LCG on UK’s David Cameron’s “Veto Warning”

David Cameron


The following is from LCG’s latest news update:

EU Difficulties Ahead. Following an emergency meeting with Angela Merkel, Prime Minister David Cameron recently “signaled he was ready to veto any EU treaty to prop up the ailing euro—as he sought to calm pressure within his own party for a referendum on Europe.” Mr. Cameron, who clearly understands the vast implications of a veto from Britain, stated further,“It goes without saying that any treaty, even one that just applied to the euro area, needs unanimous agreement of all 27 EU states including the UK, which of course has a veto.” Critics suggest Cameron “could be forced to concede a referendum if the EU pushes ahead with plans to impose ‘European economic government.’” Cameron is in the difficult position of protecting British sovereignty while working with a deputy who is an EU supporter (Daily Mail, May 21, 2010). Speculation abounds concerning how the European debt crisis will impact the future configuration of the EU. Britain might not be alone in opposing another treaty, but a nation that uses veto power against the EU will likely not be viewed favorably. God prophesied that the Israelite-descended nations will be taken captive by a revived Holy Roman Empire (Isaiah 10:24; Ezekiel 5:8; Amos 5:25-27). Although Britain is not likely to be the only dissenter in such a treaty, the use of a veto by its Prime Minister could certainly create animosity that could further alienate other European nations.

The United Kingdom has almost always had a highly strained relationship with the European Union, even though it is a member.  At some point in time, the Europeans will turn completely against the United Kingdom, and it will be no more.

Well before David Cameron made his statement, others in the UK indicated something similar that brought a warning to Britian that if it has financial problems the EU would not assist Britain (see EU Will Not Come to Britian’s Financial Aid).

Europe will ultimately not allow Britain to exist as it now does.  It will get that serious.

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