Pope and Russian Orthodox Look Ecumenically Towards Europe!

European Union Tower of Babel Poster

EU “Babylon” poster


The Vatican and the Russian Orthodox are looking towards more ecumenical cooperation to reverse what they consider to be the tide of secularism in Europe:


Ecumenical allies? Orthodox, Catholics take aim at European secularism

By John Thavis
Catholic News Service


The Bible clearly warns of a dictator rising up in Europe (Daniel 9:26-27; 11:27-39; Revelation 13), but contrary to the implication of the Orthodox Archbishop Hilarion, this dictator will feign some type of religious background (Daniel 11:36-38).   Both Catholic and Orthodox prophecies tell of a time when an ecumenical dictator (sometimes referred to as “the Great Monarch”) will rise up–we are getting closer to that time.

A news report shows that the Vatican was pleased with the Lisbon Treaty (for information on that treaty see European empire formed yesterday, but few in America seemed to notice) as it gives churches like it the opportunity to influence Europe:

The Lisbon Treaty came into effect this week, and first to celebrate was the Catholic Bishops Conference (COMECE) which issued a press release reminding EU members that religious groups — particularly the Vatican — are coming to claim the privileges that the Treaty promises them.

The Press Release says: “The Treaty introduces into EU primary law an Article of notable importance for the Churches. By means of Article 17 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU, the EU recognises the identity and specific contribution of Churches and engages on this basis an ‘open, transparent and regular’ dialogue with them. Thanks to this Article, Churches and religious communities will be able to strengthen their Dialogue with the European Commission, Council and Parliament and so contribute more efficiently to reflecting on European policy. Inspired by Catholic social teaching and strengthened by their background experience, Churches will be enabled to pursue a critical and constructive Dialogue with EU decision makers on the policies put forward by the EU.”  http://www.secularism.org.uk/116177.html

The Bible warns of a coming European Beast power ridden by an ecumenical church (Revelation 17:1-3).  Events are lining up.

Russian and other Orthodox should not try to unite with the Vatican and Catholics should not try to unite with the Orthodox as the Bible warns against this upcoming ecumenical religious power.

Furthermore, private prophecies from both Orthodox and Catholic mystics suggest dire consequences as well.

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