CGPFKG’s Ronald Weinland’s fourth wrong date for Jesus’ return



The imprisoned false prophet, Ronald Weinland of the Church of God-Preparing for the Kingdom of God (CGPFKF) has now put out his fourth wrong date for the return of Jesus Christ:

This post was inspired by a comment made by a person whose letter I received this week. This individual referred to how I had spoken of Pentecost of 1974 several times in relationship to what was mentioned in the beginning of this post about when God led Herbert W. Armstrong to see and then correct the day of the week Pentecost should be observed. This person then wrote, “I keep anticipating that you will say something about the next Pentecost (in 2014) being exactly 40 years from then (1974).”

So much of God’s plan concerning the end of 6,000 years of man’s self-rule and the end of Satan’s reign over the earth is about Pentecost to Pentecost. On a Pentecost, God gave us a codified outline for His way of life to be lived in the form of the Ten Commandments. The next great Pentecost was in 31 AD when God revealed that the only true way this spiritual law can be kept (lived) is by the receiving of His power, His spirit, to dwell in our life. The next great Pentecost is when the firstfruits of God’s Kingdom are resurrected into Elohim to serve under our Messiah to govern this world.

It was on Pentecost of 1998, one year exactly after God separated me from the scattering of the Apostasy in order to lead His Church, that this remnant of God’s Church was fully established. Now, we well know the purpose and meaning associated with Pentecost of 2012 and 2013. But what about Pentecost of 2014? What about the timing of 40 years? Is it coincidental that we are coming up to a unique count contained in the meaning of 40 years since God revealed the correct timing for the observance of Pentecost to be observed in His Church at the end of the age? Brethren, all I can tell you at this time is that it is not coincidental. There is great meaning in this, and God will reveal it more fully in His time. God’s timing and preciseness in all things in our lives and within the Church are by great design, especially with something of this importance relating to the meaning of Pentecost, 40 years, and the end of this age. Nothing like this is of coincidence or a matter of chance…

Pentecost of 2014 will prove to be awesomely important to all that God is working out in the transition of this world’s government to His government reigning on earth. So we are to keep focused from Pentecost to Pentecost until the day of Christ’s reign begins, when our true “great work” will begin in peace, fullness, and joy of life. We are now not far from the Kingdom of God.  (Weinland R. Letter, July 17, 2013)

That Pentecost would be on June 8, 2014.  The prior three wrong dates Ron Weinland had for Jesus’ return were September 29, 2011; May 27, 2012; and May 19, 2013.  However, unlike those dates that he fairly strongly insisted upon, he is not as certain about his 2014 date.  But he is still wrong.  Certain biblically required events, that have time periods associated with them, have not happened.  Jesus will not return prior to 2020 (and probably later than that) and, even though Ronald Weinland declared that the Great Tribulation began on December 14, 2008 and ended on May 27, 2012, it not only has not began, it cannot begin before 2017 (see also The Great Tribulation Will Not Begin Before 2017).

I have denounced Ronald Weinland since 2005/2006 and while his predictions have repeatedly proven to have been wrong, every denouncement of his predictions that I posted here have been correct. I have long written that I believed that the following was applicable to Ronald Weinland:

1 But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Lord who bought them, and bring on themselves swift destruction. 2 And many will follow their destructive ways, because of whom the way of truth will be blasphemed. 3 By covetousness they will exploit you with deceptive words; for a long time their judgment has not been idle, and their destruction does not slumber. (2 Peter 2:1-3).

Destruction has been occurring related to Ronald Weinland’s reputation, organizational influence, personal finances, and his living conditions.

The main point of COGwriter posts about him is to warn all not to let false prophets and false apostles like Ron Weinland turn people away from the God of the Bible. Sadly, because of false prophets like Ronald Weinland, many who hope that they are Philadelphian Christians have discounted the fact that prophets are an office that should be in the end time Church of God. But overlooking what the Bible says (and the Bible does warn of false prophets, and also tells how to determine a true one in Matthew 7:15-23), they, like the people of ancient Israel, truly cannot discern a true prophet. All should read and study the article How To Determine If Someone is a True Prophet of God.

For those unfamiliar with him, Ronald Weinland was a former WCG then UCG minister who falsely claimed to be a prophet and one of the two witnesses (he claimed that his wife was the second of the witnesses), Elijah, an Apostle, etc. He was convicted of multiple counts of income tax fraud in June 2012 (see CGPFKG’s Ron Weinland Found Guilty of Income Tax Evasion) and went to prison for in on February 1, 2013 (see CGPFKG’s Ronald Weinland to report to prison today).

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