consider more “modern views” of sexual orientation—essentially stating that modern thought should supersede the “antiquated” perspectives and teachings of Scripture (AP, December 7, 2009). Because of the criticism generated by his comments, Bishop Henson said that his original comments were not “his own” views, but rather a reflection of the views of many within the Evangelical Lutheran Church. The perspective is, “the understanding we have of homosexuality today does not seem to be reflected at all in the context of the biblical writers, so let us bring our understanding of sexual orientation that has been opened up to humankind over the years to this conversation” (AP, December 9, 2009). Today, many professing Christians reject clear scriptures that they disagree with, in favor of human reasoning! Not only is there a growing movement to “call evil good” (Isaiah 5:20), but there is increasing tendency to teach “as doctrines the commandments of men” (Matthew 15:9).

12/12/09 p.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Adam West:

Commentary: Last chance in Jerusalem?
Is it the destiny of Europe to become more actively involved in the Middle East as events hurtle toward the climactic return of Jesus Christ? Will it begin to exercise a strong influence in the region of, and even militarily occupy, the Holy Land? Your Bible plainly affirms that this will be the case. Read more.

12/09/09 p.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Davy Crockett:

Commentary: Oil on the water - after 68 years 
A visit to the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii, was for me a moving experience.  The impact of the horrific attack catapulted the United States into World War II and directly affected the lives of millions of Americans, including my family.  You see, my father, caught up in the national indignation and patriotic fervor... Read more

12/06/09 a.m Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. After prophetic and other comments from Dr. Meredith, he mentions the French work in Haiti, the Spanish work in Costa Rica, a UK & African update, Regional Weekend in Charlotte (December 25-27), Little Rock Family Weekend, finances, LU, the military drafy. world news items, and the value of hope.

Here is the LU announcement:

Living University
On-campus study and registration for next-semester classes
Living University is now accepting applications for on-campus study in Charlotte, North Carolina, for the 2010-2011 academic year. Classes start in August 2010. If you are interested in earning a college degree, a certificate, or would like to spend a semester or two taking classes in Charlotte, consider this one-of-a-kind God-centered program for your higher education. LU also accepts home school students with the appropriate credentials. You may access the application and other related materials on the LU website, at On the home page, simply click on Making Application for instructions and further information. The website contains estimated costs as well as materials that are necessary to complete the application process. Note that the application deadline for on-campus study in Charlotte is February 15, 2010. You will be notified of your admittance by April 1, 2010. For those wishing to attend the on-campus program and who do not have previous college, you will need to take your college entrance exam (SAT or ACT) and have your test scores sent to Living University well before the application deadline. Applicants should plan to sit for their ACT or SAT exam in December of this year, at a local junior college or university. More details on these exams can be found on the LU website.
Registration for the next semester of Living University courses is currently underway. Classes begin online on January 19. Eleven different courses are being offered next semester. This week we will highlight three different courses. A full listing of “Spring Semester” courses (Spring in the northern hemisphere), can also be viewed on the LU website under the link “2010 Spring Schedule.” To make application to LU and to register for courses, please visit
For more information or questions regarding on-campus study or registration for classes, please contact Dr. Scott Winnail at, or call 704-844-1966, option 7.
THL 136: Acts and the Writings of Paul. This class focuses on the book of Acts and deals with Paul’s life, times and writings. It includes the background, purpose, message and themes of Paul’s letters; his personal life and character; his companions; and the chronology of the Apostle’s life. Emphasis is placed on the spiritual importance of Paul’s writings and the issues that Paul dealt with in the early New Testament Church. This exciting course is also needed to take the Epistles of Paul course that begins in August.
THL 150B: Introduction to Biblical Communication II. This course provides an in-depth experience in preparing and delivering speeches to religious and other audiences. Emphasis is placed on developing specific types of public speeches with the needs and unique aspects of the audience constantly in mind. Emphasis is also placed on developing the skills necessary to critically analyze and improve one’s speaking abilities. This course will benefit anyone interested in improving their public speaking skills.
THL 212: Old Testament Survey II. This course deals with the Latter Prophets and the Writings, focusing on the background, content, structure, geography, teachings, and basic meaning of each book and outstanding people and events. Emphasis will be placed on the Old Testament as the background and foundation for understanding the New Testament. This course will essentially begin at the book of Song of Solomon and move through the remaining books of the Old Testament.

12/01/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Davy Crockett:

Commentary: "Is it time...?" 
Almost daily, we hear or read about the malfeasance of some trusted individual, whether a key employee at a business or an elected official at some level of local, state or federal government. Read more

Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions TW lectures, Canada, Ireland, Kenya, world news items, and being thankful.

Here is one of the world news items:

Atheism Is Growing. Many modern atheists are highly educated and have fallen away from an earlier belief in God. Across U.S. college campuses, atheist student groups are growing in number and popularity. In 2007, there were 80 such groups. In 2008, the number rose to 100 and this year the number is 174. Many student atheists are older and at the post-graduate level. They have moved away from a belief in God to a belief in science and logic. Most are also “peaceful” and seeking to do kindness to others. Yet others are more militant, espousing ideas like “there are certain ideas about religion that can’t be tolerated.” Many also feel the need to congregate with others of like mind. According to the recent National Study of Youth and Religion, more than 75% of adolescents surveyed believed in God, but that number dropped by 7% when they became young adults (AP, November 22, 2009). Today, many want an easy way of life–one in which they feel no responsibility or obligation to anyone or anything. Paul observed that there are some who are “always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth” (2 Timothy 3:7). This characterizes many atheists. Many atheists also are reacting to the inconsistencies that they see in mainstream Christianity, which are based in unbiblical teachings. Won’t it be wonderful when the Truth is made clear to all who want to know? God speed that day!

11/24/09 p.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Davy Crockett:

Commentary: "Are you having fun?" 
A cousin of mine has been very successful in several business ventures. He has worked hard over many years and has accumulated wealth and property. He has the accoutrements of wealth that one might expect in the form of homes, cars, boats, an airplane, and a farm in the country. Read more

And here is a death announcement:

Updated on 11/23/2009 12:57:47 PM CST
Death Announcement: Mr. Dave Adams, LCG, Reno, NV.

Thank you brethren for all your prayers and cards for Dave and Shirley Adams of the Reno, NV, LCG congregation. They have been a tremendous encouragement to both of them over the past two weeks. Dave died peacefully at home Sunday, November 22, 2009, when his heart stopped unexpectedly. God was merciful in allowing Dave's cancer to be almost pain-free to the end, and he remained in a positive attitude.

Dave's wife Shirley has MS and very much needs our prayers at this difficult time. Because she must have a caregiver, she is facing some major decisions about where she will go and what's best for her now. Your continued prayers and cards of support and encouragement for Shirley would be much appreciated.


Mrs. Shirley Adams
7505 Robert Banks Blvd.
Sparks, NV 89436

11/23/09 p.m. Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions changes the Phoenix lectures, LU, healings, the COE meetings, telecast reponses, FOT 2009 statistics, world news items, and paying attention to prophecy.

Here is the LU announcement:

Living University
Registration for Spring Semester 2010 Classes
For those interested in taking Living University classes next semester, classes will begin on January 19, 2010. Registration for courses is currently underway. Courses being offered include: Biblically Based Literary Research, Acts and the Writings of Paul, Introduction to Biblical Communication II, Old Testament Survey II, Christian Camp Leadership, Christian Leadership, Introduction to Biblical Doctrines, Epistles of Paul II, General Epistles, History of Christianity II, Historical Geography of the Bible Lands, and Archaeology and the New Testament. We plan to give you additional details about these courses in the weeks ahead. A listing of “Spring Semester” courses (Spring in the northern hemisphere), can also be viewed on the Living University website under the link “2010 Spring Schedule.” To make application to Living University and to register for courses, please visit the website. For more information or questions, please contact Dr. Scott Winnail at, or call 704-844-1966, option 7.

Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Wyatt Cieselka:

The Crucifix - a Christian or pagan symbol? 
The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has sparked a heated debate with the Greek Orthodox Church, the Roman Catholic Church, and Italian mayors over the role of the crucifix in Italian society (Christian Telegraph, November 18, 2009).  But, a more fundamental issue should be addressed.  Is the cross even a Christian symbol in the first place? Read more

11/17/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Ken Frank:

Commentary: D.C. Sniper Executed 
In October, 2002, just a little over a year after September 11, 2001, the greater Washington, D.C. region was terrorized by indiscriminate sniper shootings killing ten people and critically injuring three others. Police soon figured out this rampage was being conducted by a serial killer or killers on the loose. For three weeks people within a hundred miles of the city feared to leave home or work place worrying the killer just might have them in his or her sights. Fearful people hurried... Read more

11/15/09 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. After some announcements by Dr. Meredith (like about Mrs. Ehman), in it, he mentions changes the Lisbon Treaty, LU, healings, upcoming COE meeting, record response to the telecast, FOT 2009 statistics, finding a son-in-law, world news items, and being thankful for the truth.

Here are two of the items:

For those who thought the Work is over—it is time to think again! Last weekend’s telecast by Mr. Ames, “You Can Understand Prophecy,” produced the highest number of responses that we have ever received—more than 6,300 callers headed to their phones after the program! The Canadian responses actually overwhelmed our U.S. call center located near Charlotte (see Mr. Pyle’s comments below). Mr. Rod McNair also reports that we had increased attendance at the Feast this year in both the U.S. and international areas (see below)...

Official Attendance Figures for Feast of Tabernacles 2009
* 44 Feast sites in 30 countries
* 7,612 attendees at our Feast sites around the world (9% increase worldwide over 2008)
* 3,991 attendees in the United States (14% increase over 2008)
* 3,621 attendees in International areas (4% increase over 2008)
* 376 shut-ins received FOT CDs (284 in USA, 45 in Canada, 47 in International areas)
* Overall attendance (including shut-ins) was a grand total of 7,988

Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Wyatt Ciesielka:

Commentary: Rethink Church "Rethink Church" has become a popular slogan. Do you want to be part of Jesus' faithful church; the "little flock" (Luke 12:32) that Jesus promised would never cease (Matthew 16:18)? If so, then here are 10 Biblical keys to help us "rethink church" and analyze if we are following Christ - or false human ideas. Read more

11/12/09 p.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Marc Arseneault:

Commentary: Mankind's never-ending hope 
On the 10th of October, Guy Laliberté, the founder of "Le cirque du soleil," produced from space a show titled: "From the earth to space for water." The spectacle was to promote the awareness of water as a precious and disappearing commodity. More and more people are finding themselves in a desperate race to find water. Read more

11/10/09 p.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Davy Crockett:

Commentary: "Keeping score..." 
Many families have a "rich uncle," and I had mine. My father's brother had the knack.  Whatever he did seemed to prosper.  A product of hard times in the Great Depression, he had known poverty, scratching out a living on his father's truck farm raising vegetables for market. He was highly motivated to do well and he had the energy, drive and desire to pursue his dreams and ambitions.  As the years rolled by... Read more

A subject of related interest may be What is the Meaning of Life?

11/07/09 p.m. Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions changes the Lisbon Treaty, LU, lectures, upcoming COE meeting, transfers. protection in Malaysia, FOT 2010, world news items, and a transcendent purpose.

Here is one part of the update:

A Transcendent Purpose: God revealed a vital Truth through the Apostle Paul when he wrote, “In the last days…men will be lovers of themselves… lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God” (2 Timothy 3:1-5). Today, many people have full schedules and empty lives. All too often, we are focused on ourselves—my life, my job, my friends, my feelings, my problems—which is a one-way ticket to frustration. However, some have learned that the key to a fulfilling and meaningful life is to focus on a goal and a purpose that is bigger than ourselves—that transcends ourselves—a transcendent purpose! This is really the message of the Gospel. Jesus taught that we should “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness” (Matthew 6:33). He told His disciples to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel” (Mark 16:15). He said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). To fulfill our calling as Christians and add real meaning to our lives, we must get our focus off ourselves and think about how we can prepare to serve others—both now, and in the coming Kingdom of God (Matthew 20:25-28). Is your life focused on this transcendent purpose?

11/07/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's William Bowmer:

Commentary: The Fall of the Berlin Wall: Bible Prophecy and the Hand of God Little Angela Kasner, daughter of a Lutheran pastor in Russian-dominated East Germany, was barely two years old when an American radio preacher published in his magazine an astonishing statement: "The way is being prepared for a colossal third force in world politics--a European Federation of Nations more powerful than either Russia or the United States!... Read more

11/05/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Ken Frank:

Commentary: Lincoln in caricature 
On our way to one of our annual church convocations, my wife and I realized one of my lifelong dreams by visiting Springfield, IL - state capitol and home of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln. Going well back into my earliest school years, Lincoln has been of keen interest to me. For one reason, I grew up on Lincoln Place in my home town. For another, my mother was born and raised in Illinois, "The Land of Lincoln." Since this is the bicentennial year of his birth, I had even more reason to make a special effort to visit his hometown. Read more

11/03/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Lehman B. Lyons, Jr.:

Commentary: Stolen water is sweet 
The commercial was ending as I returned with my snack into the living room. The website address and the catch phrase remained on the screen like a stain on the carpet.  "Life is short. Have an affair," read the website's catch phrase. My shock was entangled with confusion and disbelief. Was this a crude joke? Did I just see an advertisement promoting an extra-martial affair? Has the concept of "Whatever happens here stays here" overtaken every aspect of life? Read more

Some articles of possibly related interest may include:

What is the Meaning of Life? Who does God say is happy? What is your ultimate destiny? Do you really know? Does God actually have a plan for YOU personally?
What Did Jesus Teach About the Ten Commandments? This article quotes what Jesus actually said about them (His words are in red).
Were the Ten Commandments Nailed to the Cross? Some have said so. This article provides some biblical quotes to answer this important question.
What Did Paul Actually Teach About the Ten Commandments? Many say Paul taught against the ten commandments. Is this true? This article quotes Paul with his words in green.
Are the Ten Commandment Still in Effect? This article quotes the ten commandments and combines some of the previous articles into one article about the ten commandments. The commandments are shown at Mount Sinai, before Mount Sinai, in the teachings of Jesus, after the crucifixion, and in the teachings of Paul. It addresses the most common "traditions of men" regarding them as well.
Were the Pharisees Condemned for Keeping the Law or Reasoning Around it? Many believe that the Pharisees were condemned for keeping the law, but what does your Bible say? If they were not condemned for that, what were they condemned for?
The Ten Commandments Reflect Love, Breaking them is Evil Some feel that the ten commandments are a burden. Is that what Jesus, Paul, Peter, James, and John taught?

11/02/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Wyatt Ciesielka:

Commentary: Elder abuse 
To encourage Congress to pass the "Elder Justice Act," a video documentary chronicling elder abuse was shown on October 19 on Capitol Hill.  Among other heart-wrenching accounts, the documentary told of Vicki Bastion, aged 92, of Hayward, California, who installed a security gate inside her home to protect her and her few remaining valuables from her grandson and his gang-related friends. Read more

Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions changes related to the leadership of the Living Youth Program, lectures. the Philippines, LU, world news items, and skills that promote teamwork.

Here is one the LU announcement:

Living University

 Now accepting applications for on-site study for the 2010-2011 academic year (U.S. residents only at this time): Living University is now accepting applications for on-site study in Charlotte for the 2010-2011 academic year. Classes will begin in August 2010. If you are a young adult of college and university age, strongly consider this one-of-a-kind God-centered program for your higher education. For those of “non-traditional age” who are interested in attending LU onsite, this may also be a good opportunity for you. LU also accepts home school students with the appropriate credentials. You may access the application and other related materials on the LU website, at On the home page, simply click on Making Application for instructions and further information. The website contains estimated costs as well as materials that are necessary to complete the application process. Note that the application deadline for on-site study in Charlotte is February 15, 2010. You will be notified of your admittance by April 1, 2010. For those wishing to attend the on-site program who do not have previous college, you will need to take your college entrance exam (SAT or ACT) and have your test scores sent to Living University well before the application deadline. Applicants should plan to sit for their ACT or SAT exam in November or December of this year, at a local junior college or university. More details on these exams can be found on the LU website. If you have additional questions, please call Dr. Scott Winnail at 704-844-1966, option 7, or email him at

10/26/09 p.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Davy Crockett:

Commentary: Walking a wall 
It was a gray, chilly morning with soft, intermittent rain falling, which cleared to a blustery, cold, sunny afternoon as we visited the ancient walled city of Chester in England. This place was settled by the Romans over 2000 years ago as an outpost in the British Isles. Read more

Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions the Holy Day offerings, Jamaica, Atlanta, a record tv media response world news items, and asks if you are positive or negative.

Here is one the world news items:

Heading Home to Their Mother. “The Vatican said Tuesday it has worked out a way for groups of Anglicans who are dissatisfied with their faith to join the Catholic Church.” Henry VIII broke with the Catholic church more than 450 years ago. However, due to recent radical changes in the Anglican/Episcopal church (ordaining women and homosexual clergy and blessing same-sex partnerships), many conservative Anglicans are looking for a way back to a more traditional foundation. According to a Catholic church representative, “hundreds of Anglicans around the world have expressed their desire to join the Catholic Church. Among them are 50 Anglican bishops” (, October 20, 2009). In fact, more than 400,000 Anglicans are ready to immediately join with the Catholic church (, October 22, 2009). This move back to the Catholic Church is a monumental event—especially in terms of Bible prophecies that point to the end of this age and the return of Jesus Christ. Revelation 17 speaks of a woman (symbolic of a church) named “Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots” that is “drunk with the blood of the saints” (vv. 5-6). The Roman Catholic church is well known to have shed the blood of religious people down through the ages who would not recognize the Pope as the Vicar of Christ and the Catholic Church as the true Church. The Catholic Church has long seen itself as the “mother” of all Christianity and has awaited the return of its “daughters.” The prophet Isaiah foresaw a “daughter of Babylon” who would be referred to as “The Lady of Kingdoms” and would mount an ecumenical movement claiming “I am, and there is no one else besides me; I shall not sit as a widow, nor shall I know the loss of children” (Isaiah 47:8). Today we are watching this movement back to the Catholic church—even from churches that violently broke company with it centuries ago. Bible prophecies continue to be fulfilled that point to the return of Jesus Christ.

I covered the above at the COGwriter news page and consider it to be of extremely high significance.

10/22/09 p.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Davy Crockett:

Commentary: Make a chain 
"If it bleeds, it leads..." seems to be the rule that newspapers, television, and other news sources use today, and they have no shortage of heinous crimes and tragic occurrences to write about. Read more


10/20/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's James W. Sweat:

Commentary: Someone or something to worship 
The adulation and hysteria surrounding the [almost new] American president is beginning to wane. That is, until the recent news video from New Jersey showing school children singing praises to President Obama.  From the onset of his candidacy to the inauguration, every appearance, every interview, and every public statement, had many of the masses and media alike gushing with admiration and praise! Read more

An article of possibly related interest may be Prophecies of Barack Obama?

10/19/09 p.m. Just got back from the Feast today, so I am a little behind on posting the weekly update. Anyway, here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. Prior to it, is a special from Dr. Meredith where he mentions the Feast and our need to grow individually. After that, Dr Winnail he mentions travels/lectures, the Holy Days, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, the Philippines, a healing, a ministerial conference, New Zealand, world news items, and goals for the coming year.

Here is one of the world news items:

In Second Try, Irish Vote “YES” on Lisbon Treaty.  Newspapers round the world ran the headline, “Irish vote YES,” on the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles (October 3, 2009). European perspectives were mostly positive about the resulting vote, with the current EU President calling it “a great day for Europe.” Meanwhile, the responses from Ireland varied. One Irishman recounted his reason for voting yes: “It is much better for us not to be isolated.” Poland and the CzechRepublic are both expected to ratify the treaty following the Irish vote (Der Spiegel, October 3, 2009). However, news from Ireland paints a slightly different picture of the situation. A leader of the opposition movement commented about the vote, “Of course I am disappointed, I think we have made a mistake. It just shows how scared people are… Mr Farage, the MEP for south east England, commented: ‘I think the whole thing has been an absolute travesty of democracy. The way this thing has been conducted is more akin to Zimbabwe or Afghanistan. This has not been a free and fair referendum’” (Telegraph, October 3, 2009). Free election or not, the Irish voted “yes” and Europe has gotten its way. Now it will be interesting to see how the treaty plays out. Prophecy foretells of an eventual unification of 10 “kingdoms” in modern Europe, under one leader and one religious system, at the end of the age (Daniel 2:40-44; see Revelation 17). Events appear to be taking place to support God’s prophesied future!  

10/02/09 a.m. Here is some personal news that I would like to share here. In the past couple of weeks I have had several interviews on radio stations across North America related to biblical and non-biblical prophecies. These were all done over the telephone. A problem with telephone interviews is that you never know when the show will end (many are pre-recorded) and often the host cuts off or changes a subject, so normally there are clarifying comments I always try to add.

Anyway, the programs included:

Ron Muhammed The Talk Connection, WLTH 1370 am, Gary, Indiana, September 17, 2009
Rob McConnell, TalkStar Radio Network on AM / FM Radio Stations, Hamilton, Ontario (Canada), September 23, 2009
Robby Kendall WTXY 1540 Whiteville, North Carolina, September 24, 2009
Jerry Puffer, KSEN 1150 am Shelby, Montana September 25, 2009
98 Rock Morning Show, 97.9 Baltimore, Maryland, September 29, 2009
Mark Christopher, 770 KNEWS, Palm Springs, California, September 30, 2009
Robby Kendall WTXY 1540 Whiteville, North Carolina, October 2, 2009

09/29/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Davy Crockett:

Commentary: Broken pride 
Sadness does not fully convey the emotion I have experienced in recent days. As a patriotic citizen of the United States of America, one who has experienced the blessings showered upon this nation, I have seen the blessings our citizens have received since the founding of this country, seemingly evaporating before my eyes. Read more

09/28/09 a.m. I just received the following:

Please pass this on to all of our brethren. These people definately need God's intervention!
----- Original Message -----
From: Anton van der Byl
To: Anton
Sent: Sunday, September 27, 2009 3:12 AM
Subject: Prayer for Filipino brethren

Not sure if you have heard from HQ about this, but some of the brethren, including Mr Basilio Osillos and other families have been badly affected by the severe flooding in Manila yesterday.  They had one month's worth of rainfall in six hours!  Some of them don't have access to food & water because the roads are jam packed and the waters haven't yet subsided.  Although the rain has stopped.
Please pray for our Filipino brethren.

I posted about the flood last night (see Flooding in Manila, Philippines), but this is the first I heard how our members may have been affected.

09/26/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Wyatt Ciesielka:

Commentary: The last Pharaoh? 
You will soon become familiar with Tirhakah.  He was a mighty Egyptian pharaoh - a historic King of the South embroiled in incessant war with a historic King of the North.  Tirhakah will again become famous largely because Will Smith (of "Men in Black",  "Ali" and "Hitch" fame) intends to star in a movie "of epic proportions" about him.  But students of prophecy should be interested in Tirhakah for other reasons.  Read more

09/24/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Davy Crockett:

Commentary: Political Correctness 
It has become so pervasive that it impacts all levels of our society and impedes our communication with others. What is the point? Why has this worthless concept and practice become so prevalent? Read more

09/22/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Wallace Smith:

Commentary: International Day of Peace 
It has come to my attention that today - September 21, 2009 - is the 27th annual International Day of Peace, declared by the United Nations: a time to focus on "peacebuilding" and putting an end to war and conflict.  A noble idea, to be sure.  But in its celebration, will the essential ingredients to peace be discussed anywhere, by anyone? Let me contribute my own "2 cents" to Peace Day by reminding us all of this truth about humanity: Read more

09/20/09 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. Prior to it, is a special from Dr. Meredith where he mentions the membership growth, the economy, LCG income, the holy days, and holy day offerings. After that, Dr Winnail he mentions travels/lectures, a healing, a ministerial conference, New Zealand, a campout, some FOT annoucements, LU, world news items, and part of the meaning of the fall holy days.

Here is that last section:

The Fall Holy Days: Over the next several weeks we will observe the Fall Holy Days that picture the culminating events in God’s Great Plan of Salvation for all human beings. These days reveal how God is going to put an end to the deception and suffering in this world by sending Jesus Christ to banish Satan and set up the Kingdom of God on this earth, where the saints will reign with Christ for one thousand years. After this, all who have ever lived and died without knowing God’s plan will have the opportunity to learn God’s way of life (see Revelation 20). Although Satan has blinded the world to the meaning of these Holy Days, we need to remember that Jesus told His disciples, “blessed are your eyes for they see… because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been given” (Matthew 13:11-17). As we observe the Fall Holy Days, let’s rejoice and be deeply grateful to God for the incredible privilege we have been given to understand and prepare to participate in the fulfillment of these “great and precious promises” (2 Peter 1:2-4).

Some articles of possibly related interest may include:

Did Early Christians Observe the Fall Holy Days? Did they? Did Jesus? Should you?
The Book of Life and the Feast of Trumpets? Are they related? Is so how? If not, where not?
The Day of Atonement--Its Christian Significance The Jews call it Yom Kippur, Christians "The Day of Atonement". Does it have any relevance for Christians today?
The Feast of Tabernacles: A Time for Christians? Is this pilgrimage holy day still valid? Does it teach anything relevant for today's Christians? What is the Last Great Day? What do these days teach?
LCG 2009 Feast of Tabernacles' Information Here is information on many Feast of Tabernacles locations for this year.
Holy Day Calendar This is a listing of the biblical holy days through 2012, with their Roman calendar dates. They are really hard to observe if you do not know when they occur :)

Speaking of the Feast, this was also announced:

Feast of Tabernacles 2009
As a reminder, Opening Night will be on Friday night, October 2—only 15 days away, as of this writing!  The first day of the Feast of Tabernacles will be Saturday, October 3 (check with your local site coordinator to confirm times of services).  We at the Festival Office hope you all have safe travels and a profitable Feast.  Please remember in your prayers those who cannot attend the Feast.

Tours of Headquarters

For those who may want to tour the Headquarters facility in Charlotte, tours can be conducted before the Feast on September 29-30 and after the Feast on October 13-14 between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Reservations are not necessary.

I have updated my article LCG 2009 Feast of Tabernacles' Information like I normally do and believe that it contains the generally announced updates for all the sites.

09/17/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Davy Crockett:

Commentary: What's the use? 
"What's the use? Life is futile, nothing will turn out right." This really is a dumb and very sad idea. Many people have this approach to life and are overcome with a feeling of hopelessness and futility. And, this is not a new phenomenon. Read more

09/17/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Davy Crockett:

Commentary: A house divided 
"Unity" is a beautiful word.  For me, it has the connotation of strength, peace and tranquility.  It is great when a family, a business, a church or a nation is united, unified, hanging together, being of one mind. Imagine what can be accomplished when everyone is pulling in the same direction, pursuing compatible goals and pressing forward with a common purpose. There have only been rare glimpses of such a state of affairs in this country in my lifetime. Read more

09/15/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Davy Crockett:

"Animal Rights" - Treating animals like human beings 
So-called "animal rights activists" are aggressively promoting this incredibly dumb idea.  Carried out to the extreme, this cockamamie idea means to ascribe to animals the rights and privileges that human beings have. Read more

09/13/09 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions travels. a surgical recovery, two healings, Canada, Dublin, health and the FOT, dances and the FOT, swimwear, some FOT annoucements, world news items, and friendship.

Here is one of the world news items:

Disproving Darwin. Scientists at Duke University Medical Center in North Carolina recently completed research that contradicts Darwin’s suggestion that the human appendix is a “vestigial” or obsolete organ. For many decades, scientists and physicians have assumed that the appendix no longer has any use to the body, but is just an evolutionary artifact of our ancient, “plant-eating ancestors.” The recent research, however, indicates that the appendix not only may play a role in the body’s immune function, but may also be a storehouse for beneficial bacteria in the gut—repopulating the gut with beneficial bacteria following a bout of severe diarrhea. These findings, reported in the August 12, 2009 edition of the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, prompted one researcher to suggest, “Maybe it’s time to correct the textbooks” (, August 24, 2009). David knew his body was “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14) and not loaded with useless organs. The Apostle Paul observed that God is not a God of disorder (1 Corinthians 14:33 and that “the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness… For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse” (Romans 1:18, 20). As more evidence for God’s creation and evidence against man’s humanistic theories continues to emerge, the excuses for not believing in the Creator disappear. 

An article of related interest may be Is Evolution Probable or Impossible?

09/12/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Wyatt Ciesielka:

Commentary: Japan - and the United States and Great Britain in prophecy 
For those who understand that there is more to sustained financial recovery than the recent stock-market run-up, there are serious concerns about western nations' economic futures.  What do these worries have to do with Yukio Hatoyama and his "revolutionary" election victory to become Prime Minister of Japan?  And what does the Bible say about the eastern nations' rise and the western nations' demise at the time of the end? Read more

Some articles of possibly related interest may include:

Japan, Its Biblical Past and Future, Part 1: Any Witness? This is a brief article about Japan. Have they had any witness?
Japan, Its Biblical Past and Future, Part 2: Prophecy Japan in prophecy. What is prophesied for Japan? Will God save the Japanese?

Anglo - America in Prophecy & the Lost Tribes of Israel Are the Americans, Canadians, British, Scottish, Welsh, Australians, Anglo-Southern Africans, and New Zealanders descendants of Joseph? Where are the lost ten-tribes of Israel? Who are the lost tribes of Israel? Will God punish the U.S.A., Canada, United Kingdom, and other Anglo nations? Why might God allow them to be punished first?

09/10/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Wyatt Ciesielka:

Commentary: Jeremiah and prosperity preaching 
"Prosperity preachers" proclaim that God wants you to have material wealth and happiness ... now.  While positive thinking has its merits, does God promise prosperity, health and happiness for you in this life?  In the years ahead, this question, and the strength of your relationship with God and Jesus Christ, will become more profound than you may realize. Read more

09/08/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Ken Frank:

Commentary: The CB radio preacher 
I thought I had heard it all on the CB radio until the other day when an argument ensued after a preacher/trucker began proclaiming his message of salvation on Channel 19 - the CB channel used by truckers to get traffic and "Smokey" reports. Read more

09/06/09 a.m. Here is the latest update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions LU, a healing, LA wildfires, the TW lecture in Chicago, Ireland updates, Nigeria, Jamaica, some FOT annoucements, helping LCG via the internet, world news items, and not looking for the loose bricks.

The FOT updates are also included in LCG 2009 Feast of Tabernacles' Information and are all grouped with their respective FOT site.

Here is one of the world news items:

Irresponsible Stewardship. The South Gyre is an area of the Pacific Ocean 1,000 miles (1600 km) off the coast of California where oceanic currents and winds converge and deposit surface materials. This is also the location of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch—a “sprawling mass of garbage-littered water… where most of the plastic looks like snowy confetti against the deep blue of the north Pacific Ocean.” Researchers are unsure of the exact impact on ocean life, but some estimate that plastic rubbish is responsible for the death of at least 100,000 sea creatures annually. Thankfully, plastics are biodegradable. However, in breaking down, they give off toxins to the surrounding environment (AP, August 28, 2009). When God placed Adam and Eve in the Garden, He charged them with being responsible stewards of His creation—to tend and keep the garden (Genesis 2:15). Human beings have failed in this responsibility and hence the whole creation is groaning for a time when it will be delivered from this bondage to human sins (Romans 8:19-22). We need to be concerned and cry out on behalf of humanity and creation, “...Even so, come, Lord Jesus!” (Revelation 22:20).

09/05/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Davy Crockett:

Commentary: Give us a king! 
Here is another classic dumb idea of mankind. It all started right after the flood of Noah. You can read about it in Genesis 10:8-12. Nimrod, the great grandson of Noah, began to have people look to him for guidance and protection rather than relying on God. He built the first city-states and set the Babylonish pattern for mankind from that point on. Read more

09/03/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Davy Crockett:

Sex without responsibilities and without consequences 
Take a look at our society today. Sexual misconduct and sexual perversion is rampant. Movies, magazines, videos and the internet are dominated by sexually explicit content. Many thinking people are alarmed by the "sexualization" of so much of our society. Read more

09/01/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's James Sweat:

Commentary: To tend and keep... 
Whenever I visit my doctor - as reluctantly as that is - the nurse will inevitably take my vital signs, including my blood pressure.  In an effort to skew the results in my favor, I typically close my eyes to envision a warm, white sandy beach, and the sounds of surf on a pristine emerald shoreline as I sit under a beach umbrella, savoring the bouquet of an ice cold beverage!  Ahhhhh! Read more

08/30/09 a.m. Here is last week's update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions the increase in church attendance, TW lecture in Chicago, UK & Ireland updates, children's choir and other FOT annoucements, helping LCG via the internet, world news items, and keys to working together.

Here is one of the world news items:

Is a Middle-Eastern Army Coming? Recently, Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei “called on Muslim nations around the world to unite militarily in response to the imminent coming of the Islamic Messiah or Savior—the Mahdi. Khamenei, through his spokesman Ali Saeedi, “specifically beckoned the nations of Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan and Afghanistan to join together with Iran in preparation for the Mahdi’s soon coming,” and unite against the U.S. and Israel. Saeedi emphasized that “obedience to the Ayatollah is the same as obedience to the Mahdi or the ‘guided one’—who is the prophesied savior of Islam” (, August 19, 2009). Just who will “head” a united Arab group remains to be seen. However, the call to establish a united Arab army is sobering indeed. God revealed through the prophet Daniel that, at the time of the end, a militaristic king of the south would arise and push against its counterpart, the king of the north (see Daniel 11). A king of the north with military potential appears to be forming in Europe. Now signs are appearing that a king of the south may soon begin to form. Shia Muslims believe that they can “usher in” the return of their “Muslim Messiah,” or Mahdi, through violence and the spread of Islam throughout the world. The Ayatollah’s recent exhortation is motivated by his belief in this philosophy. Bible prophecies are coming to pass.

Information of possibly related interest is included in the article Is There A Future King of the South?

08/29/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Scott Winnail:

Commentary: Will there ever be real Clone Wars? 
A few decades ago, a virtually unknown screenwriter created a nine-part, feature-length saga, telling of an intergalactic fight between good and evil. The screen writer, George Lucas, shot to stardom virtually overnight with the release of his blockbuster film Star Wars, over 30 years ago. Read more

08/25/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Davy Crockett:

Commentary: What, me worry? 
Remember the old MAD Magazine character, Alfred E. Neuman, whose line was "What, me worry?" It was a humorous spoof making light of the need to worry about anything. Worry is a mental exercise that all of us engage in, though some more than others. It doesn't produce anything. It uses up valuable time and resources, and it doesn't give us joy or peace of mind. Read more

08/23/09 a.m. Here is last week's update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions the telecast, LU, a healing, the Bible course, Canadian updates, TW lecture in Chicago, children's choir and other FOT annoucements, world news items, and skills that promote teamwork.

The FOT updates are also in LCG 2009 Feast of Tabernacles' Information.

Here is one of the world news items:

More Earthquakes. On August 11, two major earthquakes struck in the Orient, killing several and injuring dozens. The first, a magnitude 7.6 quake struck India’s Andaman Islands. The second, a 6.6 magnitude quake, struck Japan, prompting officials to wonder if this quake is a precursor to a “major tremblor.” Residents in both locations panicked and ran into the streets recalling the 2004 tsunami that struck the region, killing more than 200,000 people (AP, August 11, 2009). Two days later, another earthquake struck off the coast of Japan, this time a magnitude 6.5 (Wall Street Journal, August 14, 2009). This Tuesday, another magnitude 7.1 quake struck 200 miles from Japan, shaking Tokyo and the surrounding areas (Los Angeles Times, August 18, 2009). The Pacific Rim countries are particularly earthquake prone. Should a major quake hit the densely populated areas in many of these nations, catastrophic death could result. Jesus warned that “earthquakes in diverse places” would be one sign that we are nearing the end of the age and, in fact, will be just the “beginning of sorrows” (Matthew 24:7-8). Students of Scripture will be paying close attention to world events so they are not caught off guard when the prophesied “signs” appear in abundance.

08/22/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Davy Crockett:

Commentary: Justice or travesty? 
It was the trip of a lifetime. Here we were, touring Scotland after spending some time in Ireland and England. Along the way, with our host, we made a stop that was not on our itinerary--Lockerbie, Scotland. As my wife and I perused the items in the small museum last year, it was a poignant reminder of the tragic downing of Pan American Airlines Flight 103 on December 21, 1988. The horror of the bombing sunk in... Read more

08/20/09 p.m Here is last week's update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions the telecast, LU, encouraging news from Germany, the Caribbean, South African telecast results, world news items, and the value of counsel.

I have been out-of-town for a week which is why there have been less updates on this page.

08/20/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Davy Crockett:

Commentary: Something to count on 
Nothing is worthy of respect. Nothing is sacred. There are no absolutes. Humankind must make its own way. Read more

08/11/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Davy Crockett:

Commentary: A bigger bite 
I am not a tax protester. But, as a citizen, I am a tax payer.  As such, I find all the talk about the government at all levels taking "a bigger bite" in taxes - as one commentator called it -very unsettling. We are told increases are needed to pay for the various stimulus programs and to cover the incredible deficits resulting from declining tax revenues.The effects of the recession (depression?) as well as increased spending for massive bailouts and entitlement program are having a huge negative impact. Read more

08/02/09 a.m. Here is a link to the latest LCG World Ahead Weekly Update from Dr. Winnail. It first begins with two updates from Dr. Meredith related to the Council of Elders and church attendance. Dr. Winnail then mentions various tapings, a healing, Arkansas lecture, Philippines update, Sri Lanka update, LU, world news items, and proving your beliefs.

Here is the one related to LU:

Living University 

Living University classes begin one week from this coming Monday—on Monday, August 17. For those interested in enhancing their Bible knowledge and learning directly from some of God’s long-time Bible teachers, now is the time to register for classes. The cost of a three-credit course is minimal when compared to colleges and universities of the world, but the spiritual benefits to you will be tremendous! For those who are NOT interested in pursuing a college degree, but who ARE interested in furthering personal understanding, our Open Learning program is just for you.  

THL 111—Biblical Writing Basics: As we prepare to be teachers in God’s Kingdom and work to develop and put into practice our God-given talents today, we must be able to effectively communicate our thoughts and ideas both orally and in a written manner. Additionally, as you desire to improve yourself and use Living University to help you grow spiritually, you will be asked to express what you learn though the “written word.” In order to become a more powerful instrument in God’s hands (Romans 6:13) and be more successful in your future LU courses, it is important to develop good writing skills. This course is designed to help you improve your writing skills, so that you can more clearly articulate and teach God’s Way and His principles to others and become a more valuable asset to God’s end-time Work.  

For more information and to register for classes, please visit our website at For additional questions call Dr. Scott Winnail at 1-704-844-1960, ext. 304.  

08/08/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Wallace Smith:

Commentary: Hoping your President is a liar? Really? 
A recent Best of the Web Today feature on the Wall Street Journal's website (8/3/2009) had a great section titled "Cynicism: The New Trust" that I found fascinating.  It discussed the fact that some actually seem to want hypocrisy in their leadership, in particular at this time, in the American Presidency. Read more

08/06/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Adam West:

Commentary: Can mankind cheat death? 
Many scientists consider stem cell research as the hope for sparking healing and regeneration in degenerative organs. They are researching potential applications for limb regeneration, cancer, Alzheimer's disease, and other chronic ailments. Can stem cell research solve mankind's ailments? Could the elusive "fountain of youth" be waiting just around the corner? Read more

08/04/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Adam West:

Commentary: Do you have habitual joy? 
You've undoubtedly heard the adage: "We're all creatures of habit." What about you? Are you experiencing joy from positive, quality, healthy habits that bring happiness to your life? Or, are you trapped by vicious negative habits and destructive behaviors which rob you of a joy-filled life? Do you want to change? There is hope! God has given you free moral agency - you have the power to choose to change. Read on and learn how. Read more

08/02/09 a.m. Here is a link to the latest LCG World Ahead Weekly Update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions travels, LU, an Caribbean update, a Kenyan update, Philippines update, public lectures, a camping trip, a September music weekend in Missouri, world news items, and the heart.

Here is one of the world news items:

Further from the Truth. The leader of the Episcopal Church (United States), Katherine Jefferts Schori, recently labeled the overt focus on personal salvation in modern Christianity as “The Great Western Heresy.” She further stated this actually replaces what God is all about (AP, July 9, 2009). These comments come on the heels of her church fully admitting practicing homosexual men and women into its ministry. Both actions have caused a rift that is fueling an exodus from the church and may drive some, ultimately, back to Roman Catholicism. God warned long ago that when shepherds fail to “feed the flock” their sheep will be “scattered” and become “food for all the beasts of the field” (Ezekiel 34: 1-5). This is happening today as many church leaders fail to teach people to live by “every word of God” (Luke 4:4). Today, many religious leaders lack a clear knowledge of the Scriptures and are therefore leading people to moral and spiritual destruction (Hosea 4:6). It is sobering to see sincere people being misled by their spiritual leaders. Yet, it is exciting to know that Jesus Christ is going to return to “restore all things” in the coming Kingdom of God (Acts 3:19-21).

08/01/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Eddie Breaux:

Commentary: Don't work too hard? 
I was talking to a friend the other day and, as we closed our conversation, he made this statement to me: "Don't work too hard." As I began to think about his statement, I wondered what is wrong with hard work and how did hard work become vilified in our modern society? Isn't hard work the means of achievement? Read more

07/30/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Davy Crockett:

Commentary: A living look at life 
A national survey of young people concerning their hopes, dreams and aspirations revealed a rather shocking fact. Most youngsters today want to become celebrities. Read more

07/28/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Davy Crockett:

Commentary: It is your time 
In the human experience there is a great equalizer. No matter who we are, rich or poor, or somewhere in between, everyone has the same amount of it. It is what your life is made of. Read more

07/26/09 a.m. Here is a link to the latest LCG World Ahead Weekly Update from Dr. Winnail. It mentions the TW telecast going on prime time in Canada, travels, an Australasian update, a Philippines update, radio in Chile, a September music weekend in Missouri, Twitter success, world news items, and the foundations of friendship.

Here is one of the world news items:

High Places Brought Low. Around the globe, luxury hotels are powerful icons of American power and wealth. Last Friday, two American-based luxury hotels were bombed in the business district of Jakarta, Indonesia. The blasts erupted in the Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels. Authorities suspect suicide bombers in these bloody acts that initially killed nine people and wounded fifty (AP, July 17, 2009). Long ago, God warned that due to the sins of the Israelite-descended nations, “I will destroy your high places, cut down your incense altars, and cast your carcasses on the lifeless forms of your idols: and My soul shall abhor you” (Leviticus 26:30). Today, luxury hotels are literally “high places” that often tower above urban landscapes. They are visible symbols of wealth and opulence that are frequently located in nations and among peoples who live in real poverty. These towering luxury hotels are constant reminders of what many do not have and what a small number of affluent people are able to enjoy. It is encouraging to know that Jesus Christ in going to return to this earth and establish a Kingdom of peace and justice for all mankind (Isaiah 9:6-7). He will bless and bring abundance to the nations that choose to obey Him (Isaiah 60:1-12). Do you see the need and are you earnestly praying for that day—“Thy Kingdom come”?

07/25/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's TW News Bureau:

Commentary: North America's Worsening Drought 
The state of Texas is fast becoming the United States' poster child for drought of "biblical" proportions. Austin--the state's capital--and nearby San Antonio have in the last 22 months experienced the driest weather on record since the extraordinary drought that occurred in 1954-56. People's lives and livelihoods are being devastated, and billions of dollars have been lost. Read more

07/23/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Dr. Jeffrey Fall:

Commentary: Dangers of visual immorality 
Today in our society, we seem to be inundated with visual images of human sexuality. You see it everywhere: ads in the newspaper, scenes on television and in movies, magazines, the Internet, and on the street--people wearing tight or skimpy clothing that screams, "Look at me!" It all encourages roving eyes and roving minds. Is all this perfectly harmless, or does it have a potential impact that is harmful if left unchecked? Read more

07/21/09 p.m. Here is some information from the latest co-worker letter by Dr. Meredith:

     As if to underline the growing assault on the true God and His inspired Word, President Barack Obama punctuated his first 100 days in office with a proclamation honoring Gay Pride Month (June in the United States). He noted, “LGBT [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender] Americans have made, and continue to make, great and lasting contributions that continue to strengthen the fabric of American society… I am proud to be the first President to appoint openly LGBT candidates to Senate-confirmed positions in the first 100 days of an Administration" (, June 1, 2009). Yet, God commands, “Cry aloud, spare not; lift up your voice like a trumpet; tell My people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins” (Isaiah 58:1). God is not pleased with our increasing rejection of His ways (Isaiah 59:1-9). Although we must never harbor hatred or hostile feelings toward sinners themselves, as Christ gave the example (John 8:1-11), we must never forget how God views sin—and we must flee from that sin (1 Corinthians 6:18, Revelation 21:8). If we do not, God promises there will be serious consequences!

      Even after starting this letter, the following news came from the Associated Press in today’s local paper:  “Episcopalians on Tuesday declared gays and lesbians eligible for ‘any ordained ministry’ in a vote expected to upset world Anglican leaders who had sought a clear moratorium on consecrating another gay bishop. Episcopal leaders insisted they were still committed to membership in the Anglican Communion. Some Anglican leaders, however, predicted the vote would break their fellowship…. The 77 million member Anglican Communion is the third-largest grouping of churches worldwide, behind Roman Catholic and Orthodox Christian churches” (Charlotte Observer, July 15, 2009).

     God is not mocked! As most of the world turns increasingly away from the true God—the Creator God and His laws—more and more such headlines will come with increasing frequency.

        In particular, the descendents of the “Lost Ten Tribes”—the modern descendents of the House of Israel are specifically promised to be the primary focus of the Great Tribulation. As we have explained to you many times, God promised millennia ago that He would “break the pride of your power” (Leviticus 26:19). He is now doing this by bringing down our military strength—we are being stretched far too thin all over the world in often useless and misguided wars. In addition, He is certainly breaking the other pillar of American strength and prestige—the financial power and the “American way of life” which we have enjoyed for so long. The Germans were crushed in World War I and again in World War II. But they are quietly watching America’s demise and are strengthening themselves. From one of the major German newspapers—in this case Spiegel Online—Gabor Steingart writes, “Ex-President Bush was nothing if not zealous in his worldwide campaign against terror, transgressing human rights and breaking international law along the way. Now, Obama is displaying the same zeal in his own war against the financial crisis—and his weapon of choice is the money-printing machine. The rules the new American president is breaking are those which govern the economy. Nobody is being killed. But the strategy comes at a price—and that price might be America's position as a global power” (June 25, 2009, emphasis ours).

      Dear brethren and co-workers, literally scores of articles have come out in magazines and papers all over the world powerfully warning about this “money-printing machine” that the Americans are misusing. The “price” for this confused effort will indeed be “America’s position as a global power” as the above article clearly indicates. May God help all of us wake up and realize that we are truly near the end of the American way of life as we have known it. Our circumstances—and even our governmental institutions—are being changed dramatically. True religion is also under assault. God is under assault. Satan the Devil, of course, is behind all of this—and often uses misguided human beings who sometimes “think” they are doing good while they continue to break His laws and bring down America and the British people as has been prophesied for so long.

You can click here for the complete letter.

07/21/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Wyatt Ciesielka:

Abortion, economics, and Ireland's dilemma 
Ireland rejected the Lisbon treaty in 2008, and Eurocrats are again near despair over another potential Irish "no vote."  The Beast is growing, and it wants Ireland.  Consequently, Brussels' bureaucrats are paying lip service to Irish demands on military neutrality, taxation autonomy and anti-abortion laws.  Ireland can gain economic advantage and, in return, Europe requests Ireland's sovereignty, its future, and its children.  How will Ireland decide? Read more

More information on abortion can be found in the article Abortion, the Bible, and a Woman's Right to Choose.

07/19/09 a.m. Here is a link to the latest LCG World Ahead Weekly Update from Dr. Winnail. It mentions the moral slide of the USA, travels, a healing, Living University registration, the telecast results from CW-Plus Network and ION Network, 2012 taping, disaster relief,, income, world news items, and the value of education.

Here is what he wrote on the value of education:

The Value of Education: Over the years, some have concluded that worldly education is of little value to true Christians. Since Satan is the god of this world, and we are to come out of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4; 6:14-18), some have assumed that getting an education in this world is ungodly and/or a waste of time. Such ideas overlook the fact that God used individuals in powerful ways who were schooled in this world. Moses was raised as a prince in Egypt and was “learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians” (Acts 7:22). Solomon was knowledgeable in many areas (1 Kings 4:32-34), and he collected wise sayings in the book of Proverbs. Daniel was one of a group of intelligent young Jewish captives who were educated in Babylon before they were used by God (Daniel 1:3-4). Paul studied at the feet of Gamaliel, the leading rabbi of his day, before being used by God to write 14 books in the New Testament. Numerous studies show that more education results in larger incomes. Education also enables Christians to provide better for their families. Christians who understand the Truth of God and the plan of God should take advantage of opportunities to gain an education that will help them prepare to serve others more effectively now and in the coming Kingdom of God. This is one of the reasons for developing Living University—to help God’s people prepare for the future.

07/18/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG'sWallace Smith:

Commentary: 2012: The Hype and the Truth 
As my wife and I walked into the local cinema, before us stood one of the largest movie advertisement displays I've ever seen.  It depicted a coastal city being completely ripped apart by unprecedented seismic activity--tossing vast swaths of the city into the sky and dumping entire neighborhoods into a hungry ocean.  It was a scene of utter devastation that clearly would have taken the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.  And it was a fitting advertisement for the movie 2012, the new End-Of-The-World epic written and directed by Roland Emmerich, coming out this November. Read more

Those interested in learning more about 2012 may also wish to read the article End of Mayan Calendar 2012--Might 2012 Mean Something?

07/16/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Rand Millich:

Commentary: Amnesia 
Once the nation of the United States of America was established, what role did religion play in the years following? Was there a wall of separation between religion and the state? Many believe that the founding fathers delivered the nation from the influence of religion and the Bible. Let us examine the facts. Read more

07/12/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Ray Clore:

Commentary: To Search Out a Matter 
Media bias is a common topic for discussion in the U.S. This problem is not confined to the U.S. however. Some time ago I visited a major journalism school in Bordeaux, France, and asked what the students were learning. Among other things, the Director said the school taught that there was "no such thing as objective reality." He said that since reporters could only see a slice of reality, their reporting was necessarily subjective, meaning it was affected by the reporter's background, point of view and philosophy. Read more

07/12/09 a.m. Here is a link to the latest LCG World Ahead Weekly Update from Dr. Winnail. It begins with a letter from Dr. Meredith which discusses his health, income, and Council matters. Dr. Winnail reports mentions the Pope, the telecast, disaster relief, LYC, more on the public Bible lecture in Temple (Texas), Jamaica, Living University registration, FOT updates, world news items, and the value of wisdom.

Note: I try to regularly update the article LCG 2009 Feast of Tabernacles' Information with the pertinent information (including the updates this week) and it should be current.

Here is one of the world news items:

Shepherds of Israel—Misguided Leaders.  In a “Gay Pride” fundraising speech, British Tory leader David Cameron apologized on behalf of his Conservative party for 1980s legislation banning homosexuality promotion in public schools. Mr. Cameron also stated “The Conservatives had the first woman prime minister and we are bound to have the first black prime minister and the first gay prime minister.” A former Tory leader accused Mr. Cameron of responding to focus group findings with his speech to gain votes (Daily Mail, July 2, 2009). President Obama also recently put down conservative Americans at a White House “LGBT Pride” reception, saying “There are still fellow citizens… who still hold fast to worn arguments and old attitudes [about homosexuality being wrong]” (AP, June 30, 2009). This speech won him greater support among the “gay vote.” God warned that at the end of the age, people would label sin as good and righteousness as evil (Isaiah 5:20). He also predicted that the leaders of the land would lead, not with righteousness, but in order to “feed themselves” (Ezekiel 34:1-6). Christ taught that we should not hate or despise any person (Matthew 5:43-48) and that we are to love all of our fellow human beings, regardless of their sins. However, He also taught that the Israelite-descended nations would ultimately be punished for their outright rejection of truth and righteousness (Hosea 4:6). With the moral decay of society and the lack of moral fortitude in our modern leaders, it certainly appears that we are approaching the end of the age! 

07/09/09 p.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Martin Fannin:

Commentary: Solution to man's problems 
Man is facing a multitude of problems for which he has no solution! Who is responsible for these problems? In the ultimate sense, Satan is responsible for the problems through his deception. Read more

07/07/09 p.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Wyatt Ciesielka:

Commentary: From recession, to depression, to slavery 
After a brutal hammering, global stock markets are on track for their best rebound in 20 years and talk of economic recovery is becoming more common.  However, unfortunately, the reality is that more than ever before, America and Britain risk rapid economic collapse.  What is really happening on the world economic front ... and why? Read more

07/05/09 a.m. Here is a link to the latest LCG World Ahead Weekly Update from Dr. Winnail. In it, he mentions increased telecast responses, Living University registration, the reunion of the Belgians/Northern French, a successful public Bible lecture in Temple (Texas), a German update, South African & UK update, LYC, world news items, and being cautious about critical opinions.

Here is one of the world news items:

Younger Generations Are Increasingly Godless.  Penguin Books recently completed a survey of 1,000 British teenagers. Findings show that 66% of teens did not believe there is a God, 50% never prayed, 47% believe that organized religion no longer has a place in the world, and 59% believed religion has had a negative influence on the world. Conversely, many teenagers rated the importance of family, friends, money, music and even reality TV shows above faith (Mail Online, June 22, 2009). God commanded parents and grandparents to teach new generations about God and His laws, “lest you forget” (Deuteronomy 4:9). God also directed parents to teach their children throughout the day and that godly education should be a central tenet of family life (Deuteronomy 6:6-9). However, many parents do not directly teach their children but, instead, entrust this important task to schools, day care centers, television and the media. These findings from British teens are sobering, but not surprising. In a world where many religions foment and inflame nations, and where children grow up without witnessing the power of God in their lives, is it any wonder that most do not even believe there is a God? It is important to realize that this time of godlessness among our youth will soon come to an end. Jesus Christ is going to return and usher in a time when the hearts of parents and children will again be turned toward each other as the fabric of society is repaired (Malachi 4:4-6). 

07/04/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Scott Winnail:

Prophetic trouble in the wake of a burst real estate bubble 
The median US home price has fallen over 21% from its peak in 2007 - that is, on average, more than $56,000 per home. Simultaneously, the value of the US dollar has fallen against many world currencies, prompting more than one nation to voice the observation, "America is for sale!" Read more

07/02/09 a.m. Here is the latest commentary by LCG's Tom Turner:

Commentary: Has Madoff, "Made-off"? 
Bernard Madoff, a name once connected with integrity, wealth, admiration and opportunity, is now sullied; the now-infamous Wall Street swindler having been convicted for a fraud so massive, words fail to do it justice. Read more

I have been out of town and unable to post to this page which is why the two updates were a bit late.

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