Protests in Australia Affect PM Gillard

Julia Gillard


Some protesters have affected the Prime Minister of Australia today:

Australia’s Gillard dragged away from Aboriginal rights protest

CANBERRA — Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard was dragged away by security guards Thursday after she was trapped in a restaurant by rowdy protesters demonstrating for indigenous rights following a ceremony to mark Australia’s national day.

Some 200 supporters of Aboriginal rights surrounded a Canberra restaurant and banged on its windows while Gillard and opposition leader Tony Abbott were inside officiating at an award ceremony…

The protesters were marching at the nearby Aboriginal Tent Embassy to mark 40 years since its establishment and rushed the restaurant in response to comments by Abbott earlier in the day…

Protesters chanted “shame” and “racist” outside the restaurant…

One of the Tent Embassy’s founders, Michael Anderson, said after the incident that Abbott’s remarks were “madness,” the Herald reported.

“What he said amounts to inciting racial riots,” he said.

This shows that Australia seems likely to have additional protests and civil unrest in the future as I have indicated before.  It has also had its own “Occupy Movement” (see Occupy Australia, New Zealand, Frankfurt, London, Rome, & Wall Street).

The Bible suggests that the land of the Anglo-descended peoples will be conquered and divided (Daniel 11:39; Lamentations 4:16; Joel 3:2-3; Amos 7:17; Ezekiel 5:1-2,12; 6:8; Ezekiel 22:13-15)–and this includes Australia.  It is NOT that the Aboriginal peoples will do it, but that internal division and strife may be part of the trigger for this to happen (though the biggest trigger will likely be the nation’s natural resources combined with its military alliance with the USA).

Without national repentance, the Australia is doomed. Period. So is the USA.

Although national repentance for the Anglo-nations is not likely, personal repentance still is.

The Prime Minister herself seems to be unharmed from today’s incident.  Interestingly, Julia Gillard has taken one or more steps that have aligned with one or more predictions made about her at this website (see End of Mayan Calendar 2012–Might 2012 Mean Something?)–and she may take other steps that align with prophecy.  Her lack of advocating biblical morality also will affect her country.

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