7.9 Earthquake in Peru

Hundreds Die in Powerful Peruvian Quake


Posted: 2007-08-16 07:22:45

LIMA, Peru (Aug. 16) — A powerful 7.9-magnitude earthquake shook Peru’s coast near the capital, killing at least 337 people and injuring more 827 others, the Civil Defense said early Thursday.

Civil Defense Commander Aristides Mussio released the figures on Peru’s state television station, saying one person was killed in Lima and 336 in the region of Ica… 

Deputy Health Minister Jose Calderon called the situation in Ica “dramatic.”

There have been a lot of “natural” disasters lately, and my prayers are with those in Peru.  COGs, such as LCG, have members in Peru.

However, those in LCG, at least, appear to be safe, as LCG reported:

Mario Hernandez sends the following report concerning the devastating two-minute earthquake that struck yesterday the nation of Peru: “Our brethren in Peru are all safe. Thanks to God, none of them were injured. I was unsuccessful in communicating with anyone in Peru last night, but this morning I spoke with Eden Hurtado, our host in Lima. Even though the earthquake was violent and prolonged, causing collective panic among the people, Lima was not greatly affected—and we thank God for protecting the brethren.”

It was nice to get the above report from LCG.

Earthquakes, of course, are predicted. 

Jesus warned that “there will be earthquakes in various places, and there will be famines and troubles. These are the beginnings of sorrows” (Mark 13:8).

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