Germany’s Dominance Emerging in Europe

Angela Merkel


Germany is playing a more important role in Europe and this has major ramifications for Europe and the rest of the world:

Wall Street Begins May With a Surge

Published: May 3, 2010…The toughest approval process is expected to be in Germany, where Chancellor Angela Merkel said Monday that her country would provide 22.4 billion euros ($29.6 billion) to help bailout Greece over a three-year period, part of a wider plan aimed at keeping Greece afloat and protecting the euro currency…A so-called contagion around the euro zone raised questions about the future of the euro currency, as Ms. Merkel said the bailout of Greece was the “only possibility we have to ensure the stability of the euro.”

May 02, 2010

The Reemergence of German Dominance in Europe

By Peter Glover and Michael J. Economides…

Germany’s contemporary reemergence as the dominating European power is not only likely, but has always been inevitable.
It is the irony of ironies that a European “supra-state” wholly conceived for the express purpose of suppressing German nationalist ambition should end up, within just two decades, in Germany’s economic thrall.
Merkel Says EU Deficit Violators Should Lose Votes
Bloomberg – May 1, 2010
German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the European Union should be able to temporarily revoke voting rights from member states who violate deficit limits, Bild am Sonntag reported, citing an interview. Merkel, calling for “drastic” consequences after the Greek debt crisis, said sanctions for violating euro stability rules need to be changed, the newspaper reported. The EU in May will put together a working group at the level of finance ministers to examine the necessary changes, Bild reported.

We in the Living Church of God, starting with Dr. Meredith in the early 1950s have long warned of a re-emergence of German influence in Europe.  Our leadership and membership believed and taught that East and West Germany would re-unify long before it ever did.

We believed and taught that Germany would be essentially in the driver’s seat in Europe both economically and militarily.

We believed and taught that their would be a common currency used by many in Europe long before the Euro came on the scene (not that the Euro must necessarily be the final currency, however).

All of these things have been coming to pass.

We also believe and teach that Europe will become the major military power in the world for a short period of time (probably less than four years).  This, too, according to biblical prophecy will also come to pass–even the fact that the modern Germans would tend to discount that, has also been prophesied (Isaiah 10:7).

The final European beast power is in the process of re-emerging and it will have many indications of its German connections.

The time for the final European leader, known as the King of the North, to emerge is getting closer.

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