If Canterbury’s Welby and Pope Francis’ goals are irreconcilable, why are they meeting?

Canterbury Cathedral (Hans Musil)


According to at least one member of the press, it is a waste of time for Pope Welby to meet with Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby concerning unity:

There’s No Chance of Anglican-Catholic Reconciliation – So Why Is the Pope Wasting His Time?

An upcoming meeting seems to be more about PR than real ecumenism…

Why are we still going through the ecumenical motions with the Anglicans, for all the world as though they had (or had some possibility of gaining) the same kind of ecclesial reality as the Orthodox? Why does the Anglican Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC) still meet, as though Anglican ordinations to their episcopate of openly gay men living with their partners, and also of women to their priesthood and episcopate, despite the warnings of successive popes of the fact that these steps would erect insuperable barriers to unity with the Catholic Church, why do we still carry on with the farce of behaving as though these insuperable barriers just did not exist at all?

In a press release…the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, without the slightest apparent ironical intention, stated that “This brief visit is of particular interest since it is the first meeting of the Archbishop and the Pope since their inaugurations, which took place at about the same time, just over two months ago.” So? Why is that of particular interest? Why is it of any interest at all? Well: “This visit”, they go on “is an opportunity for the Archbishop and Pope Francis to review the present state of relations between the Roman Catholic Church and Anglican Communion.” But what does that mean? Will they talk about the fact that since the ordination of women to the Anglican version of the priesthood, the possibility of reunion between the two churches has been made an impossibility for all time?”.

No: they will not; they will talk of other things. They will talk of nice things, not awkward things like the state of internal schism within Anglicanism which makes any talk of unity between Catholics and Anglicans so utterly futile in any case (because you have to ask WHICH Anglicans)…

Following his meeting with the Pope, Archbishop Welby will call upon Cardinal Koch at the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, to renew the acquaintance made at the time of the Archbishop’s inauguration at Canterbury, “and to learn about the workings of the Pontifical Council.” I wonder if Cardinal Koch will remind Archbishop Welby of what his predecessor Cardinal Kasper said about the ordination of women to the Anglican episcopate (which Archbishop Welby supports), that it “signified a breaking away from apostolic tradition and a further obstacle for reconciliation between the Catholic Church and the Church of England”? http://www.aleteia.org/en/article/utterly-futile-commentator-slams-meeting-of-pope-and-anglican-head-1969001

The Pope truly is ecumenical, plus there are PR aspects.

In my view, the Pope and Cardinal Koch will have meetings with Archbishop Welby because they wish to see whether or not there is any possible hope of ecumenical unity.  If Pope Francis is the last pope, these type of meetings will show that he and the Vatican have reached out to the Anglicans.  Kind of a final witness.

Of course, overall, the Anglican Church is becoming more irrelevant in the UK and elsewhere.  But the Vatican has plans to rise and it expects others to follow it or later pay a price.

The Bible also shows that the price to the Church of Rome will be high (it will be destroyed per Revelation 17)–yet many within it do not realize that either.

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