Conclave set to begin on Tuesday: What does prophecy suggest?

Vatican City (photo by Joyce Thiel)


Next Tuesday, Catholic cardinals vote for the next pontiff for the Church of Rome:

8 March 2013

On Tuesday, the first day of the papal conclave, 115 cardinals will isolate themselves from the outside world and choose one man, likely from among their own ranks, to become the 266th Bishop of Rome, known to the world simply as the pope.

Their hope is to have a pope in place prior to Easter.

Without going into all the details here about Catholic prophecies, if certain ones are correct and the next pontiff is the last one, then we should expect:

  • An antipope will arise and he would be the next pope.
  • This pope will eventually hold an ecumenical council that “satisfies heretics” and results in a more ecumenical religion being accepted.
  • The vast majority of Catholics will accept the antipope.
  • This pope will later performs miracles.
  • People around the world will accept the faith that this miracle-performing pope endorses.
  • This pope will support a future “Great Monarch/Prince of the North” who will arise.
  • The Great Monarch, that the pope supports, will eliminate the Anglo-descended nations.
  • The “Great Monarch/Prince of the North,” that the pope supports, will eliminate an Islamic confederation.
  • A pope will reign with the Great Monarch for around four years.
  • The destruction of Rome comes after tribulations that this pope oversees.
  • Armies from lands, including Russia and Asia, will gather in Armageddon.
  • A great judge comes after Rome is destroyed.

Of course, the most of the above will only apply if the next pope is the last one and that certain Catholic private prophecies are correct.

Do these Catholic private prophecies have any relationship to biblical prophecy?

According to Bible prophecy:

  • A false religious leader will arise.
  • This false leader will encourage an ecumenical faith.
  • The vast majority of humankind will accept this improper faith.
  • A false religious leader will perform signs and lying wonders.
  • Nearly all humankind will be deceived by signs and lying wonders.
  • The final Antichrist will promote the final “Beast/King of the North” that the Bible warns against.
  • The “Beast/King of the North,” that the Antichrist supports will destroy the Anglo-descended nations.
  • The “Beast/King of the North,” will destroy an Arabic confederation.
  • The time of the Great Tribulation and Day of the Lord is 3 1/2 years.
  • Years after the start of the Great Tribulation, Rome will be destroyed.
  • Jesus will come after Rome is destroyed.

While the Bible does not clearly teach that the next pope is that religious leader, the timing of the election of the next one is consistent with the time period for the end of the age and the rise of the final Antichrist.  Although the final reign of Antichrist with the Beast will not start for a few years, the Antichrist leader could be in place very soon.

We are living in the last days, and the last pope will take steps that will lead to the destruction of the world as we know it.

But the good news is that Jesus will return and establish the Kingdom of God.  Until then, we can expect to face many tribulations (cf. Acts 14:22).

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