Darwin: Evolution Became a Religion


Notice the following from the latest Living Church of God commentary by Dr. J. Fall:

By Jeffrey Fall | Thursday, July 21, 2011
Today, with up-to date-science, it becomes increasingly clear that the theory of evolution has become the modern-day religion of the educated–and, quite commonly, the religion of the uneducated. Listen to the amazing words of Charles Darwin, whom many consider the “father” of evolution: “I was a young man with unformed ideas. I threw out queries, suggestions wondering over all the time over everything and to my astonishment the ideas took like wildfire. People made a religion out of them.” Charles Darwin admitted that his wonderings and suggestions became a religion…
According to Webster’s Dictionary: “A religion is a cause, a principle, a system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith.” If you use one common definition of faith as “a firm belief in something that has no proof” then modern evolutionists are full of faith. The faith based religion of evolution which lacks any semblance of proof is based on a series of assumptions that are absolutely without proof…
To learn more on this important subject watch the telecast titled “Questions Evolution Cannot Answer” and read the article “Evolution: Fact or Fiction?” for more on the improvable theory of evolution.

As a scientist, I have long known that proponents of evolution treat the subject more like a religious view than a scientific theory.   This is somewhat also what the Ben Stein movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed revealed (see Ben Stein’s Expelled).

Which was?

Scientists who challenge too many claims associated with evolution are shunned by many academic institutions, as there is a tremendous amount of pressure at most “leading” academic institutions to squelch research that is not in support of evolution because it will affect their beliefs.

Evolution, as the explanation for the origin of life, is unscientific and false. It also requires students to accept a belief that violates other known laws of biological science.

Actually it is impossible for the non-living to become alive as it violates the scientifically accepted law of bio-genesis (life only comes from life).

A Series of Impossibilities Should Lead One to Realize the Existence of God

But what if we allow the impossibility of spontaneous primitive life to have occurred?

The primitive life would have to die. Part of the reason for this is that even a single-cell is so complex, and so full of various biological subsystems, that scientists have learned that many systems are essentially necessary for life to exist or continue. Science recognizes that living organisms must be self-contained, eat, digest, and reproduce to continue to exist.

Spontaneously alive lined-up amino acids (with other substances coincidentally there) would die because:

1) All living organisms need biological structures such as organelles and membranes. Without a membranous structure, the proteins would ultimately diffuse and destroy the living organism. Living organism must be somewhat self-contained.
2) All living organisms need nourishment and direction. Since randomness would not have created the biological structure known as a DNA-containing nucleus (or some primitive equivalent), the cell would die. Even if it had some type of nucleus to provide direction, the nucleus would have to have come into existence with ability to determine what to eat and how to find food, another impossibility.
3) Even if the cell had all the above, it would die, because there would have been no reason for it to have spontaneously generated a digestive system in order to utilize the food.
4) Even if evolutionists are granted all the improbabilities and impossibilities this article discusses, the primitive life would quickly die out as there would have been no reason for it to have spontaneously generated an ability to reproduce, nor would it have any innate ability to do so.

It is in the Bible that we are told that when God made life He intended it to reproduce (Genesis 1:11,28,29). The idea of an ‘intelligent design’ by a Spirit being is the only explanation that does not defy scientifically provable knowledge–for all other explanations result in something that must die out.

Proteins cannot of themselves reproduce–they need DNA. DNA can basically do nothing of itself, it needs proteins. Does any scientifically rational person actually believe that they randomly developed and got together at the same time for life as we know it to exist without Divine intervention?

The answer should be obvious. No.

By the way, God apparently expects humans to realize that He exists through various aspects of His creation. Notice:

20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse (Romans 1:20).

Thus since life could not have randomly sprung forth, eaten, and reproduced, only a different type of entity (God) could have caused it to begin.

Evolution has led to the intentional ignorance of appropriate scientific methods.  It became a religion for many in the 19th century, and remains one for many today.

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