Fatima’s ‘Lady’ will not solve the problems in 2012

Fatima Sanctuary, Portugal (Photo by Joyce Thiel, May 2011)


Got an email from The Fatima Center today that included the following:


Deepening crisis, or real solution?

March 23, 2012…While you are reading this, more nuclear weapons are being made. The superpowers are facing off over Iran. Will Israel attack in the spring? Will the United States attack? What will Russia and China do?We could go on, for the list of crises is long. But the list of solutions short — very short. In fact, there is only one solution: Listen to and obey Our Lady of Fatima!

This is why we are going to Rome from May 13 to May 18 to convene “Fatima: Your Last Chance!”…it is necessary for the Church to listen to Our Lady of Fatima and do precisely what She asks…

The time is short. Many dire things have been predicted for the year 2012. Let us hope that this year will bring something unexpectedly wonderful: Our Lady’s Final Triumph!

Basically, The Fatima Center believes if the Pope would call all of his bishops together and give a prayer to consecrate Russia, that world peace and other positive developments would happen.   Thus far, none of the popes since the three children claimed to see an apparition once per month for six months in and near Fatima, Portugal in 1917, has done the consecration like The Fatima Center and various others believe is necessary.  Not doing this was supposed to turn the entire world communist, but has not really done so yet (we have seen less officially communist countries since the late 1980s than we had in the 1970s).

Despite claims from the Fatimists, the apparition that was claimed to appear in Fatima never stated that it was Mary.  Yet, partially because of Fatima and other claimed apparitions of Mary, certain Catholics expect to that more public appearances of “Mary” will happen in the end times.

It is my position that it is very likely that apparitions that people will claim will be Mary, the mother of Jesus, will be part of the signs and lying wonders that are mentioned in 2 Thessalonians 2:9 and Matthew 24:24 (cf. Isaiah 47).

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