COGaIC: Vision Lacking

Laodicea Has Many Scattered Structures that Are Ineffective


Quite a few years ago, someone told me that he felt that David Hulme would do a better job than Roderick C. Meredith in the use of electronic media, hence he decided to follow David Hulme (who was first the president of UCG, then when he failed to get re-selected, left and founded COGaIC). The same individual also told me that he felt that the younger David Hulme would make more effective use of the internet than Roderick C. Meredith.

But what happened?

While heading UCG, David Hulme failed to lead that church to do much in the way of public proclamation (UCG only succeeded in getting its own telecast well after David Hulme’s deparatute). As head of COGaIC David Hulme has had limited television exposure as his church has apparently decided against regular production (instead it sometimes, apparently less than once per year) makes a special presentation.

The most effective COG in reaching people who actually respond to television has been Roderick C. Meredith’s LCG which received over 3,500 responses per week (which suggests a quite high viewership)

But what about the internet?

COGaIC has taken a different approach to the internet than Dr. Meredith’s LCG.

First of all, it restricts access to its cogaic webiste ( so people it does not pre-approve cannot have access to its content.

This has resulted in lowered access and less effectiveness. According to Alexa (an independent worldwide internet ranking service) the cogaic website has a popularity ranking of 5,506,386–this means that 5,506,385 websites around the world are more popular than it (and also means that relatively few visit it). (LCG’s equivalent site) has an Alexa ranking of 837,170 which means that it is immensely more popular.

COGaIC does allow the public to view its website. It has an Alexa ranking of 241,835. This compares to an Alexa ranking of 213,450 for LCG’s (equivalent site)–basically this means that the is nearly twice as popular as

Additionally, LCG’s Tomorrows World telecast was put on YouTube by an individual member and has had over 1,000,000 views in the past 18 months. Plus, (another unofficial LCG’s supporting website) has an Alexa popularity ranking about the same as

Hence, as far as effectiveness on the internet or television, David Hulme’s vision has been lacking.

Hopefully, those who wish to place their top priority on proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom to the world as a witness (Matthew 24:14) will pray and meditate upon this and consider what they should do.

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