UCG’s Victor Kubik Reports Cattle Return


The following update is from the personal website of Victor Kubik of the United Church of God (UCG):

Updated October 10, 2011

GREAT NEWS!!  In one of the areas where the cattle given by LifeNets “Pass on the Gift” program was taken, the police ordered that four head of cattle be returned  to owners immediately without conditions.  We have not heard yet from the other area which is some distance away.  We are appalled by the false stories circulating minimizing the huge consequences on poor people.  We are leaving for the Fall Festival in Estonia in a few moments, but wanted to get this update to you.  After the Festival, we will have written reports exact detailing all that happened.  We thank you for your prayers and are thankful for the redemption.

Victor Kubik

Though I normally would not have reported about the above, since I had reported some of this earlier (see UCG Reports Cattle Theft in Zambia & COGWA Somewhat Responds) it seemed that an update would be appropriate.  It is sad that police involvement was needed–but I do wish to add that I do not believe that people such as COGWA’s Clyde Kilough caused this specific incident.

Anyway, perhaps this matter is closed and those in UCG and COGWA will take a look at priorities during this upcoming Feast of Tabernacles.

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