Another UCG Doctrinal Change?

A long-time reader of the page, who is not a member of the Living Church of God, sent me the following (note the “me” or “my” below is from the one who wrote the following–it was not by COGwriter–my comments, which follow, are all in italics) and asked me to post it:

The United Church of God has recently come out with a new booklet on “The New Covenant   Does It Abolish God’s Law?” © 2007 

This booklet is quite lengthy (160 + pages) and seems to cover a lot of things to explain the new covenant, plus other various subjects.

The question some have is this: does this new book promote long time teachings of the Church or has it come up with new ones unique to this era of Laodicea? It makes this observation on page 20, Quoted with my own emphasis:

The prophets became God’s spokesmen. The messages they received from God, often written in books for later generations, were to be obeyed as “the word of the Lord” (see Isaiah 8:  Jeremiah 1: -5; Ezekiel 6:1- ). This same authority was later given to Christ’s apostles (Acts: 9- 1).”

This seems to fail to acknowledge Herbert W. Armstrong as an apostle of Jesus Christ with this same kind of authority, as one who restored truth to the Church. 

Let me give another quote from the book, and then explain what I am saying. Below are a couple more quotes from this book on page 157:   

“Having agreed to the New Covenant, the Church is now betrothed to Christ (2 Cor. 11:2). It is under the terms of the New Covenant but still awaiting the coming fullness of the New Covenant marriage to begin at “the marriage of the Lamb” (Revelation 19:6-9).All mankind brought into that relationship—“yet God intends to offer this marriage relationship to all human beings.”“When Jesus returns and joins into the fullness of marriage with His Church, He will then also extend His engagement proposal to all mankind.”

“And as all of mankind is brought into this relationship,”—This teaching would virtually make all mankind equal, if they are to all be married to Christ and experience the “Marriage relationship”.  

Below is what HWA taught on this subject of the marriage relationship and Bride of Christ:

“Notice again: “To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my father in his throne” (Rev. 3:21). Those who shall reign WITH Christ, when He comes to restore the GOVERNMENT OF GOD, MUST OVERCOME (and that includes overcoming SATAN), EVEN AS JESUS DID!  Now does this apply equally to those who shall be converted after Christ comes, during the Millennium?  The answer is NO! These– quotations are found in Jesus’ message to the seven CHURCHES that span this CHURCH AGE! They do NOT apply to those called later!” (Page 158, the top section—From THE INCREDIBLE HUMAN POTENTIAL © 1978—FIRST EDITION—SPECIAL COMMEMORATIVE EDITIONHanded out at the F.o.T.—with some emphasis added.)

H.W.A. says this also from page 160, same book:

“But the KINGDOM of God is BOTH the GOVERNMENT of God and the FAMILY of God. Those now being saved spiritually will, in the resurrection, INHERIT the Kingdom of God. They shall have been BORN of God — born into the Divine FAMILY of God. They shall be married to Christ. Of this divine spiritual marriage, children of God will be begotten and born spiritually all during the thousand years commencing with Christ’s return to earth as KING.”

Mr. Armstrong said this same thing many times and wrote in other writings, reiterating that the bride would bring forth children. He died without changing this teaching which is based on several different passages of scripture.

It certainly appears that UCG has come up with a new teaching that is unique to its own organization, which veers away from previous teachings of an apostle of Jesus Christ. Are they right or wrong?  Is this based solidly on scripture? You, the reader have to decide.

While I (COGwriter) have found certain aspects of The New Covenant  Does It Abolish God’s Law? helpful (though misleading in at least one place), I do not intend to comment on the above other than to state that UCG has made a lot of changes in doctrine, and of course, governance.

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