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Monks Valley, Cappadochia, Turkey (Pexels)


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Christian Monks?

What is a monk? Is this something Christians should strive to attain? What does the Jewish ‘Temple Institute’ teach? What about the Hebrew scriptures? What about the New Testament? What was the one thing that God said related to the creation in the 2nd chapter of the Book of Genesis that was not good? What did Jesus teach about one’s light shining and burying one’s talent? Are there both physical and spiritual monks? Are Christians to live as monks or serve others? When does the Church of Rome teach that monasticism started in the West? Are tonsures, such as those worn by priests of the Egyptian god Isis and the sun-god Mithra condemned in the Book of Leviticus? What did Jesus warn end-time Christians? How are Christians supposed to live? Do Philadelphian Christians have the type of love to support the fulfillment of Jesus’ commissions in Matthew 24:14 and Matthew 28:19-20? Where is Monks Valley, Cappadocia? What work should you support? Are ‘independent Christians’ like spiritual monks? What is your purpose? Steve Dupuie and Dr. Thiel address these issues.

Here is a link to our video: Christian Monks?

The Bible shows that Christians are to love their neighbors, which means that they would tend to have neighbors to love and assist. Including ones that do not profess Christ. A monastic lifestyle looks to be in conflict with that.

Sadly, many who claim Christianity do NOT hold to its original teachings. And many end time Christians also do not hold to the right teachings when it comes to loving others.

Do not be like them.

God has a plan for you! Do not sell yourself short by living as a physical or spiritual monk.

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