Ronald Weinland Now Also Claims to Be the Elijah



Yesterday, in a sermon in Georgia, Ronald Weinland of CGPFK declared that he was the Elijah to come.  He said “by their fruits you should know”.  He then specifically said, “I also am an Elijah to come, okay?” (Weinland R.  The Elijah to Come, Part 1. Sermon, 12/19/09).

This is the second new title he took to himself in 2009.  Quite a few years ago, Ronald Weinland declared that he was a prophet.  Then about 4 years ago, he declared himself one of the two witnesses.  On April 17, 2008, he declared his wife Laura as the other of the two witnesses.  Last month he declared himself to be an apostle.  And so now he has added the Elijah to come title to himself.

Now in that sermon, Ronald Weinland correctly stated that the late Herbert W. Armstrong said that he realized that he may not have been the Elijah to some.  But that is not to say that Ronald Weinland is (or even can be) the Elijah to come.  Ronald Weinland also declared yesterday that he does “not want an advisory council of elders”.  He mentioned something about false prophets as well, but did not apply that to himself.  But he also claimed that now he is an Elijah to come that this will somehow have major ramifications–I consider the ramifications are that he is either delusional and/or he is intentionally deceiving people.

Ronald Weinland has frequently made false predictions that he claimed he did on the authority of God (for two examples, he first claimed that the Great Tribulation began on April 17, 2008, then changed that to December 14, 2008–he still claims that the Great Tribulation began over a year ago).  And when he was proven wrong on certain of his predictions (like the USA would be nuked by the summer of 2008), he did not cease preaching as he said he would.  Instead, Ronald Weinland persists in adding titles to himself.

Now Ronald Weinland is not the only one to add many titles unto himself.  PCG’s Gerald Flurry declared himself a prophet quite a few years ago, then he later added many titles to himself.

In the July/August 2000 edition of Royal Vision, Gerald Flurry specifically calls or refers to himself the following variety of titles (listed in the order they occur in that issue): that prophet, the last voice, a third voice, the physical head of God’s work, the last and final voice, a prophet, God’s man, one that was prophesied by Jeremiah and Ezekiel, this watchman, end-time watchman, a prophet to the nations, Christ’s man, a breaker, a modern type of Micah, this king, this counselor, the breaker whom God has chosen, God’s watchman, prophesied by Habakkuk, a lawgiver, His lawgiver, God’s leader, an end-time Malachi-type prophet, the one who fulfills Zechariah’s role in the end-time, ruler over His household, a type of Elisha, the conduit, God’s true prophet, the voice, that voice, type of Joel, a preacher of righteousness, this man (of God), an end-time Obadiah, a warrior for God, the one God actually wants us to focus on, and only a messenger–at least one of those titles he is taking refers to Jesus. The titles of the articles, all of which were written by Gerald Flurry were (in order of appearance, all CAPS from G. Flurry), THAT PROPHET PART ONE: WHO IS ‘THAT PROPHET’?, THAT PROPHET PART TWO: A NEW THING, THAT PROPHET PART THREE: GOD’S WATCHMAN, THAT PROPHET PART FOUR: THE THRONE AND LAWGIVER, GOD’S COMMAND, ZECHARIAH’S FLYING SCROLL, THAT PROPHET PART FIVE: THE ELISHA WORK, and THAT PROPHET PART SIX: THE VOICE OF THE DAY OF THE LORD. He also calls PCG “God’s greatest gift” (p.12).

Furthermore, Gerald Flurry wrote,

And I have been the conduit for revelation from all the major and minor prophets, Colossians, Lamentations, Daniel, Revelation, the former prophets and other books. All this prophetic revelation has come from God through THAT PROPHET (p.33).

Anyway, I do not accept that Gerald Flurry nor Ronald Weinland are prophets of God.  Nor do I accept that they hold the other titles that I have mentioned here that they have taken to themselves.

Please compare their teachings with the Bible and world events, and you will see that as well.

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