World’s Oldest Calendar May Come from Sodom

The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah


Sodom, most known for being destroyed for its sexual immorality including homosexuality (Genesis 19:1-13), may have been where the oldest stone calendar was made:

Rock formations in Jordan possibly world’s first calendar…

SAN ANTONIO—Thousands of years before the Mayans created their calendar that famously ends in 2012 and 10 centuries before England’s Stonehenge was erected, people in the southern Jordan River Valley founded a major city and organized massive rocks into circles.

Some believe Tall el-Hammam, the remains of that fortified city, could be the site of biblical Sodom…

“The early Bronze Age, 3200 to 2200 B.C., was a period of large-scale urban expansion. At the same time and locations, the construction of dolmans and other megalithic structures blossomed,” pointed out Maltsberger, associate professor for biblical studies and archaeology at BUA.

“We also know from inscriptions that Israel was using a lunar calendar by 10th century B.C., but no one has found physical evidence of how they devised this calendar. Our evidence from Tall el-Hammam dates around 3000 to 2000 B.C. and may give us insight into how the calendar began.”

Because calendars are mentioned throughout the Hebrew scriptures, it would make sense that various ones would be found in the area near Sodom.  Such as the lands currently occupied by the Jews, the Palestinians, and the Jordanians.

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