Sermon: Nazarenes: Christians or Heretics?

History of Early Christianity


The Continuing Church of God put out the following sermon which is at its ContinuingCOG channel::

The term ‘Nazarene’ was applied to early Christians by the Jews. It was also derisively applied to ‘separatist’ Christians who held to the Sabbath, biblical holy days, were binitarian, taught three resurrections, and believed in the millennium? Were the Nazarenes the same or different than the Ebionites when it came to the virgin birth and deity of Jesus? Were the Nazarenes ‘proto-orthodox,’ heretical, or original Christians? Did they trace themselves back to the original apostles? Were the Nazarenes ‘stunted Christians’ because they did not accept certain restrictions and declarations of human councils? What have Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant scholars reported? Does the Continuing Church of God still hold to the original ‘Nazarene Christian’ beliefs?

Here is another link to the sermon: Nazarenes: Christians or Heretics?

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