Death Toll Rises in Chile, But LCG Members Safe

Damage from Chilean Earthquake


The death count has risen in Chile:

In quake aftermath, Chile’s army arrests curfew violators, more bodies recovered

As the death toll climbs to 711, authorities work to contain looting and troops are deployed to help search for survivors.

Today, the Living Church of God reports that its members are safe:

After some difficulty, Mr. Hernandez was able to contact some of the brethren in Chile and learned that all our members there are safe. Although, some have might have sustained material damage. We are very grateful to God for His protection. Thank you for your prayers. More details will follow later on.

Dibar Apartian

No LCG members died in either the Haitian nor Chilean earthquakes.  I have not seen reports from any other COGs yet on Chile.

On other matters, I was surprised to see how much damage the tsunami’s aftermath affected Pismo Beach, California when I visited it yesterday.  Especially considering that the waves from the earthquake were not that high.

But earthquakes of this type of magnitude often have a lot of ramifications.  And a worse one is still foretold in biblical prophecy.

In terms of magnitude, in the Book of Revelation (also called the Apocalypse) the Bible warns of a time when there will be such a massive earthquake, that every island will be moved (Revelation 6:14).

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