Aaron Dean: HWA did not change the policy on D&R to marry Ramona Martin

Aaron Dean


A reader (not part of CCOG or LCG) sent me the following about one of the many false rumors about the late Herbert W. Armstrong a few days ago:

from Aaron Dean: Hello All, …

Other examples are things I read are about HWA changing D&R so he could marry Ramona.  My first trip in May June ’74 took me all over Europe and the Middle East. It was supposed to be 3 weeks, but 6 weeks later I had to fly back from Paris to get married to Michelle.  Anyway, Ramona had become Gotoh’s secretary doing set up for him. She had to bring him something and we were in Madrid. She couldn’t get a flight to Paris (our next stop) so Gotoh asked SRR if she could fly with us.  HWA saw her on the plane, and asked “Who is the lady flying with us.”  I gave him her name, and he said, “Didn’t she used to be the PBX operator at the switchboard in the 1960’s whose husband had left her with a baby?”  At that point he went back to talk to her and became attracted, mostly because he had been kept away from almost anyone since his wife died and he was travelling all the time. (The G-2 logs show we were out of the country 312 days in 1975 – with other years being close)

Anyway..since the D & R decision was done in April ’74 during my senior year, and HWA’s contact with Ramona began in June of ’74 the decision was not made for him to marry her or anyone else.  He hadn’t even considered it till a year of so later after getting to know Ramona.  (He also realized later that this was a mistake – but he was very lonely since Loma’s death.)

There are so many things as to events, money and motive that are simply perceptions.

So, the change to D&R was not made so HWA could marry Ramona Martin.

Aaron Dean was Herbert Armstrong’s personal aide for many years.

I have known Aaron Dean for a long time and we still communicate often–but he did not send me what I posted here as it came from some forum he posted at. He is with the United Church of God.

There are many false statements about Herbert W. Armstrong on the internet. Including several that I looked into years ago.

Many people assert as facts that which is rumor, falsehoods, and innuendo.

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