EU Considering a Partial Greek Default; Fed Considering USA Default

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A lot of the financial headlines are not good:

Fed Secretly Preparing for Doomsday

21 July 2011

Fearing the worst, the Federal Reserve is actively preparing for the US to default on its $14.3 trillion debt.
Plan to deal with the unthinkable.

New York Times – 21 July 2011

BRUSSELS – European leaders began a crucial meeting Thursday after talks between Germany and France produced agreement on a rescue plan for Greece that may push the country to default on some of its debt for a short period.

Forbes – ‎21 July 2011

WASHINGTON — Progress remains elusive as official Washington grapples day after day for a way out of a debt dilemma that has the government sliding toward a first-ever default on its financial obligations.

While the Europeans have a lot of debt, the USA has even more. Despite the debt crises in several EU nations, the debt situation is worse in the USA and individual USA states have problems similar to the indebted EU countries. And while Europe may not have done enough to solve those issues, it seems to have at least tried to take stronger steps than the USA and many of its states have.

As I have mentioned before, the debt situation has convinced many nations that the world needs to be free of the US dollar as “the world’s reserve currency.”  One of the reasons, from a carnal perspective, that the Euro has not crashed is because it is somewhat of the de facto alternative reserve currency after the USA dollar.  While in theory, Chinese renminbi yuan could be, to be frank, financial people around the world simply trust the Chinese less than they do the Americans or the Europeans.  Other national currencies, like those of the Canadians, Norwegians, or Swiss, simply do not have a big enough amount of total economic activity backing them up to make them a global alternative to the US dollar or the Euro.  This is also one of the reasons that gold has tended to go up in dollar terms the past several years.

I have long warned about more civil unrest coming to Europe, and the current crisis may be a major factor in that direction.  If major civil unrest does break out, look to see if militaristic leaders rise up–if so, one is likely to be the final King of the North, the final Beast leader of Bible prophecy.

The current budget/debt/borrowing limit stalemate in the USA is telling the world that the USA really does not intend to pay down its debt, only that it may not raise it as fast as it otherwise would. This is dangerous.  While the USA will somehow muddle through, it has not made itself look like a first-rate financial power during the past few weeks of public debate on its federal budget.

Eventually, despite Europe’s problems (cf. Daniel 2:42-43), Bible prophecy shows that Europe will be THE major economic superpower for a short time. And as I have written many times at COGwriter, I expect the euro to drop in value from time to time, and even to plummet should major civil unrest occur, until the euro (or whatever replacement currency Europe would have should the euro be dropped, including a possible world currency) becomes the actual world reserve currency essentially replacing the US dollar.

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