Brian Knowles: Prayer in Britain

At the ACD blog, Brian Knowles posted:

42 percent of Brits still pray! One out of six of those pray every day, while one in four pray at least once a week. When you consider that Britain’s population is more than 60 million — that means there are at least 25 million people in the UK who pray.

Of those who prayed, some 57 percent said that praying changed what happened in their life and 32 percent said they’d actually seen the results of prayer in their lives. Even among those who were not affiliated with any religion, one in eight prayed “sometimes.”

According to the report on (November 10, 2007), “The proportion of people who prayed varied throughout the country, with London coming up as the ‘prayer capital of the UK’ with nearly three-quarters (73%) saying they prayed.” Yorkshire (from whence my family hails) and Humberside reported the lowest number of prayers – 24 percent.

The survey also revealed that the younger Brits are, the less likely they are to pray. Some 16-27 percent of 16-24-year olds prayed, while 61 percent of those over 75 prayed. Old age, experience, and one’s presence in the “departure lounge” of life has a tendency to sober one up. Ecclesiastes 12:1 comes to mind: “Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before the days of trouble come…” 
Comments by COGwriter

Prayer is important.  Prayer rates in the USA, while probably higher than those in the United Kingdom are probably lower than they once were.

(I perhaps should add here that although he is the source of a major amount of posts at the ACD blog, Brian Knowles has stated that this does not mean he supports ACD’s views. ACD is a unitarian group that seems to promote not accepting parts of the New Testament.  And so although it seems to think that it is part of the Churches of God, I am not convinced. An article of possibly related interest may be Was Unitarianism the Teaching of the Bible or Early Church?)

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