Pope Benedict XVI Meeting With Anglican Archbishop Rowan Willams

Rowan Williams


The Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury is meeting with Pope Benedict XVI today:

Archbishop of Canterbury, Pope to Reaffirm Anglican-Catholic Solidarity

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams and head of the Catholic Church Pope Benedict XVI will come together in prayer this coming Saturday in a symbolic gesture of solidarity and unity after years of tension over Anglicans shifting to the Roman Catholic Church.

…The choirs of the Westminster Abbey and the Vatican will also hold two joint performances later this month, which many view as a sign of burying the hatchet.

A Vatican spokesperson called the prayers and joint performances a sign “of moving together along the same path” for the two churches, according to AFP.


Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams to pray with Pope

Kent Online – March 9, 2012

The Archbishop of Canterbury will pray with the Pope on a visit to Rome today. Dr Rowan Williams is to lead an evening prayer service with Pope Benedict XVI.

A few years ago, the Anglican leader indicated that the Vatican’s plan for accepting Anglicans back to Rome would essentially lead to chaos (see UK Archbishop Foresees Chaos and Uncertainty for Anglicans).

Perhaps he has changed his mind.  Rowan Williams is in a difficult position.  He is losing people to Rome and his church is having less and less influence in the UK.

In the past, Rowan Williams made it clear that he supports the ordination of women and that he will not unify will Rome unless the Vatican changes on this–which is not something that the Vatican is prepared to now do.

Due to Rowan Williams’ insistence on the ordination of women, he and those that follow him will likely remain away from Rome. Hence, despite the outward appearances of cooperation, this will likely lead to a deep divide between the Anglicans that remain with Canterbury and the Vatican. This may have profound affects on the UK and others in the future.

All in the Protestant and Eastern Orthodox worlds will need to decide, probably within the next ten years or so, if they will stay where they are, support the original Church of God, or will merge into an ecumenical modified form of Catholicism. The Anglicans are beginning to face that decision now, and some have chosen Rome in the past few years.

Those who truly believe in the old Protestant rallying cry of sola Scriptura as well as those that believe that they should keep the same faith that Jesus and His disciples had, should look more into church history and realize that they should support the true and living, Church of God.

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