‘America Is Hurtling Toward a Full Blown Hot Civil War’

Civil War movie poster


Learned yesterday that a new movie is about to be released titled Civil War, with the subtitle All Empires Fall. It is intended to depict a new civil war in the USA. Here is some of what Wikipedia reports about it:

Civil War is a 2024 dystopian action film written and directed by Alex Garland.[4] The film stars Kirsten Dunst, Wagner Moura, Cailee Spaeny, Stephen McKinley Henderson, and Nick Offerman. Its plot follows a team of journalists who travel across the United States during a rapidly escalating Second American Civil War, which has engulfed the entire nation. … The film documents the journalists struggling to survive during a time when the U.S. government has become a dystopian dictatorship and partisan extremist militias regularly commit war crimes. (Civil War (film), Wikipedia, accessed 04/08/24)

From what I have been able to tell that movie involves heavy military weapons, etc., as well as armed people. It also seems to include an alliance of states that probably would not align with each other in such a conflict.

That said, could another civil war happen?

Notice the following view:

America Is Hurtling Toward a Full Blown Hot Civil War

April 7, 2024

It never ceases to amaze me at how little so many people in this country have done to train their minds to critically analyze information. They have eyes to see and ears to see, and yet, somehow the truth of any major issue still seems to evade them, or they simply refuse to recognize the truth with it standing right in front of them, slapping them in the face. …

And so here we are, on the cusp of the final fall of America, short of a miracle from God or true patriots taking a firm stand with rifles in hand and refusing to give an inch of ground and any further movement towards the new world order desired by our amerikkan commies. …

Look around. Half or more of America’s citizenry have lost their minds and are six steps or more removed from reality, either due to the mind-numbing communist indoctrination they have absorbed from their “education” in the public school system, something genetic or a trauma from their life, some new maniacal drug that has them hooked and out of their minds, or a combination of all three. …

Vote for more economy killing “climate change” change regulations and initiatives and “we’ll put more money on your EBT cards, courtesy of Uncle Sam and the American taxpayer”. “Help us make sure the government has the final say over everybody’s children and can kill babies as they exit the birthing canal, and we’ll make certain you get privilege over all other Americans”, one can almost hear Traitor Joe whispering in some dimly lit concert hall. “You can be a champion among champions”, they say — “Let us help you change your gender”.

And if anyone stands in your way in the pursuit of any evil, it is they who will be called evil and fallen upon by the full weight of the U.S. Federal Government. …

We have a national debt that’s rapidly approaching $35 trillion and counting, that to be sure rests on the shoulders of both parties, … high mortgage rates have put home ownership out of reach for this new Generation Z that is coming up and expecting a successful way of life to be attainable in some form or fashion, even tho’ many of them are a great part of the problem, some thirty percent claiming to be either queer themselves or supportive of the LGBTQ sickness running rampant through American society, advocating for every known sexual perversion and deviancy one might care to mention. …

But never in my wildest imagination did I expect to see every single government institution corrupted to its very core and heavily infiltrated by men and women seeking to destroy traditional America — to “transform America” — and bring great harm to all Americans in the process, as evil was called “good” and good was called “evil”, turning the world upside down as foretold in Isaiah 5:20, as we all witnessed in 2020, driven by the … Party Communists and fascists and globalists of the country, for the most part. Never did I expect to see U.S. science so corrupted and in denial of real science, reality itself, as supposedly “educated” people were soon trying to convince the entire nation that men could really become women and women could become men — that men actually have periods and can have babies. …

And as we fight, we must pray and hope that our side emerges victoriously from the din and cacophony of the conflagration and chaos, in order that we may purge the land of those who hate America and restore Her to a land that truly understands what “equality under the law” actually means, to be governed in a manner that actually defends and protects the Inalienable God-given Rights for all, restoring America as something better than She has been in a long, long time.

This is the war that lays ahead of us, looming just over the horizon, and our very lives and the lives of our loved ones depend on our success. The death of America as She has stood is guaranteed, unless liberty-minded patriots rise from the ashes of the next civil war. That is the reality and the future we now must face.

Well yes, the USA is hurtling in the wrong direction, which will lead to more violence and civil unrest.

But no, I do not believe that “true patriots” should have “a firm stand with rifles in hand,” but more and more people seemingly do.

But yes, a totalitarian “new world order” is coming and it will be worse for the USA that almost any imagine.

As far as the “death of America as She has stood is guaranteed,” in a sense that has happened, but once the USA is conquered (as prophesied in Daniel 11:39), it will be gone.

While the above writer could be considered to be on the “right” side of the political spectrum, notice something from last year by Politico, which is on the “left” side of the political spectrum:

The Threat of Civil Breakdown Is Real

We and others have written of the prospect of a new civil war in the United States …

As the 2024 election approaches, the threat of political violence and civil breakdown is only going to increase. And despite all that U.S. national security and law enforcement officials have learned since Jan. 6, the country is still not prepared for a far-right revolt.

Several discomfiting questions arise: How many right-of-center Americans believe violence will be necessary to repel a perceived racial or cultural threat? Do those who harbor that belief have genuine intent to take up arms? If so, what it would take to make them shoot? …

The 2024 election. Presidential elections are won or lost in the center, and moderates and independents — most of whom don’t want to think about politics — do seem increasingly alert to the dangers of Trump. …

Given recent trends, it is reasonable to hope that moderates and independents will have had enough in November 2024. A clear rejection of Trumpism might then deflate the MAGA movement for the time being. But if the Republican nominee loses narrowly, declares himself the winner and rallies dispersed local groups prone to violent local resistance rather than an easily repulsed assault on the Capitol, it might be too late for orderly de-escalation. https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2023/04/21/political-violence-2024-magazine-00093028

So both the left and the right are concerned about civil unrest and even civil war.

Jesus warned:

6 And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. 7 For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. 8 All these are the beginning of sorrows.

9 “Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake. 10 And then many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another. 11 Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many. 12 And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold. (Matthew 24:6-12)

We are in the “beginning of sorrows” and we are more and more seeing “lawlessness” abounding as Jesus warned.

Related to violence in the land and prophecies, the old Worldwide Church of God published the following:

This world is filled with a multitude of causes, small and great, just and unjust. The prospects for success for many of these causes, however, are doubtful at best. Opposition or indifference to them is simply too overwhelming in many cases to permit the individuals and groups involved to achieve their goals. …

Bible prophecy … reveals that we are headed for a new dark age of political despotism and barbarism — on a scale unmatched in history! Rampant terrorism on the world scene will undoubtedly play its part in paving the way for prophesied end-time tyrants to assume broad “emergency” powers — as did Adolf Hitler and others through history.

Perilous times

The scourge of terrorism was predicted centuries ago in the pages of the Bible.

Jesus prophesied that conditions in the latter days would mirror the chaotic state of the earth in Noah’s time — an evil and corrupt world filled with violence (Luke 17:26, Genesis 6:5, 11). 

The apostle Paul also warned, “In the last days perilous times will come” (II Timothy 3:1). The meaning of this prophecy goes far beyond mere incidental crime.

“Make a chain,” cried the prophet Ezekiel , “for the land is filled with crimes of blood, and the city is full of violence” (Ezekiel 7:23).

Bible prophecies picture an end-time world filled with lawlessness, aggression and hate, a world split by factions and international disputes, an era of rampant, indiscriminate violence and murder inspired by Satan the devil, the original murderer (John 8:44).  (Stump K. How TERRORISM Will Be Stopped! Good News, December 1985)

We are seeing more hate and violence.

Many are concerned. USA Today posted the following:

Could 2024 election cause society to collapse? …

More Americans preparing for disaster ahead of election …

“On the left, you have people afraid (Trump) is going to declare himself dictator of the United States and people on the left are going to end up as targets in some sort of authoritarian system,” said prepping expert and author Brad Garrett. “On the right, it’s general malaise and a fear of society unraveling. They point to these smash-and-grab robberies, riots and protests.” …

U.S. Air Force Col. Drew Miller … He’s prepared for a full societal collapse caused by war, a nuclear explosion or rampaging mobs angry at election results. …

“There could easily be a civil war during a Biden-Trump election,” he said, https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2023/12/04/doomsday-preppers-and-election-2024-fears/71695426007/

The USA is deeply divided. It has politicized more and more.

Jesus warned:

25 … Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand. (Matthew 12:25)

24 If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. 25 And if a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.  (Mark 3:24-25)

17 … Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and a house divided against a house falls. (Luke 11:17)

Notice that God inspired this to be written three times in the Gospels.

God normally seems to repeat something in scripture for emphasis.

The division is a BIG DEAL.

The end of the USA is coming (cf. Daniel 11:39).

Instead of fighting each other, love is what is needed.

As Jesus taught:

37 … “‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ 38 This is the first and great commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ 40 On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets.” (Matthew 22:37-40)

27 “But I say to you who hear: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, 28 bless those who curse you, and pray for those who spitefully use you. 29 To him who strikes you on the one cheek, offer the other also. And from him who takes away your cloak, do not withhold your tunic either. 30 Give to everyone who asks of you. And from him who takes away your goods do not ask them back. 31 And just as you want men to do to you, you also do to them likewise.

32 “But if you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? For even sinners love those who love them. 33 And if you do good to those who do good to you, what credit is that to you? For even sinners do the same. 34 And if you lend to those from whom you hope to receive back, what credit is that to you? For even sinners lend to sinners to receive as much back. 35 But love your enemies, do good, and lend, hoping for nothing in return; and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High. For He is kind to the unthankful and evil. 36 Therefore be merciful, just as your Father also is merciful. (Luke 6:27-36)

Instead of true love, a lot of hate and anger has been displayed and whipped up.

Troubles are prophesied (Mark 13:8).

As far as cities and nations go, notice the following from the prophet Ezekiel:

23 ‘Make a chain,
For the land is filled with crimes of blood,
And the city is full of violence.
24 Therefore I will bring the worst of the Gentiles,
And they will possess their houses;
I will cause the pomp of the strong to cease,
And their holy places shall be defiled.
25 Destruction comes;
They will seek peace, but there shall be none.
26 Disaster will come upon disaster,
And rumor will be upon rumor.
Then they will seek a vision from a prophet;
But the law will perish from the priest,
And counsel from the elders. (Ezekiel 7:23-26)

Yes, more disaster is coming.

But most, including most Christians, will not heed until after it is a bit too late (see Church of God Leaders on Prophets and Does the CCOG have the confirmed signs of Acts 2:17-18?).

Notice the violence is prophesied to get worse.

Here are parts of numbers 7 and 15 from my article 24 items to prophetically watch in 2024:

7. Strife and the Red Horse of War

Notice the following:

3 When He opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature saying, “Come and see.” 4 Another horse, fiery red, went out. And it was granted to the one who sat on it to take peace from the earth, and that people should kill one another; and there was given to him a great sword. (Revelation 6:3-4)

Somewhat paralleling the ride of the second horseman of Revelation 6:3-4, Jesus warned about wars and disturbances:

6 And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.  7 For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. (Matthew 24:6-7a)

“Nation … against nation” is literally “ethnos … against ethnos” in the original Greek. Notice how the Orthodox Jewish Bible translates the first half of Matthew 24:7:

For there will be an intifada of ethnic group against ethnic group,

In places like the USA, were are seeing more ethnic strife.

Consider that the opening of the second seal (Revelation 6:3-4) is to result in less peace on the Earth.

While this is commonly called the red horse (or horseman) of war, that is not quite what is stated. Notice that he “takes peace from the earth AND that people should kill one another.” Could it be that events in 2020, such as COVID-19 were consistent with taking “peace from the earth”?

Around the world people are AFRAID. The feeling of normalcy is gone for many around the globe. Consider that the travel restrictions are basically because of fear (and often politics). The media and government officials are saying everything will not go back to how it was and that we need to accept what they have called “the new normal.” Speculatively, could this be related to the opening of the second seal?

Not since World War II have we seen anything affect the entire planet so much. I have had a kind of gnawing feeling that perhaps the second seal was opened the late Spring or early Summer of 2020 (if not in the Fall of 2019) that perhaps we needed to better reconsider the opening of the second seal as possible.

Now in addition to COVID, we have had Russia’s ‘special military operation’ into Ukraine which has devestated Ukraine, killed many Russians, and take the facade of peace off in Europe. Then there is the Hamas-Israel war–that is one to watch as it is likely that we will see a regional war in the Middle East before we see a peace deal consistent with prophecies such as in Daniel 9:26-27.

Plus, we also have the USA presidential election. Should Donald Trump win, there are likely to be violent demonstrations, etc. If Joe Biden or anyone else is declared the winner, we may see protests and violence.

People are afraid or at least uneasy to a degree we have not seen around the world anytime in the 21st century.

Barnes Notes on the Bible states:

The power given to him that sat on the horse: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another. This would seem to indicate that the condition immediately preceding this was a condition of tranquility, and that this was now disturbed by some cause producing discord and bloodshed. This idea is confirmed by the original words – τὴν εἰρήνην tēn eirēnēn – “the peace”; that is, the previously existing peace. When peace in general is referred to, the word is used without the article: Matthew 10:34, “Think not that I am come to send peace – βαλεῖν εἰρήνην balein eirēnēn – upon the earth.”

So, this rider is not just a rider of war, but taking away THE peace.

The old WCG taught about the time of the red horse:

John was not speaking about the fall of Jerusalem. That war was already some twenty years behind him. John was referring to future events that would bring 6000 years of human history crashing to a cataclysmic close. … John is referring to a time yet ahead of us when “peaceful coexistence” will be a thing of the past. …

It’s no wonder that Jeremiah, in referring to these tumultuous times, stated: “Alas! for that day is great, so that none is like it: it is even the time of Jacob’s trouble …” (Jer. 30:7). (Ritter G. 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse – The Red Horse – War, pp. 48, 52; see also Ritter R. The War that could end it all. Good News, December 1975)

We expect to see more wars, rumors of war, and civil unrest. …

15. Unrest, Terror, and the Dividing of the USA

There have been many protests in the USA.

Some protested racial, economic, and policing matters. Some have called for a “civil war.”

The Bible prophesies, “There shall be terror within” (Deuteronomy 32:25).

Will that happen to the USA?


Jesus taught:

25 Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand. (Matthew 12:25)

We are seeing more divide in the USA and parts of it certainly appear to be intentional. Much of it is ideological. The USA is becoming less and less united and more polarized.

Notice the following from 2022:

WND: Ex-Army generals fear insurrection or ‘civil war’ in 2024

Expect more divide in a nation where half of its people cannot tell the different between males and females and the other half still sticks to some facts about that. And of course, there is the abortion divide and other issues.

More terror is prophesied to hit the USA. The same is true for Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Now notice also something that Isaiah was inspired to record:

4 Alas, sinful nation,
A people laden with iniquity,
A brood of evildoers,
Children who are corrupters!
They have forsaken the Lord,
They have provoked to anger
The Holy One of Israel,
They have turned away backward.

5 Why should you be stricken again?
You will revolt more and more.
The whole head is sick,
And the whole heart faints.
6 From the sole of the foot even to the head,
There is no soundness in it,
But wounds and bruises and putrefying sores;
They have not been closed or bound up,
Or soothed with ointment.

7 Your country is desolate,
Your cities are burned with fire;
Strangers devour your land in your presence;
And it is desolate, as overthrown by strangers. (Isaiah 1:4-7)

The time of Jacob’s trouble (Jeremiah 30:7), also known as the Great Tribulation (Matthew 24:21), is coming and the USA and its Anglo-Saxon allies (including Canada) will be affected.

National repentance is the only way to prevent it, and that does not look likely. Though for the nation, the Kingdom of God is the solution, but first there will be a horrific 3 1/2 years.

Personal repentance, however, is still possible. Your personal future can still be much brighter than that of your country. Jesus, in addition to being the source of salvation, also offered physical protection to the most faithful (see Philadelphian Christian Great Tribulation Protection and/or watch Great Tribulation Protection).

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