Pope Calls for Solidarity in a Letter to Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew

Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople

Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople


In a letter just reported by Zenit, Pope Benedict XVI is calling for solidarity:

Pope Calls for Solidarity With the Future…

VATICAN CITY, OCT. 22, 2009 (Zenit.org).- Benedict XVI made a call for “intergenerational justice” and actions of solidarity with the world’s future generations, as they are also entitled to enjoy the beauty of creation.

The Pope stated this in a letter he sent to Orthodox patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew I on the occasion of the Eighth International Symposium on Religion, Science and the Environment titled “Restoring Balance: The Great Mississippi River.”

The symposium, organized under the patronage of Bartholomew I, is under way through Sunday in Memphis, Tennessee.

In his note, the Pontiff expressed his appreciation for the patriarch’s “continued efforts to promote respect for God’s gift of creation and a sense of global solidarity for its wise and responsible stewardship.”

While the idea of solidarity amongst the Greco-Roman churches is not new, it is interesting in light of the fact that the deal for many Anglicans and Episcopals to become in solidarity with the Vatican was reported on Tuesday of this week (see Vatican Announced Plan for Anglicans to Become Part of the Church of Rome).

It remains my position that the leadership of the Eastern Orthodox “sees” will likely make a deal to reconcile with Rome (probably after some type of ecumenical council).  I also believe that the Lutherans and certain other “mainstream” Protestant denominations will, to a degree, become back into fellowship with Rome.

However, as the Vatican announcement about the Anglicans hinted, Rome will make certain changes for some of these “mergers” to occur.  Changes that ultimately will prove fatal to the Church of Rome.

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