A Year Ago, COGWA Reported Thousands, Yet UCG Still Remains


One  year ago, Church of God, a Worldwide Association (COGWA, a UCG break-away group) reported the following:

January 8, 2011 – Approximately 400 people assembled in the ballroom of the Galt House in Louisville, Kentucky, for the Sabbath service in connection with the organizing conference of the Church of God, a Worldwide Association. Thousands more were connected via webcasts and phone lines…

Around that time, I was receiving emails from a few COGWA supporters that indicated that they felt that the United Church of God would sustain such losses from the COGWA split that perhaps UCG would almost not exist.

A year later, UCG is still around as is COGWA.  On the Sabbath of 12/24/11, we had a few visitors at LCG services in our area who were from UCG.  Their comments basically were that there were no significant doctrinal differences between UCG and COGWA, but that UCG was more effective in its public proclamation efforts than COGWA.

I concurred.

Because of the limited differences between those groups, it would not surprise me that if there is enough time until the Great Tribulation begins that many in those groups may decide to get together again.  Though there is still too much hostility between some of the leaders of both groups for this to happen.

I also received an email from an LCG member who happened to visit a COGWA congregation on 12/24/11 as he was traveling.  Basically he told me that the group he met with really did not care if they were part of UCG or COGWA.  Thus, this suggests that if time heals some of the wounds, perhaps the two groups will realize that they really have a lot in common–and no, I have no facts about possible mergers between the two groups–my comments are simply observations.

As I wrote last year, it is my view that those affected by this crisis who wish to support a more effective gospel-proclaiming organization will consider checking out LCG, as it has stood for proper church governance and the work since its foundation (which preceded its formation).

It is still decision time for those who have been affiliated with UCG/COGWA as LCG continues to be more effective in public proclamation than both groups combined based upon television responses and baptisms as far as I have been able to tell.

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