CGPFKG’s Ron Weinland wrong about Assyria, the 63,000, and Jesus’ return



The imprisoned self-appointed false prophet and false apostle, Ronald Weinland of the Church of God-Preparing for the Kingdom of God (CGPFKF), wrote the following:


April 24, 2013…

We are now just a few weeks away from Pentecost and of our hope in the return of Jesus as the ruling Messiah   the Christ. There is much to be fulfilled and a very short time for it to happen…

With a more meaningful understanding that God has recently given us concerning the use of the term “Assyria” for this end-time, coupled with the strong reality of a great spiritual war that has been raging against God’s Church, God is giving more insight into meaning contained in the Trumpets of Revelation…

Our Father has shown that we have not fully grasped the use of the term “Assyria” in prophecy. In this end-time, that term is not specifically about Germany any more than the term “Egypt” is about that actual country. Throughout the time during Philadelphia and Laodicea, it was believed that the captivity of Israel would be by Germany (Assyria), instead of understanding that it is about a captivity of government that has engulfed the scattered nations of Israel. It is with the physical interpretation of this that this piece of the puzzle seemed to fit into the Fifth Trumpet. Although it is through the leadership of Germany that the Euro and European Union brings to light the kind of captivity that has taken Israel, the Fifth Trumpet is actually about God’s Church, both the remnant and that which was scattered. Germany’s involvement is about events that occur throughout the fulfillment of the First Trumpet as a result of the resurrection of the old Roman Empire. The greater meaning of the Fifth Trumpet is about a spirit war in this time we are in now.

While Pentecost for 2013 is rapidly approaching (Pentecost is May 19, 2013), the reality is that it is not possible that Jesus will return next month.  Pentecost May 19, 2013 is Ronald Weinland’s third false date for the return of Jesus Christ.  Last year, he did not refer to Jesus’ return as a “hope” but he insisted on it, but was again proven wrong.

Historically, when Ronald Weinland is proven wrong, he tends to spiritualize away scriptures.  That is what he is now doing with Assyria in prophecy.

Here is something else that Ronald Weinland wrote:

Then there are the others of the remnant (Church) who have suffered the most because most are younger (newer) in the Body, yet as a testimony to God, most have stood firm. This demonic world has also harassed and attacked many of those of the scattering whom God is preparing to draw as the 63,000 and who will eventually benefit from what they have been experiencing. Even though they are unwittingly unaware of it.

He has claimed for some time that 63,000 would join with him by the time that Jesus returns.  There is no indication that 62,000 plus will join with those who are now with CGPFKG

For those unfamiliar with him, Ronald Weinland was a former WCG then UCG minister who falsely claimed to be a pr.ophet and one of the two witnesses (he claimed that his wife was the second of the witnesses). He has also falsely claimed to be the end time Elijah, an Apostle, etc. He was again proven wrong in May 2012 when Jesus did not return as he insisted He would. He was convicted of multiple counts of income tax fraud in June 2012 (see CGPFKG’s Ron Weinland Found Guilty of Income Tax Evasion) and went to prison for in on February 1, 2013 (see CGPFKG’s Ronald Weinland to report to prison today).

I have denounced Ronald Weinland since 2005/2006 and while his predictions have repeatedly proven to have been wrong, every denouncement of his predictions that I posted here have been correct.

The main point of COGwriter posts about him is to warn all not to let false prophets, false apostles, and heretical leaders like Ron Weinland turn people away from the God of the Bible.  Hopefully, people who not listen to him or others who spiritualize away or otherwise misunderstand prophecy.

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