Christianity is “Maternal Tongue of Europe”

COGwriter (A Vatican news service reported the following:

Prelate: Bible Key for More Than Christianity

Says Scripture Is Europe’s “Mother Tongue”

LISBON, Portugal, JUNE 24, 2008 ( The Bible is a cornerstone, not just of Christianity, but of Western civilization, proposed Archbishop Gianfranco Ravasi.

The president of the Pontifical Council for Culture affirmed this in Portugal last Friday, when he gave a talk on “The Bible: The ‘Great Code’ of Western Culture” at the Portuguese Catholic University.

According to the archbishop, the Bible is present in Western culture “as structural component of the artistic, ethical and social fields.”

Citing literary critic Northrop Frye, Archbishop Ravasi said that “Scripture is the universe in which Western literature and art acted until the 18th century and, to a great extent, still act.”

The prelate suggested three models that represent “this immense influence” of the Bible…

In reminding his listeners that the Bible is one of the reference points for the faith and for civilization itself, Archbishop Ravasi quoted Goethe who “said that Christianity is ‘the maternal tongue of Europe.'”


While I believe that people in Europe and everywhere should read the Bible, why would the Catholic Archbishop mention the Bible in this context?

The Vatican wants the Europeans to accept Catholicism as a major aspect of the European Union. And while so far the secularists have stopped this, with each vote against the European constitution/treaty (like the one in Ireland almost two weeks ago), it is becoming clearer to some in the EU that they simply need stronger support from the Vatican in order to get the type of European unity that they are working on.

I believe that telling Europeans “that Christianity is ‘the maternal tongue of Europe”, that once again the Vatican is signaling the secularist EU leaders that they need Catholic (which is how Catholics tend to define “Christianity) support.

And, of course, the Vatican is willing to provide that support if the EU endorses a few concepts, specifically recognizing some Vatican presence and authority.

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