Britain May Lose Gilbralter and Falklands

Palace of Westminster in London


Britain may lose control over the Falklands and Giltbralter:

British naval bases ‘should be handed over to Brussels’
Lloyd’s List – March 31, 2009

BRITISH naval bases around the world should be at the service of the European Union to protect shipping lanes, according to a report under study in the European parliament.

Naval bases in Gibraltar, Cyprus and the Falkland Islands need to be part of an EU “forward presence” for securing vital trade routes, says the report.

Commissioned by the parliament’s subcommittee on security and defence and discussed earlier this week, the report argues that bases belonging to both Britain and France need to be “Europeanised” so that the EU can match the military might of Asian navies.

“The EU Member States’ military installations — mainly French and British — would provide a formidable asset for the geographical and functional expansion of EU Grand Strategy,” says the report, written by two UK-based academics, James Rogers and Luis Simon.

Trade lanes can be secured only if the far-flung bases belonging to the two main European naval powers are put to common use, the authors argue: “As the world moves towards a dynamic multipolar system and US relative maritime power declines as powers like China and India rise, there is a growing and compelling need for Europeans to take responsibility for the Sea Lines of Communication that link them to the farthest corners of the world, particularly those most vital to European trade and security.”

It continues: “The growing cost of sustaining a comprehensive maritime infrastructure therefore calls for further EU co-operation to ‘Europeanise’ the Anglo-French forward presence and undergird EU maritime security more effectively, while simultaneously protecting European Sea Lines of Communication and maintaining an extended EU forward presence overseas.”

Existing bases should be transferred to the EU, it is claimed. “As the EU assumes a wider role in the security and defence of the entire bloc, institutional reforms will be required so that it can handle the new and demanding tasks. One of these may be for Britain and France to transfer the maintenance and upkeep of their military installations to a central institution, funded by all of the Member States.”

To oversee this transfer the EU should appoint a ‘Special Representative for Geostrategy’ to work alongside a new foreign policy chief.

The report, which quoted the success of the anti-piracy mission off Somalia — the EU’s first joint naval mission — went as far as identifying specific British ships which could serve the EU: “Britain, in particular, has under construction two new 65,000 tonne ‘pocket supercarriers’. The sheer size and capability of these vessels will provide the Royal Navy — and potentially, the EU — with a greatly enhanced expeditionary and maritime power projection capability.”

Euro-sceptics were quick to ridicule the idea. “If this had been discussed on April 1, I could have understood it,” said Geoffrey Van Orden MEP, defence spokesman for the UK’s Conservative party.

“These are among the most hubristic proposals the EU has yet produced in support of its defence policies. I have criticised the EU’s military operations as mere exercises in sticking an EU badge on our soldiers’ arms. Now they want to run up the EU flag on our ships and even our overseas territories.”

He continued: “There is no mention of Britain’s close connections with Commonwealth countries such as Australia and Canada or of the need to revitalise the Nato alliance to meet common challenges and threats.

“This has nothing to do with a genuine contribution to European security and everything to do with EU promotion of its own misplaced military ambitions.”;jsessionid=382138CC5671190C757BBAD0FD653BA1

Why is this of any prophetic interest?

Regular readers of this page are aware that we in the Living Church of God believe that a changed European confederation will rise up and ultimately destroy the US, UK, and their Anglo-allies.  Controlling strategic naval locations would certainly help make that possible.

We in the Living Church of God believe that one of the blessings that God promised the descendants of Rebekah were the gates of those who would hate them.  Notice the following from the Old Testament:

60 And they blessed Rebekah and said to her:

“Our sister, may you become
The mother of thousands of ten thousands;
And may your descendants possess
The gates of those who hate them.” (Genesis 24:60)

Notice what Living Church of God’s Roderick C. Meredith wrote about it:

In the late summer of 1954, I traveled with Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong and their elder son, Richard David, through much of Britain. Mr. Armstrong gave, in a series of meetings, a personal warning to the British people about what would happen if they did not repent. Many who heard those warnings are still alive.
Mr. Armstrong told the British people that although God had given them national greatness and control over the vital “sea gates” such as Suez, the routes around the tips of South Africa and South America, the vital Malacca Strait in Southeast Asia and other sea passages absolutely vital in controlling world trade and vital in time of war, God would begin to take these “gates” away—one by one—unless they repented. And the true God would humble the British-descended and American peoples and begin to break the “pride” of our power (Leviticus 26:19).
Only about 700 people turned out to hear Mr. Armstrong in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and even smaller crowds attended in Scotland and England. Enthusiasm was high because of Mr. Armstrong’s dynamic style, but many doubted what he was saying: that these vital sea gates would in fact be taken away.
Yet only two years later, my wife and I were sent to Britain and visibly felt the impact of some of these prophetic statements that no one else understood at the time! For the winter of 1956–57 was the time of the “Suez Crisis” when Britain was forced to withdraw from the Suez Canal. Then there was a terrible fuel shortage. And in the intervening years, Britain was also pressured to give up control of the Malacca Strait, the great Simonstown Sea Base (the passage around the Cape of Good Hope). Since then, the U.S. has given up control over its only major sea gate—the Panama Canal.

The Anglo-American powers controlled most of the most important sea gates and many of the important land gates for many, many decades.  However, we in the also believe that because the Anglo-American nations have turned their backs on God, that He would remove those blessings–and we in the true church have been saying this for over 50 years.

And now, instead of controlling the majority of strategic sea gates that gave an advantage over the enemies of the Anglo-American nations, those considered enemies now control or at least can use those same gates for their strategic advantage.  And if the EU gets its way, it will control even more of them.

Prophetic events continue to line up as we in the Living Church of God teach.

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