Asteroid to potentially hit Earth in 2017

Asteroid (NASA photo)


A reader sent me the following:

Statue of Liberty-sized ASTEROID on collision course to hit EARTH, experts fear

Astronomers estimate 2012 TC4  could be as large as 40m wide – just under the height of New York’s famous Statue of Liberty from her feet to the tip of the torch. This is twice the size of the meteor that exploded over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk in February 2013, which injured 1,500 people and damaged more than 7,000 buildings.

The impact of the larger 2012 TC4 asteroid, predicted to near Earth on October 12 2017, could be even more devastating. And, worryingly, experts cannot yet predict where in the world it will strike…

Could an asteroid possibly hit the Earth in 2017?

Yes, but as Jesus stated in Matthew 24:6, “the end is not yet.”  The Great Tribulation itself cannot begin that soon.

We seem to be in the time that Jesus referred to as “the beginning of sorrows”:

And there will be earthquakes in various places, and there will be famines and troubles. These are the beginnings of sorrows.  (Mark 13:8)

Getting hit by a large asteroid certainly would be a type of trouble.  But it will not be the end in 2017.

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