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The January 2009 edition of UCG’s United News arrived last night.  It contained some information on the size of the United Church of God:

Total worldwide Feast of Tabernacles attendance (including shut-ins who received tapes):

2005: 19,765
2006: 20,436
2007: 20,476
2008: 20,349

The following are the attendance figures from the Church Information System—the number listed as attending fluctuates from month to month.

U.S. Church attendance according to file Jan. 31, 2008: 15,498.
U.S. Church attendance according to file Nov. 26, 2008: 15,345.

U.S. baptisms 2007 through December: 178.
U.S. baptisms 2008 through November: 134.
(Ministerial Services Reports Church Statistics.  United News, January 2009, p. 2)

These reductions are relatively small.  And they seem similar to those that David Hulme (former UCG president) reported about his COGaIC (see COGaIC’s Size).

UCG also reported that in the entire life of its Beyond Today telecast it received 29,461 responses:

Through November, we have had 29,461 telephone and online responses to the programming. Beyond Today currently airs on 177 cable-access television channels, which air programs 267 times weekly. It is also broadcast on 10 radio stations in the United States and two nationwide cable networks in Canada. (Eddington, Peter.  100th Beyond Today Episode Recorded.  United News, January 2009, p. 1)

To show its relative impact, UCG’s total is about what LCG’s Tomorrow’s World telecast received every nine weeks in 2009 and is also about the same as the small ICG receives each year.  Hence, while improving its public proclamation of the gospel was a goal for UCG in 2008, it does not seem to have accomplished that to any significant degree.

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