Cartwright’s Journal out: COGaIC crisis, Aaron Dean and CGI, and the Canon


The latest issue (#157, print date December 31, 2013) of The Journal was sent out electronically and just received.  And it includes 2014 news items.  The three items that caught my attention were about the problems associated with COGaIC, Aaron Dean & CGI, and the canon.  Plus two others related to two other men.

The main coverage had to do with problems associated with David Hulme’s COGaIC (sometimes abbreviated CGIC in The Journal):

David Hulme disfellowships S. Andrews; P. Nathan quits

By David Havir

David Hulme, president of the Church of God an International Community (CGIC), headquartered in Pasadena, Calif., disfellowshipped Steven Andrews. Mr. Andrews served the CGIC as corporate secretary- treasurer, chief financial officer and general counsel.

In a “letter of concern” dated Nov. 13, 2013, Mr. Andrews addressed a variety of subjects with Mr. Hulme…In a letter to CGIC members dated Dec. 7, 2013, Mr. Hulme announced the resignation of Mr. Nathan. “It is with much regret that I write to let you know that Mr. Peter Nathan has resigned from the employment of the Church,” Mr. Hulme wrote. “ We had a conversation on Monday, December 2 . . . “It appears that Mr. Nathan has developed differing views on government in the Church. I pointed out to him that his views are incompatible with the Church’s teaching and it became clear that he could not continue in his role as church pastor…

Mr. Andrews addressed other concerns in his letter. He mentioned an incident in which Mr. Hulme supported an elder who refused to bless a child at a CGIC service, because the family did not regularly attend the CGIC.

Gospel emphasis

Mr. Andrews wrote that he had misgivings about Mr. Hulme’s policies concerning preaching the gospel. He questioned Mr. Hulme’s emphasis on a “literary” approach in the CGIC’s magazine Vision, an approach that Mr. Armstrong had criticized years earlier.

“Surely you remember Mr. Armstrong’s public repentance with respect to [two defunct WCG magazines] Human Potential and Quest,” Mr. Andrews wrote. “He labeled [them] as a misdirection and a misuse of God’s tithes because they exalted human achievement and humanist efforts. They did nothing to advance the gospel and Mr. Armstrong ceased to publish them.” View of human nature Mr. Andrews expressed his disagreement with his perception of Mr. Hulme’s view of human nature, sin, evil and repentance. He criticized Mr. Hulme for seeming to entertain the idea that human nature isn’t evil and that man can come up with morally correct ideas apart from the Bible.

I have claimed for 15 years or so that COGaIC had problems with governance, gospel proclamation, and its Vision.  It is good that Steven Andrews finally agreed on some of those points.


Here is something else related to COGaIC from The Journal:

Nine ministers leaving CGIC hold organizational conference

Several people who until recently were members of the Church of God an International Community (CGIC), headed by David Hulme and headquartered in Pasadena, Calif., convened a ministerial conference on Dec. 30, 2013. Information about the meeting was posted at a Web site recently set up by the conferees. The site ( posted a summary statement:

“Nine ministers and their wives gathered together in conference December 30, 2013, through January 3, 2014.

“The retreat focused on: the need for a proper understanding of the governance established by our Creator and our Father through the family relationship, and the need for reconciliation between the ministry and the members or flock that our Father has called.

Some of that conference was covered at the COGwriter website earlier (see COGaIC shake-up leading to another group?).  Based upon what I have read, the breakaway group  is not trying to promote biblical governance, and I would advise them (and others) to carefully and prayfully study the article The Bible, Peter, Paul, John, Polycarp, Herbert W. Armstrong, Roderick C. Meredith, and Bob Thiel on Church Government.

As reported here several hours ago, Brian Orchard is planning on giving a sermon tomorrow in Livermore, California  (see Former COGaIC leaders to have Bible Study today, Sabbath services tomorrow) for what appears to be a new group, which would be a COGaIC split.

From the beginning, COGaIC also seemed to downplay and not properly understand aspects of end-time prophecy.

If those who were once part of COGaIC form a new group or remain part of COGaIC, there is no way that they will have the proper form of church governance nor proper priority when it comes to gospel proclamation.  How many years will people put up with Laodicean groups that cannot possibly hold the Philadelphia mantle?

Sadly, for most once part of the old WCG, apparently for decades.  Remember Jesus’ words:

14 “And to the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write,

‘These things says the Amen, the Faithful and True Witness, the Beginning of the creation of God:  15 “I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot.  16 So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth.  17 Because you say, ‘I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing’ — and do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked —   18 I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined in the fire, that you may be rich; and white garments, that you may be clothed, that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed; and anoint your eyes with eye salve, that you may see.  19 As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Therefore be zealous and repent.  20 Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.  21 To him who overcomes I will grant to sit with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne.

22 “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”‘”  (Revelation 3:14-22)

Now is the time for those once part of COGaIC to truly make the bold and proper move to .  It is likely that few will, but those associated with that should ask themselves if they truly want to support the COG that is leading the final phase of the work or be satisfied with a lot less.  It is decision time, again for those part or once part of COGaIC.  Can they not see that if they keep going the way that they have that it will fail as well?

See also:

The Philadelphia Church Era was predominant circa 1933 A.D. to 1986 A.D. The old Radio Church of God and old Worldwide Church of God, now basically the most faithful in the Church of God, like who hold to the beliefs and practices of the Continuing Church of God.
The Laodicean Church Era has been predominant circa 1986 A.D. to present. These are non-Philadelphians who mainly descended from the old WCG.
The Final Phase of the Work What is the final phase of the work? Who will lead it? Do you have the courage to support it? Here is a related YouTube video titled The Final Phase of the Work.
Leading the Final Phase of the Work Matthew 24:14 will be fulfilled. Who is leading the final phase of the work? What did Herbert Armstrong and the old WCG teach about that and about prophets? Does Bob Thiel meet the criteria that the Bible and the old WCG set? What is the proof? What has the Continuing Church of God been doing? This is a sermonette length video.
Church of God, an International Community (COG aic) This is the group led by David Hulme.

Aaron Dean and CGI

The Journal also reported about UCG’s Aaron Dean and CGI:

CGI invites Aaron Dean to speak at its HQ

Aaron Dean of Cincinnati, Ohio, informed THE JOURNAL that the United Church of God (UCG), of which he is a member, is finding ways to cooperate with the Tyler-based Church of God International.

One of the ways the cooperation manifested recently was Mr. Dean, who serves as the UCG’s international adviser, speaking Nov. 30, 2013, to the headquarters congregation of the Church of God International (CGI). The two churches are also cooperating to help victims of the typhoon in the Philippines in November. Mr. Dean, an elder and former UCG treasurer, said the two churches are also seeking other ways to cooperate with each other…

Mr. Dean said both church organizations are interested in “preaching the gospel” and serving church members…“The current UCG administration feels comfortable in giving and receiving cooperation from other church groups who serve the brethren.”

Aaron Dean got in some hot water years ago for speaking to a non-UCG group years ago.  After the trouble surfaced, he asked me what I thought.  I told him that I would speak to people of whatever group if my schedule allowed for it and I thought it would be helpful.  He basically said that was his view as well.  He and I still share that view.  As far as CGI goes, it does not seem to be growing, and its main base has long seemed to be Ian Boyne in Jamaica.

There were the usual letters to the editor and advertisements, various comments and complaints about a sex article and related matters, articles about church structure, an article about prophets, winter weekends, and Feast reports.

The Canon

The Journal also reported additional thoughts about the canon with an article titled Why not just ask God about the canon? by John SashThose interested in the canon may find the following articles of interest:

The Old Testament Canon This article shows from Catholic accepted writings, that the Old Testament used by non-Roman Catholics and non-Orthodox churches is the correct version.

The New Testament Canon – From the Bible and History This article, shows from the Bible and supporting historical sources, why the early Church knew which books were part of the Bible and which ones were not.

Other Items

Also in The Journal there were the usual letters to the editor and advertisements, various comments, and additional complaints about a sex article that, in my view, never should have been printed there.

The following death was reported:

BELMORE, N.S.W., Australia—Henk Jens, 79, of Belmore, Australia, died Dec. 17, 2013, of natural causes. Mr. Jens was a longtime Church of God member and regular writer of articles that appeared every issue in the CONNECTIONS section of THE JOURNAL.

I believe Henk Jens emailed me a few times in the past, but I knew little about him.  I normally do not read the CONNECTIONS section of The Journal as it is paid advertising that often promotes heresy.  But, I do not recall what Henk Jens wrote.

Also, the following concerning PCG’s Gerald Flurry was reported in The Journal:

EDMOND, Okla.—Philadelphia Church of God (PCG) Pastor General Gerald Flurry, 78, fainted while giving a sermon to his church’s headquarters congregation the Sabbath of Jan. 4, 2014. After awakening not long after he lost consciousness, Mr. Flurry was anointed by his son, Stephen Flurry. According to a press release from the PCG, Mr. Flurry’s fainting spell interrupted his sermon about a “new revelation from Ezekiel.”

I have heard that Gerald Flurry has had health issues, including the fainting above.  I would simply also state that I do not believe that God was giving him a new revelation about Ezekiel.

The Journal itself is available by paid subscription (though Dixon Cartwright says some subscriptions are free to those who cannot afford it) and often tends to take a non-Philadelphian era view of certain church matters.


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