UK Archbishop Foresees Chaos and Uncertainty for Anglicans

Rowan Williams


The Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury predicts a chaotic and uncertain time for the Anglicans following the Vatican’s offer of reconciliation last month (see Vatican Announced Plan for Anglicans to Become Part of the Church of Rome):

Rowan Williams: church future ‘chaotic and uncertain’
The Archbishop of Canterbury has warned the future of the Anglican church is “chaotic and uncertain” as dozens more married priests consider defecting to the Roman Catholic church.
Telegraph – Nov 12, 2009  by Ancrew Pierce

The Archbishop is in a tough spot.  He knows that his church has compromised on many doctrines and these compromises have gotten many to look to Rome–a place that the Anglicans got many (if not most) of their doctrines from originally.  But the majority of its more “conservative” leadership voted against returning to Rome in July, 2009.

The reality is that individuals should make up their own mind and not violate their beliefs and not violate their consciences (cf Romans 14:5,12; 1 Timothy 4:1-3; Philippians 2:12).

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