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The Ambassador Cartwright site reported the following on the finances of International Ambassador Outreach:

Q1 & Q2 Total as of 12/31/10

Donations      $358,407


Mexico   $124,550

Peru       $9,000

Chile      $9,500

Guatemala      $5,000

El Salvador      $3,600

US Ministry      $2,000

Total Disbursements   $153,650

Administrative Expenses   $3,643

Balance at 12/31/10    $201,114

Subsequent events to our quarter end: In January 2011, IAO received donations of $69,764 and distributed $171,284. Distributions were made to support congregations and Ministry in Latin America, United States, Canada, Philippines, Jordan, South Africa, and Africa. (A more detailed accounting will be produced in our Q3 release expected in late April 2011.)

So, it looks like as of the end of January 2011, IAO had about $100,000 it still had not spent.  IAO was set up last summer (see UCG, Aaron Dean, and IAO) prior to COG-America (which since seems to have gone away) and COGWA (set up December 2010) which is the largest group to break-away from the United Church of God (UCG).   Leon Walker, Larry Salyer, and Ken Giese (all formerly part of UCG) were affiliated with IAO.  And Ken Giese is on one of COGWA’s governing boards, and Larry Salyer is a COGWA minister.

UCG has lost 1/3 of its ministry since June 2010.  It lost most of its ministers in Latin America and slightly more than 1/2 of its paid ministry in the USA.  The greatest bulk of which went to COGWA.  It would seem likely that overtime, IAO may disband.  But perhaps not as it is not a church (I suspect it will see how its donations hold up now that more and more are supporting COGWA in order to decide).  Here is what it reported about itself last July:

Newly formed as a nonprofit 501c3, International Ambassador Outreach has been created to support our international Christian family…Please note a key feature of IAO is that it is “not a church, nor will it become one…Our Board views the most pressing current need to be our Latin American brothers and sisters who have recently suffered significant budget cuts that will undoubtedly affect their ability to pay for church hall rentals, member assistance, scholarships, assistance in enabling members to attend the Feast, and other basic needs.

The above was expanded by IAO to include paying money to ministers in the USA as well.  These disbursements mainly seem to be related to those formerly in or associated with UCG.

This crisis has been a real struggle for many of those in or once part of UCG as many on both sides seem to be offended by the actions of those on the other side. This split is also seems to be causing financial and organizational tensions for the two primary groups affected.

If you are or were part of UCG and are confused about what to do, please pray, fast, and study the Bible about this.

Ask yourself what are the true priorities that the Bible indicates that the church most faithful to the words of Jesus would do and act appropriately.

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