More Anglican Leaders Considering Defecting to Rome

Rowan Williams


Despite pleas from Anglican Archbishop Rowan Williams, it seems that more Anglican leaders are thinking that they should defect to Rome:

Anglican bishops in secret Vatican summit
Leading traditionalist bishops in the Anglican Church have secretly told senior Vatican officials that they are ready to defect to Rome, taking clergy with them.
Telegraph – May 1, 2010

While no one likes the sex scandals within Roman Catholicism, the open acceptance within the Anglican community of sexual practices condemned by scripture, as well as its positions on ordination of women, is proving too much for some of its more traditional leaders.

As mentioned here previously (Some Anglicans Starting to Accept Pope’s Offer of Unification), the Vatican even compromised to the point of amending its constitution so that it could accept the Anglican leaders.  Catholics may wish to recall that Pope Leo XIII declared in 1896:

“ordinations carried out according to the Anglican rite have been, and are, absolutely null and utterly void” (Pope Leo XIII: On the Nullity of Anglican Orders, Apostolicae Curae, 1896. Modern History Sourcebook.

This means for the Vatican to now accept those baptized, ordained, etc. by Anglican priests as Roman Catholic shows that compromise has occurred.  This is type of compromise is something I warned about before it happened in see Chapter 3 & 10 of my book 2012 and the Rise of the Secret Sect.  And more is expected.

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