UK’s Prime Minister Cameron wants to take steps against online pornography

David Cameron


UK Prime Minister David Cameron is intending to take limited moves against online pornography:

22 July 2013

Every household in Britain connected to the internet will be obliged to declare whether they want to maintain access to online pornography, David Cameron will announce on Monday.

In the most dramatic step by the government to crack down on the “corroding” influence of pornography on childhood, the prime minister will say that all internet users will be contacted by their service providers and given an “unavoidable choice” on whether to use filters…

The moves will be announced by the prime minister in a speech to the NSPCC in which he will unveil a series of measures to reduce access to pornography with a particular focus on images of child sexual abuse. He will say:

• The possession of “extreme pornography”, which includes scenes of simulated rape, is to be outlawed.

• The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) is to draw up a blacklist of “abhorrent” internet search terms to identify and prevent paedophiles searching for illegal material.

• All police forces will work with a single secure database of illegal images of children to help “close the net on paedophiles”.

In a separate move, Twitter is to introduce a tagging system to prevent such images being posted on its service.

22 July 2013

Cameron warns Google must act over online child pornography

Google and other internet search engines are complicit in supplying illegal images of child abuse to “sick and malevolent” individuals, David Cameron has claimed.

Pornography is a growing problem and the internet has greatly increased its availability.  Pornography, kiddie porn or adult porn, should not be produced.  Despite what certain US judges have ruled, pornography is not an expression of free speech.  It exploits both women and men.

Does pornography contribute to sex crimes? Notice something that Gordon Muir wrote:

The whole principle of advertising is based on the notion that people are motivated to act on visual stimuli. Since the essence of pornography is visual stimuli, it may also cause people to act, and often in very antisocial ways. A normal person probably won’t commit some horrible sex crime if he looks at pornography. There are doubtless other individuals who will commit sex crimes regardless of whether they look at pornography or not. (This sort of person, however, is almost always an avid reader of pornography.) But there are others, “marginal individuals,” who will commit sex crimes if they are exposed to pornography, but who otherwise wouldn’t. There is consequently a strong correlation between sex offenses and pornography: those who commjt such crimes are practically always voracious consumers of the stuff…

Case after case can reveal the effect of today’s pornography on the minds of at least a segment of society. At a trial in Eng land of a young man who raped two fourteen-year-old girls, the defending Q.C. stressed that the accused had had ” his youthful sexuality turned into a very powerful driving force through the effect of pornography.” Evidence like this, however, is counted for nothing beside the test-tube theories of the avant-garde

Well did one police official say – following a major rape conviction – to those who consider that censorship of pornography interferes with the liberty of the individual: “Let [them] reflect upon the victims of the sex crimes and ask themselves if they would express these views if the victims were their own relatives and friends.” (Muir G. A Case Against Pornography. Plain Truth, April-May 1976, pp. 15-18)

I would also add that one of the reasons that “kiddie porn” (pornography featuring children) is illegal in many places is to decrease pedophiles from committing their horrific crimes.

Pornography is bad for society.

As far as the proposed solution in the UK, I have various issues with that.  Short of the return of Jesus Christ and the establishment of the Kingdom of God which will totally eliminate sinful practices such as internet pornography, it would seem to make sense that governments around the world should agree to shut the pornography sites down.  Period.  Also, financial companies should not allow pornography mongers to get paid via credit card, PayPal, etc.  These two steps would make a major dent in the availability and viewing of online pornography.  And of course, stores should not be able to sell it either.

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