Catholic Church Attendance Low

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Catholic church attendance is low:

Catholic dioceses take to the airwaves to bring followers back to church

Several dioceses, including Sacramento, are preparing for an advertising campaign during the Christmas season to encourage former members to attend services again.

By Duke Helfand September 6, 2009The Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento is home to nearly 1 million Catholics. On a typical Sunday, less than 137,000 can be found in church…Only about one-quarter of U.S. Catholics say they attend Mass every week, and a majority go to religious services a few times a year or less, according to the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate at Georgetown University, which conducts social science research about the Catholic church.

Researchers there also found that two-thirds of Catholics believe they can be good members of their faith without attending Mass regularly.

Inactive Catholics cite a number of reasons for their absence. Many do not believe that missing Mass is a sin, the center reported. Others say they are too busy with family or work, or, as other analysts point out, are more interested in material happiness than spiritual fulfillment.,0,1156881,full.story

Catholic attendance in Europe is also fairly low.

In the Living Church of God attendance is up about 5-6% over last year (see LCG Announces New Council Members and Church Attendance Increase).  In terms of membership, I would estimate that close to 95% of actual LCG members attend church each week (illness being the primary reason that not all attend).

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