Aaron Dean comments on HWA, Ramona Martin, and RCM

Aaron Dean and Roderick C. Meredith


A reader (not part of CCOG or LCG) sent me the following a little while ago today:

Aaron Dean (1972)

Hello All,

I am on all the Ambassador Forums (Pasadena, Big Sandy, Bricketwoos) but haven’t posted much. Pasadena is the most active as it has the most graduates and also many of you are retired with more time than those of us who still work, as Pasadena started over a decade before the other campuses.

I have written a few privately (such as James Tabor since I appreciate his more balanced academic approach with less judgment or assumption of motives.) I have enjoyed the many stories and having been in Imperial for 12 years, I know of most of the people on this forum. I enjoyed talking with Wayne Cole in Big Sandy on a few occasions and wish he had come back in to see HWA after SRR left. He still felt HWA would not see him although I had gotten others in to see HWA. I loved AC and Imperial in spite of the faults of men.

All of us remenber the group ahead of us as we transitioned to the next level, with less recogniton of those below us who would look up to and remember us. So most of you would not know or remember me.  I knew a number of you through sports events and field days as Imperial had a team and played in the AC league and our family would attend the Saturday night games. And it was inherent that as high school boys we would look at the beautiful ladies at the college. Jim Snook was my step father over maintenance, and we had a number of you over for dinner in our home.

Many of you left before the various events I was intimately involved with and thus have incomplete information for assumptions as did Ron Dart when I talked to him for 3 hours 15 years ago and he asked some of the same questions.  I was in on the international travels and meetings, GTA’s departure (I flew with him for a year when HWA had his heart attack). The cortship and marriage to Ramona and the divorce. The Receivership and “sit ins”. The international travel with HWA and SRR, his baptism and later removal. The meetings with Heads of State/Royalty. The board and Council of Elders meetings. The transition to JWT and the promises he made and broke to HWA. The money spent on travel (and how it changed in the 1980’s) etc.  Yes, I do have 1st hand narative with details for many of the questions (and assumptions) made on this forum. It would include things some would want to hear, and things some would not wish to hear.

To comment on a couple recent questions/comments, Ramona did not get a large settlement from the divorce. It was actualy quite small. (I testified in the court case in Tucson and was in the legal meetings)

HWA did care about people, and when I told him of some of the things members had gone through (sometimes at the hands of ministers) he was very upset. I was quite open with him as his aid the last 5 years of his life as to many of the mistakes.  Yes, he had lost a rudder when Loma died and was often misled.  I suppose in some ways I acted as his rudder the later years.  Yes, some things he didn’t like to hear. It was interesting when naming JWT, he made him promise to have me as his aid. (Although I said I didn’t want it and tried to talk him out of it – and yes I can comment the why of his choice and transition).  This was when he made me promise to “tell JWT when he is wrong” (directly in front of JWT). I responded “you are asking me to tell my future boss when he is wrong.”  He responded “you did me.” I considered this a compliment as I was always honest with him as I saw what incomplete information (or lies in some cases) had done to many in the church and college – including myself and some of you.

This said, I am hesitant to write much.  I was accused of slander and character assasination and not a ‘legal’ witness with the post that was made on the Big Sandy forum and posted here.(by permission so I make no complaint.) I thought I was being kind in just giving a narrative.  Being attacked is not new to me as SRR tried to destroy me for blowing the whistle on him, but it is not fun. Jack Kessler’s letter, published in Ambassador Report was totally wrong with assertions of things SRR told him to write to try to destroy my credibiilty, as Jack owed SRR for his education. (I had to disporve all he stated as fact to the district attorney, showing receipts, documents and witnesses, as Jack was the WCG auditor and therefore his comments had weight – although writing it really damaged his career and I felt sorry for him for that.  SRR would use anyone for his own cause regardless of the price one paid.)

Below is my response to the person who did not like my posts so you can see where I am coming from. I had asked him some questions which he did not aswer but continued his compaint against me. People do have heroes.


Obviously you did not wish to answer my questions.  I have given no hearsay.  A first hand witness is “legal” evidence. If it bears false witness then it is condemned.  However, I can also give you a list of people who can verify what I said.  I can also give documented evidence of many of these things as well.

I choose not to do that as it allows me write more kindly about a person than the documents might suggest.  All because one does not wish to believe something, does not make it false either.  Also, none of this was said behind RCM’s back as I told him directly what HWA said and he himself admitted people did not like his former style of administration, why he wrote his original article on congenial government in Global to show ‘he changed”, which article he later recanted saying he only wrote it because he knew people would not follow him because of his old style of government.  When he lost control of Global he started Living.  (You can look up the articles and documents on this lest you think this is ‘hearsay’ and ‘untrue’ as well.)  This is all fact, whether right or wrong is for God to decide although some of his action were not Godly by biblical standards.   Is that not true of everyone for 6000 years when men try to solve things their own way?

In negotiating with Ireland, Lord Alderice of Britain recognized something. He realized in negotiations that when one’ heros are in their mind disrespected by the other side, then you can accomplish nothing in negotiations regardless of the words or documentation.  Obviously you have great respect for RCM and therefore reacted in his defense.  That is your privilege but you should honor your own advice when you write and accuse. I doubt you would try to defend SRR for what I said about him as he and RCM did not like each other at all as is common knowledge.

I do not answer people’s questions to harm anyone.  And I didn’t write the post for this forum, it was copied over to it from another forum since many have asked questions like they have for the last 30 years and some apparently thought it would be helpful or at least informative.  I never write anonymously as some do, and I was merely recounting what was said “in the room” and “1st hand experiences” to some questions people recently posed.  I have been asked by a number to write more of church history.  However, because people have made heroes of men, I am not sure I wish to take on the abuse from their supporters if I bring up any of their shortcomings.  (Obviously with splits and divisions there were shortcomings.)  I have had too many years of it in the past when I wouldn’t conform to what people wanted the narrative to be for their own causes.  With SRR when I wouldn’t conform with his plans and ‘blew the whistle, HWA called and said “leave town immediately, your life has been threatened”.  RCM even called me in his office after SRR was gone as sort of an apology as he said “I just learned you were the one who blew the whistle on SRR and I thought you were ‘one of his boys'”.
Such is the nature of respect, when you agree its all true, when you disagree it is all false. Truth doesn’t matter when one has heroes or enemies.  That is the filter you see things through. There is nothing new about human nature when it comes to men’s personalities and desires.
People do things right and wrong. The Bible is full of men of God who made mistakes. It was those stories – good and bad – that taught me how to be HWA’s aide.  I didn’t want the job, and turned him down 3 weeks in a row, until he finally said “I am not asking you, I am telling you”. At that point I did a complete study on the servants of men in the bible when I became his aid as I already knew from 7 years on the jet, 12 years in Imperial with the evangelists kids, and 4 years at AC the various personalities I would have to negotiate to  parallel how the biblical characters handled it.  (Why I turned him down – without God’s help you wouldn’t survive.)  I pass no judgment on how God will judge them, and hope they are shown mercy just like the rest of us. I bear no ill toward you as your reaction is not new to me. I get it when I discus nearly anyone in our recent history, as all of them have their supporters who do not wish to hear anything they assume is negative (therefore untrue) yet applaud anything positive (therefore true).
It is sad, as scripture tells us “these are examples for you” to grow in understanding, grace and knowledge.  Most of these men have taught me things in one way or another that help me to be more like Christ.

Aaron Dean made some other public comments recently related to Ramona Martin–here is a link: Aaron Dean: HWA did not change the policy on D&R to marry Ramona Martin.  “SSR” is Stanley Radar–I met him the day he was ordained an evangelist and we talked a bit then, but I did not know him personally beyond that.

As regular readers are aware, I personally knew the late Roderick C. Meredith (RCM) and worked with him on many matters (many years ago, he appointed me to officially be an advisor to the LCG evangelists on matters of doctrine and prophecy).

My issues with Dr. Meredith did not revolve so much about his desire for power (though he showed unbiblical tendencies there), but his feeling that he was above keeping promises.

I have known Aaron Dean for a long time and we still communicate often–but he did not send me what I posted here as it came from some forum he posted at. He is with the United Church of God.

He and I have shared common related experiences. One of which was that Dr. Meredith forced me to promise to tell him when he was making certain types of errors–I did not want to do that, but did. This made him a bit resentful, but I kept my word. Aaron Dean tried to do the same with Joe Tkach. So, he ended up leaving WCG and I LCG as some leaders in those groups did not appreciate us trying to keep our promises.

Aaron Dean, I, and Herbert W. Armstrong, to mention just three, have had a lot of false accusations and statements made about us. As have many others who have striven to be faithful to the truth.

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